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Approved Tech ZI-E250 Capital-class Ion Engine

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Nelson Zayne

Born to create tech!

  • Intent: Create a Capital-class Ion Engine
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: No
  • Restricted Missions: No
  • Primary Source: Here
  • Manufacturer: Zayne Industries
  • Model: ZI-E250 Capital-class Ion Engine
  • Affiliation: HSCS
  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Dallorian Inner Rings and Central Layer, Kiirium Main Outer Armor Plating, Duranium Middle General Plating, Turadium Structure/Core
  • Allows a Capital-class starship to travel at an agile sub-light speed.
  • Hooked to its own personal cooling ventral system.
  • Highly Efficient; makes sure every drop of fuel is being used productively.
  • Powerful Armor; Kirrium is the best material to defend Starship engines thus making it extremely hard for the enemy to penetrate the engine by any turbolaser or torpedo attacks.
  • Reverse Power; the engine can easily switch from thrust to reverse at the same power usage in seconds.
  • Maintenance; at such very complex and powerful systems, the engine must be maintained 24/7 to make sure everything is functional.
  • Difficult to Place; since the engine is very large and meant for Capital ships, it will take a large amount of time and many delicate procedures to make sure it is in the correct position.
  • Susceptible to Increased Damage by Ion/EMP Attacks; the armor is designed to stand hold against heavy turbolaser fire and torpedoes, however, Ion and EMP weaponry can easily disrupt the engine.
One of the most sweat-breaking work ever completed by Zayne Industries, the ZI-E250 Ion Engine. Although it can be used for all types of Capital-class starships, this engine works the most efficient and even perfectly with HSCS starships. This engine is not cheaply made and the materials used to make this one of the highest quality technology ever developed.

The armor plating will need to take bombardments of torpedoes, missiles, and laser fire to even be dented. For captains of the starships equipped with these powerful bad boys, they won't worry about losing an engine. Its extreme plating is so intense, it took 30 minutes of close-range heavy turbolaser fire to penetrate the engine.

How powerful is this engine? Well from various and related research projects, engineers were able to make this engine 35% faster than the ancient and the infamous Destroyer-1 Ion Engines. Sometimes Ion energy being used never makes it to the engine, so a new cooling system was added to absorb any loose energy and still help cool the engines.

The transition of energy in the engines is one of the smoothest operations in any technology. Allowing this engine to switch from thrust to reverse mode in a matter of seconds. However, the inclusion of such fast energy transition has forced many of its systems to become vulnerable in sacrifice for smoothness. That is the cause why Ion/EMP weaponry does such horrendous damage to the engine, even maybe 2x extra damage.

Overall, the ZI-E250 Ion Engine is a marvel of technology and months of work. We are looking at speed increase, durable firm armor, dynamic energy, and fuel-efficient systems all in one engine.
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