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Zeer Delos

Watch out world...

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NAME: Zeer Kikan Delos

FACTION: Himself (AKA Neutral)

RANK: Mercenary


AGE: 28

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 1.5 Meters (5'8")

WEIGHT: 79.9 Kilograms (176 lbs.)

EYES: Pale White

FUR: Gunmetal Grey

SKIN: Black

FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, though unknowing, and untrained.


Agile: Ranth are fast, swift, balanced and adept at movement. Zeer is virtually a canine free-runner.

Mechanically Gifted: Zeer is an expert and talented mechanic when it comes to weapons, armor, and conventional explosives. He even able to make blasters given the parts and time and normally builds or modifies all of his gear.

Gunner: Put any type of automatic, scattergun, or heavy blaster in his hands and Zeer will likely know how to use it and use it effectively.

Strong: Despite his seemingly small build Zeer is rather powerfully built and can be a danger in close quarters, especially when claws and fangs are added into the mix.

Ranth: Ultra-Sonic hearing, Natural Weapons, and other said Racial Talents.

Psychopathic Tendencies: Both a strength and weakness... At Zeer's best he is relentless, ruthless, fearless, and down right unpredictable to his enemies. At his worst Zeer is hostile, overly aggressive, worrisome, destructive, and possibly even broken overall. It is unknown whether this is caused by a genetic defect or some life-altering event.

Lack of Galactic Basic: One of the few aliens who has neglected learning Galactic Basic. He can understand but not speak.

Blind: Zeer is blind and his vision is rather distorted without the use of his specialized visor which connects to his brain via implant.

Criminal: Zeer is wanted by a Hutt-Lord and was previously wanted by the Sith.

Computer Illiterate: Whilst tech savvy with mechanics and how a computer is made Zeer has little to no knowledge on how to operate them.

APPEARANCE: Zeer is your average Ranth specimen. The male stands around 5'8" with a wiry, strong, and agile build. His muscles are rather defined to to his thin, almost feline and feminine body though he indeed a male canid. His muzzle is slightly longer than most of his race and his tail is rather wire furred. The color of his fur is a deep grey that resembles old durasteel and he has pale-white, and obviously blind eyes. His ears are both sharp and relatively well kept with a row of bronze metal bar earrings going down the right.

Zeer sports Sith Stormtrooper Armor that he attained during the prison breakout. The basic variant he stole was heavily modified and now rather hard to recognize. Zeer gutted the equipment. The body suit has been removed and replaced by a rather durable leather and fur lining. The stomach plates have been discarded, revealing his midriff, upper hips, and lower chest. The chest plate has been gouged with claw marks and reinforced by a plasteel plate underneath, with a bandoleer and tactical weapon webbing. Both shoulder plates are covered in white fur wrappings similar to a noble's mantle. The leg and chest plates as well as the gauntlets have been painted with red markings and the TAC-Pad on the wrist was gutted to make room for a wrist-mounted Flame Projector.


DD-12 Blaster Rifle (Stolen from Sith Prison Guards - No Grenade Launcher)

2 CZ-835 Blaster Pistols (Bought from Black Market Dealer with Prison)

Modified Verpine Visor (Connected to Implant to see)


Stun-Baton (Modified for Lethal Electrical Charges)

2,500 Credits (Likely stolen)

(More TBA)


BIOGRAPHY: Zeer was born within the ruins of Taris in Mandalorian Space. He was part of a roving tribe of his people that were trying to colonize the ruined world. There he spent much of his childhood, learning to fight, climb, move, and swim amongst other things needed for survival. His life was based around the hunt and survival. When he was old enough however, Zeer decided to abandon his tribe and stowed away on a Mando Ship.

From there he roved the Galaxy as both a Bounty Hunter and Mercenary. He gained a good reputation within Hutt and Sith Space in his early years and did many jobs for a Sith Lord. He lived that normal, bloody, money-filled life until he was 23 years of age. The Ranth owed a rather large debt to a Twi'lek Spice Lord on the planet of Telos. After repeated attempts by the Twi'lek's thugs to collect the Bounty, Zeer went stir-crazy. The creature hunted down the Twi'lek, found him and three slave girls in a market with one Trandoshan guard. The ending result was not pretty; Zeer blew the Trandoshan and two slave girls apart with a grenade launcher (along with a merchant stand), burned the third slave alive with a plasma projector, and then proceeded to skin, gut, and eat the Twi'lek Spice dealer in the middle of the marketplace before being captured and in a rather rigged court-trial (thanks to an old Hutt buddy) was sent to prison for only 15 years.

There he met his good friend, Gravesen Conclave, and the turn worked through the trials and tribulations of prison life and escaped (with looted Sith Gear) during the collapse of the Sith government over Telos.







Romeo Sin

The Fallen Lord
Zeer I see you're wanted by the Sith...but not our Sith that I would like you to join if you'd like to hear more sir. I also understand you lack basic speech..which is fine. Would you care to hear my proposition?

Romeo Sin

The Fallen Lord
I have a leader who's fair as far as Sith go. He's bringing back the Revanchist. We need people, and we need you. Were all brothers and sisters, watching the others back. There's dark and light siders.

Romeo Sin

The Fallen Lord
As far as it goes we don't need just Jedi, so if you wanna be a gunner that's still as great. We have a quite a few powerful people with us, and its a race to control the Sith. If we get that chair...the Sith Will prosper, we arnt the cruel brutal Sith you know of, but we are equally terrifying.