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You're Either the Sheep or the Wolf


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Location: Coruscant
Intent: To rendezvous with representatives of the Dominion and the Imperial Remnant
[member="Cedric Grayson"] | [member="Tanomas Graf"] | [member="Samka Derith"]
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Four Days. Four Days the S'kytri had been restricted to the confines of the small vessel they'd taken en route to Coruscant. He thought of it as small, though he knew better. At just over seven feet tall, he was precluded from taking anything smaller, or faster on his journey but it seemed to suit the Knight he accompanied better. It was one of the few times his alien physiology hadn't prevented him from blending in, in First Order space that was nearly impossible - though not because of his height. With a quiet rustle of fabric, the Disciple's robes shifted, the leathery wings beneath adjusting. Another added difference that he held over the general population of the First Order, he could fly given enough space and open air to do so.

The YV-666 Light Freighter was inconspicuous enough to avoid any undue suspicion, a personal belonging of the Disciple. Even now it seemed to blend with the crowded space lanes of Coruscant, smaller ships and even a few high altitude speeders shooting on by as they circled the skylanes, waiting for their chance to land. They'd had a directive from the Supreme Leader himself, no doubt why they sent one of their more seasoned knights along. Before they'd left, each had received a small amulet to wear around their neck - a concealing totem to hide their force presence while they carried out their task.

The Ren knew little about the Knight he accompanied and their words had been short, merely an acceptance of the task between each other but as they neared the surface he knew they would have to coordinate - or at least he thought they would. It was his burden to follow though and so follow he would. Taking a dip, the vessel dropped rapidly, the landing codes transmitted to a particularly large ground level hangar. As the ship settled in, his grip tightened on his staff. In reality it was a force pike but a few modifications had been made, the most notable was the sharp point which had been tailored into a retractable chamber at the tip, a blade hidden in the mechanism as well. It would pass inspection and be a safety net - in the worst case, he could rely on the saber which he'd slipped tightly into his belt.
[SIZE=11pt]--- --- ---[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt]Location: Coruscant[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt]Intent: To rendezvous with members of the Dominion and Imperial Remnant[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=11pt][member="Cedric Grayson"] - [member="Tanomas Graf"] - [member="Phenex Ren"][/SIZE]​
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[SIZE=11pt]Coruscant was a most peculiar world. The planet-wide city had endured twin catastrophe with the invasions first of the One Sith and then from the Galactic Alliance but its decline had begun far beyond that. The Gulag Plague which devastated the galaxy had stripped Coruscant of its importance, vast continents remained underpopulated to this day, but something of the planet’s culture remained static in spite of it all. The sickening contrast between the surface and ground level. She thought on such things as she gazed out the windows towards the flickering skyscrapers from their Freighter which passed through the daily traffic, as inconspicuous as the next vehicle. Occasionally she would catch a glimpse of her own reflection looking back at her, her youthful face finally starting to mature.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]As they descended down to ground level, the Knight of Ren took her cue to return to her quarters for final preparations. She slid form fitting gloves and boots over a sleek dark uniform and fixed a mask and helmet typical of their number over her face, concealing her identity from anyone. Potential friend and foe alike. Samka didn’t usually care for the constrictions of such a look but there were appearances to maintain. The desire to keep an air of mystery to their potential allies.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Returning to the public area of the Freighter, she offered a curt nod to Phenex fashioning his pike as she walked in. Her companion had been restless for the trip but had not vocally complained to her. Good. As it should be. He knew his place and had the correct attitude for it. An increasingly rare gift these days, even among members of their own Order.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“Remember,” she told the S'kytri, with a youthful voice distorted by the mask. “Head down and they’ll let us through with no questions asked. The arrangements have already been made.”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]There was a hiss to indicate landing had begun. “Let’s move,” she stated. Arms folded behind her back, the Ren set off at a brisk, confident pace to meet the landing authorities.[/SIZE]
There were to meet in the place none would ever expect them to.

Coruscant was, or at least had been, a particularly important world in the great game. It was here that the galaxy was shaped and its destiny had taken form, though such times of importance had long since passed. Now it was little more than a wartorn shell, albeit one sprouting Galactic Alliance banners over every spaceport wall.

The meeting had been called out of Cedric's desire. If one were to take apart the stars, they needed to pick which sections to preserve and which to shatter. The great game was something he had been born to play, and play it he did.

The flight to Triple Zero had been compellingly dull. Left to his own devices, the Archlord had gone over his plans for the conquest of wild space a few dozen times; ironing out little kinks and correcting for unseen errors with each iteration.

Upon arrival, Cedric had clad himself in a simple long black cloak, and carried nothing save for a datapad and stylus. He had no need for weapons here: words were his tools of creation and destruction, and if all else failed, the force was ever Grayson's ally.

The shuttle hissed as it settled upon its landing struts.

"Try not to provoke our new friends," Cedric mumbled to his ally, "They've sent the knights. Faceless ones, that lot. Even their women cover up in situations such as these - such a shame too. There is no greater sin than denying a man his right to peruse the fine stock of another nation."

Cedric offered his companion an amused little grin and marched down the gangplank. They would move toward one of the old abandoned apartment buildings left empty from the previous sacking. It was there that the sons and daughters of three great nations would charter bargains that could truly shape the stars.

[member="Samka Derith"], [member="Phenex Ren"], [member="Lewis"]
The world that glitters in bones and sorrow was always an interesting sight for Lewis. He had made a few visits here on his own time but never had he imagined himself an advisor to a great power on a trip. A smile formed on his lips " Oh what a story this shall maketh wouldn't thee concur Lord Grayson?" but he heard no response as the little lord was busy making plans.

Lewis had pick his favorite outfit for this occasion, a long white coat With heavily embroidery gold roses, a matching white cravat tied stylish, and black pants reaching to his knees. All in all, Lewis looked dashing in his mind.

The shuttle reached its destination when Lord Grayson final spoke to him "Try not to provoke our new friends, They've sent the knights. Faceless ones, that lot. Even their women cover up in situations such as these - such a shame too. There is no greater sin than denying a man his right to peruse the fine stock of another nation." Lewis gave a grin back to him "Careful lord grayson thee wouldn't wanteth spit in thee eye" he Said as he fix his collar and fell into step with the young lord.

[member="Cedric Grayson"] [member="Samka Derith"] [member="Phenex Ren"] [member="Tanomas Graf"]


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Utilizing the camouflaged pike as a staff the Disciple followed, silently accepting her words with a nod. It was true, he had seen the preparations and the care with which they were made. Though a follower, his towering height eclipsed the girl's, his countenance that of a protector or perhaps a throwback to the Emperor's guard of the old Galactic Empire. As his footsteps led him across the threshold of the boarding ramp, he too donned a mask, pulling the hem of his clothing to the edge of his face. This was the farthest he'd been from his home on Virgilia, from the planet of Skye - and he was impressed. Despite the widespread destruction across the planet, there were yet pockets of activity.

As they departed the ship, they began their way towards the customs office, they'd need to check in there. With a twitch of his lips, Phenex removed the small data card he'd been given as per their arrangements. As the pair approached the small checkpoint not a word was said, the small datacard simply placed in the open palm of the security officer. And just like that - they were through.

As the Knight and Disciple cut their way between the occasional hover sled or group of people. It was by no means crowded but it certainly wasn't derelict as the reports he'd read would seem to suggest. If this was derelict, it truly must have been a place of power in its glory days. In a silent awe they passed beneath abandoned hulks of metal and durasteel, once likely busy streets began to peter off, dirt and discarded trash littering the walkways. It was then Phenex looked down at the datapad attached to his wrist - they were about five minutes out from their meeting location. On guard, he said as much to the Knight ahead.

"We have almost arrived."
[member="Cedric Grayson"] | [member="Samka Derith"] | [member="Tanomas Graf"]

Tanomas Graf

"It's dangerous!" They had said.

"What if the Alliance captures you?" They had asked.

"Who would lead the Remnant!" They had roared.

Tanomas Graf, or Maxim Pohar as his identification said, was no longer the glorious Grand Moff of the Imperial Remnant the moment he stepped off of a Zeta-class cargo shuttle into a repulsively kept hangar of in one of the docking rings of Coruscant. It was the perfect plan; since holocalls were deemed too risky and nobody wanted to go to anybody else's capital, the three factions decided to hold their little meeting under the Galactic Alliance's nose, on Coruscant. Onyx-colored boots contrasted with rusted grey durasteel while the 'feeble' old man made his way to the designated rendezvous, dodging past security checkpoints and gang members attempting to extort merchants or mug citizens.

Sharp turns around corners and intersections made his signature, yet not quite recognizable, trench coat flap violently. He was probably a few blocks away from reaching the building when he was suddenly shoved into a darkened alley way by a duo of nikto, obviously part of the local crime aspects. "Lookie what we have here...a weak old man all alone...turn out your pockets, grandpa." The shorter one said. Graf raised an eyebrow, at least they didn't know about his three million credit bounty.

They couldn't just leave him alone, now could they?

[member="Samka Derith"] | [member="Phenex Ren"] | [member="Lewis"] | [member="Cedric Grayson"]


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[member="Tanomas Graf"],

HK was holding up a Nexu cub in his hands as he walked the streets of a rather more shady part of Coruscant, he was just visiting the planet to gather a bit of information for one of his upcoming projects, a project that will surely make him even more of a nuisance to pretty much everyone than he already was, on his way back from the meeting with the infochant he managed to find one not exactly legal animal import shop. It was then that he saw the Nexu and decided to purchase it, partially to rescue the little creature from what would probably be life of gladiatorial fights in the Coruscant underbelly, partially because he just wanted to train it to fight for him instead,

"I will call you 'Lord General Murdermore'"

The machine informed the Nexu as the being said nothing back, smiling back at him with its multiple eyes and a large grin of small sharp teeth.

"Lookie what we have here...a weak old man all alone...turn out your pockets, grandpa."

HK heard then by one of the alleys, words that caused him to stop and turn.


He called out into it,

"What is going on over here?!"

The droid sounded out and the group would see a tall slender cloaked being move into the tight passageway, Nexu cub held under his arm like one would with a toy dog, his red eyes parting the darkness before him and lighting up the immediate area in their crimson glow. Graf would probably be able to recognize these eyes from their brief meeting during that dinner party, wherever that was. Eriadu? Fangorn?

Garven Antillies

"Gold two, this is Coruscant ATC we have reports of a freighter landing in an unauthorized landing zone, though the transponder checks out would you mind doing a fly over just to make sure."

"Roger that Coruscant ATC I will divert to take a look."

Garven was doing a routine flight around Coruscant, so far it was just business as usual. However this call from Coruscant ATC did come up a bit odd, but not alarming. Maybe it was just a pilot that got lost, maybe it could have been an accident, or worst case it could be something more nefarious. Only time could tell, and a simple fly over would just let whoever it was, know they were seen and maybe time to get back on the radio to let the ATC know what happened. As Garven neared closer and closer to the location that was sent to his computer via Coruscant ATC, nothing seemed out of place or wrong. His Y-Wing makes its pass over the freighter engines roaring to people on the ground, as he turned his craft to peer out the cockpit to try and ID anyone to relay to the ATC. Garven couldn't see anything too well he was much higher than he wanted but alas that was normally the case for Coruscant.

"Coruscant ATC, this is Gold Two. I see nothing wrong down there, perhaps it is someone lost or a intoxicated pilot. Try to bring them back on comms. Gold Two out."

Just as sudden as the Y-Wing showed up, the sound of the engines faded and the craft disappeared from sight to the freighter.
On a ledge up above, Tek watched as a pair of Nikto eyed the small crowd outside their alley. They'd been plying the trade in this part of Coruscant for a while now, and they had a knack for picking the right types of people. Tek had heard about it through the grapevine, and decided that the heat on Nar Shaddaa was a bit much. A short hop over had him watching the two yahoos get better picks than random chance would typically account for. Tek wanted to know how, if it was pure luck oh well. He'd be out a couple of weeks without a scratch. If it turned out they were wise to a new info game, that was something else. Something he wanted to get into himself.

Tek drew on the cigar in his mouth, the cherry burning brightly in the dark about a story up as the Nikto picked up an old man. Nothing about him said he was very special, his coat was pretty nice but nothing you couldn't find a few levels up, or knock offs of a few levels down. Tek leaned forward and activated the cyberware in his head as he eyed the old man and the Nikto. The initial facial recognition search came up with several potential matches, a couple looked like different versions of the same man. Tak didn't take the time to peruse the identities, assuming most, if not all, were false. He was likely an intel man himself, or something of the like. The Nikto had to have some information, likely someone inside Alliance flight control.

Tek drew on his cigar again as he dropped nearly soundlessly to the ground a few meters deeper into the alley than the Nikto. From the other side he heard a mechanical voice shouting and drawing nearer. Tek paid it no heed as he brought out a Woebringer from behind his back and aimed it at the nearer Nikto's leg. The difference between law enforcement and criminals was when the violence was initiated. Tek didn't give any noise, he just pulled the trigger. The cigar cherry was drowned out by the bright green flash of the Woebringer, then screams were added to the noise of Coruscant as a portion of the petty criminal's leg sheered off from the heavy blaster bolt. A slight change of angle, and a second blast went through the same Nikto's head.

Tek's other hand brought up his other Woebringer just as the Nikto with hands on the old man turned towards him. Tek raised an eyebrow as he drew on the cigar. He rolled it to the side of his mouth as he let smoke roll out of his nostrils. A single eyebrow crept to his hairline as he spoke. "Knock-knock. Too lucky by half to be so lucky, little snakesman. No?" He asked, slipping easily into a half-cant common among the underbelly of such cities. "Alliance got a hole in need of plugging, me thinks. And you two're drawing more flash than proper. Yesterday you hoist from a Coalition councilor, day afore was a little old lady who just happened to be attached to the Silver saber big wig here, and today you're pinching a fellow with more faces than your friend here has holes." He continued, listing out the types of people they'd been hitting, first a diplomat from the Coalition, and then the wife of the Silver Jedi Ambassador to Coruscant. Then he switched from canting to true galactic basic and nodded at [member="tanomas graf"], eyeing him up and down. Coat was very nice, but still not worth picking him over the fat cat that had come by minutes earlier. "I don't know your story, and I don't care to. Friend Nikto here and I need to have a talk. You need to start walking away now." He told the Nikto's former mark, gesturing with his first gun towards the alley mouth where a droid was coming closer. Then Tek looked back to the Nikto, ignoring Tanomas.

"Unless you want to meet your friend here in whatever Nikto post life play yard you think about in the lonely hours, you're going to bring me up to speed on your operation."



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[member="Tek Sidereal"], [member="Tanomas Graf"],

"Whoa, what?"

The droid muttered as suddenly shot rung out, piercing through one of the Nikto's legs, causing the machine to dash quickly and close in the distance between him and Tanomas, calling out,

"Madame, are you alright?"

Seemingly mistaking the Emperor for an elder sweet old woman in peril.

There wasn't much time for discussions and corrections however as another shot rung out, this time smashing into the Nikto's skull, spraying out their brain matter everywhere,

"Oh what the feth, why does chit always escalate like that?"

HK hissed, turning as he spotted Tek above them to shield the Nexu pup he was bringing along with him under one of his arms, otherwise known as Lord General Murdermore, calling out to Tek,

"Hey, stop with the shooting you fething Moff Tarker!"

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