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Zaidens new swords, need help with dev


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Intent: With Zaiden's recent character changes, I decided new armor and weapons are in order.
Development Thread: Working on it...
Manufacturer: James Armor Co
Model: Storm and Viper
Affiliation: Zaiden
Modularity: N/A
Production: Unique
Hilt~Durasteel with ordinary icey blue lacing
Hilt~Alumisteel with armourweave auburn lacing

Forged in the burning eternal magma that is Mustafar, enchanted with Force Magics, both blades are powerful in their own seperate ways.

Storm: Blue silken lacing lines a sturdy single hand length hilt, which is made of a wooden core with a Durasteel coating. Ornately carved into the very base rests a sea scape with a storm over it's break. The blade, carved as well with lightning coursing along it's edge, is only 1 meter in length with a single edge. Despite it's not so durable metals, the blades strength does not rely on it's melee possibilities. It's main purpose is to harness Zaiden's lightning abilities, thusly allowing a straight shot that is far more accurate than normal.
Viper: Auburn armorweave lacing covers the hand and a half hilt, which holds along it's crest an incredibly intricate snake design that leads to the head which lies on the pommel. It's blood red eyes housing obscenely expensive rubies, each scale the highest cut of emerald. The blade lies longer and broader then it's sister counterpart, but not overtly so. This sword is definitely designed for combat, where it's other is not. As well as being combat designed, it is alchemized to assist the users senses in battle (Force Reflex). However the blades downside rests in sustainable durability, although the blade can do battle with lightsabers, but a sustained battle against lightsabers results in a completely broken blade with no Magics.

Both swords can be repowered, and must be after sustained usage. To repower them is simple, channel his energy into the blades of his swords.


So what does everyone think of these? Also can I get assistance in making these? Any help is welcome, not necessarily a high ranked force user as I know how to do most of it.


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Personally I was wondering if @[member="Ashin Varanin"] or @[member="Spencer Jacobs"] could help with Storm, as Lightning is where it's ability lies. And I was wondering also, if maybe @[member="Dranok Lussk"] may want to help on Viper.
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I would change the wording "direct shot " makes it sound like you're trying to make it an auto hit attack. Also I'm pretty sure wood would deteriorate with the use of lightning. Send me a PM with details of Your idea for Storms development. See what I can do to help.