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Yusan Fenn

Serah Oricion

NAME: Yusan Fenn
FACTION: Republic
RANK: Rogue Jedi/Senator
AGE: 24
HEIGHT: 5'10"
EYES: Silver/Blue
HAIR: White
SKIN: Slightly Paler than average


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

  • Self starter: He doesn't rely on others in the means of knowledge and bettering himself. When there is something new to for him get engage and grow, he will do anything to learn it.

  • [SIZE=10pt]Quick learner: He learns quickly from hands on experience and reading, when he fails at something he generally learns how not to fail at it again.[/SIZE]​

  • Echani Warrior: Trained by his father, an exiled jedi and former Echani warrior, Yusan has an intermediate knowledge of Echani fighting techniques and is an adapt user of blades and unarmed combat.

  • Honest: Very rarely when he does talk will he say something that he is not thinking, he sees lies as useless wastes of time and should only be used in combat or when need for infiltrations.

  • Persistent: Once he starts something he must finish it before beginning a second course of action, as such he will strive to do something to the best of his ability.

  • Kind: Yusan shows a high degree of kindness to the injured, weak, and to most people in general as long as they are not threatening the lives of others or that of life in general.

  • Respectful: He is both respectful to almost everyone unless said person is deemed not worth of his respect. He is also respectful of nature itself and the lives of others, putting neither in danger if there is ever an alternative.

  • Spiritual: Spends long periods of time meditating, not necessarily on the force, just meditating in general.
  • [SIZE=10pt]Seemingly Emotionless: He acts logically and thinks analytically but in doing so he created a habit of looking like he is emotionless. This, though untrue and contradicts his very being due to his high degree of kind actions thus confusing himself when his actions do so. [/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=10pt]Quiet: He very rarely talks for the sake of talking, and when he does do so he normally offends people due to his inability to understand that true honesty can sometimes hurt people more than it helps.[/SIZE]

  • Little training in the force and in blasters: He has had very little training with things such as blasters, explosives, and force powers that did not help him physically (Such as Telekinesis, Lightning, and Mental spikes). As such this leaves him with only his experiences in single combat and in tactics.

  • Hesitant: He is hesitant to make the first strike on anyone or anything, this allows a possible enemy the upper hand in a fight against Yusan.
A kind quiet soul that turns to violence out of need. He does not wish for conflict, but should any problem arise he will not hesitate to eliminate the problem, whether it be permanently or he shows mercy depends upon the one that is causing the problem. Furthermore, he spends his free time studying, reading or writing, he never has been a social one which left him with confusion over the kinds of social activities that he continually see others partake in. His expression is normally either apathetic, calm, or happy. He very rarely succumbs to anger or rage, though he is quick to become annoyed by concepts that he has no understanding of. (In short, i will be playing this character in the same exact way i act.)
Jedi Robes:


Yusan was born on Eshan during a time of peace in the galaxy. His father, whom was named Atran Fenn, had been an Echani warrior whom lived as a mercenary when needed, taking questionable jobs at times as he worked to create a stable income for himself. During one of the missions he was on Atran ran into a jedi by the name of Jennifer Lynn, whom had been sent to eliminate the mercenary company on the remote world that Atran had been on for the job. Jennifer wiped out the mercenaries one my one until only Atran remained, whom had only survived her due to a bomb planted in her ship that blew up and sent her crashing into the ground.
Atran arrived at the crash to find her crawling from the wreckage, only one of her arms still unbroken and both legs scarred and burned. He spared her, due to the fact that she was unable to fight back and should not be killed in such a way. During his time in which he took her back to the mercenary camp and mended her wounds best he could, he learned that she had been told he was hired by sith to massacre a entire population. This had been false and it was further revealed that the bomb was not the mercenary's doing but that of her own master's. The reason for such was that she was suspected of being a dark jedi and that her accepting the mission to assassinate Atran's mercenaries was proof.
Though both her and Atran did no know the true reason for the bomb, they reasoned that a sith had orchestrated the whole thing. After a week she had been healed by bacta enough to stand and work with one arm in a sling, Atran assisted Jennifer in fixing her ship where she needed it and the two grew closer without meaning to. About another week in and with the ship nearly done another ship had appeared in the sky, landing and revealing a jedi strike team. Jennifer assumed they had been sent to retrieve her and thanked Atran for the help and offered him protection due to the fact that the information had been wrong. As they got closer to the three man jedi team Jennifer recognized her master and went to greet him, but only recieved a sudden wave of force energy to the chest that sent her to the ground, her broken arm in massive pain. Atran immediately went into action as he drew his vibrosword and charged the jedi. The two that had come with the master met him and though they outmatched him with the force he overpowered them quickly due to a mixture of vibroblade techniques and unarmed jabs.
With the two dispatched on the floor, both wounded but not dead, the jedi master stepped forward and ignited his saber looking to dispatch the mercenary with ease. Their battle lasted for only a minute before Atran was on the ground with a lightsaber at this throat, though the final strike did not come as the jedi master was suddenly killed by Jennifer, whom held her blade as it was jabbed through the mans heart. With the damage done Jennifer renounce her place in the jedi order, thinking she had fallen below their laws and practices. She with Atran retreated to the jedi's ship and left the planet, heading for Eshan.
With Jennifer's self exile from the Jedi order, she arrived on Eshan with Atran and took up an alias of Marie Pyrn. During her time there and with the further help of Atran she grew close to him and eventually the two married and had a child, Yusan. The first decade together it Jennifer seemingly forgot about the jedi order and what she had done, but was soon reminded as another jedi was sent to kill Atran for his part in the killing. Arriving on the planet in complete secrecy the jedi found Atran alone one day with Yusan in the wilderness, challenging him to a duel the aging warrior agreed and fought his combatant. But the jedi was in much better shap than Atran and easily defeated him, leaving a fatherless Yusan standing there in horror.
Jennifer found the body a hours after the killing, and subsequently Yusan standing over it. Fearing for her son she took him and the body of his father back home. After giving Atran a proper ceremony, she decided she would need to train her son whom she was able to tell was force sensitive. Her knowledge was lacking though so his training in force abilities was rather limited, but her abilities with a blade and in stealth were much more developed. This led to Yusan's training as an Echani in its own right, coupled with that training he received in lightsaber forms from his mother, to be highly dangerous. When his mother was murdered around the age of 16, Yusan followed the murderer back to his own abode and butchered the man. This was the one time Yusan had ever shown anything akin to aggression and as such forced him to become reclusive, he rarely shows his face in public though he is always there, watching and waiting for those whom need help.
Current Events:
Upon his subsquent return to Echani culture, Yusan became Eshan's Senator after much pushing on the council members behind closed doors for support. Once the support was gained his family used this position as a test for Yusan, either he succeeds in this position or his charges be reinstated and Yusan is disowned and exiled for good. With that in mind Yusan started off his career strong.
After tackling several bills in the Senate and advertising for his own bid in the nomination for Supreme Chancellor, Yusan was injured in the terrorist attack on the imperial palace and spent some time nursing his wounds before returning to full health, though he did not miss any meetings in that time.




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Good start. I recommend adding more weight. For his height 135 lbs. Is emaciated.

Read that wrong.