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"Your first stop will be Corellia,"


Velaeri Mortaine
"It's not exactly on the way and a bit early for a refuel, but there's an event I was invited to that, sadly, I simply cannot make."

"An event?"

"The Annual Wine Festival at the Capital. Nothing of terrible importance, but showing up to these events every once in a while does wonders for PR. Besides, it's very likely that the big wigs will be there and to skip an opportunity of forming relation with the Omega Pyre heads - well, you're better off planting the seed early on before the media has a chance to tarnish your image."

Corellia! Corellia, Corellia - how she loved this planet. Amore recalled visits to the Capital very well, she'd been making them since she was 6, but always at the hand of her mother. This night marked her first great voyage alone, and her first public debut without the Kuatian Queen or her handlers to guide her. It was to be a test, perhaps, of all the things she'd learned at Court. Propriety and statesmanship, diplomacy at it's best. Standing now within the entrance of Coronet City's Capital Hall, she looked on in wonder at the mass of people milling below.

"The Lady Mae, Heiress of Kuat," the announcement barely overcame the din of wild chatter below. Amore paused at the banister of the grand staircase, feeling very small.

"Lord Kefka of Honoghr," a second announcement followed by the Master of Ceremonies before she felt the clawed hand of her Noghri Guard on her shoulder. She looked up to him, smiling warmly. He'd been her shadow since she was an infant and she cared for him just as she cared for her own family ... but she had hoped to be at the arm of another tonight. Gideon had always looked so charming in ceremonial uniform.

Yet the Noghri, despite his beastly appearance, looked charming in his own right. So accustomed to seeing him in robes of Kuat's black and red, she was pleased with the result of creams and blues to match her own ensemble. He looked quite stately.

"Just leave the wine to me," she smirked, taking his proffered arm and patting it gently. Kefka eyed her and gave a grimace that only she would recognize as a smile.

@[member="Tegaea Alcori"]
@[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Amorella Mae"] @Tegaea Alcori @Siobhan Kerrigan
HK was already somewhere within the crowd, apparently he did not had any better things to do than attend a wine festival on Corellia.
After all, as First Baron of the Protectorate, he probably should have made appearances to events like that. So there he was, chatting away with fellow military man and anyone who would like to listen, so far sharing anecdotes about Mandalore the Ultimate's hate for diary products.
He held a glass of wine in his hand, sloshing it around a bit, realizing just now how useless it was for him to have it.

He nodded to something, stating a punchline, as the small group he was talking to gave out an enjoyable laugh.
He looked around a bit as they laughed, looking for anyone he would recognize, or perhaps someone he could dance with, cough-cough, nudge-nudge @[member="Maelion Liates"]

Oh, and HK was in his ceremonial armor, with a vibrosword and his shatterpistol holstered at his sides, everything polished just for the public appearance.
Corellia was beautiful at almost any time, but the wine festival in Coronet was indeed the best time to be there. What was more, the planet would be a place where the rich, powerful and ambitious would be gathered.
It was for that reason that Exarch Tegaea Alcori of the Omega Protectorate was there. She wasn’t fond of balls and galas, but it was in her job description to do diplomatic things, and this qualified.

“Exarch of Eriadu, the Lady Alcori, and her wife Colonel Kerrigan,” the announcer called. It had clearly been rehersed beforehand.

Tegaea wore a magnificent black dress which went to her ankles but left one shoulder exposed. After the incident on Naboo she’d attached a holdout blaster to her right leg. And of course she had Siobhan, who at the least could pull down the ballroom on the crowd if needed.

Walking down the stairs, arm in arm with Siobhan, she spied the crowd. She’d been told that the Kuati Princess would be attending. That might be interesting….
@[member="Amorella Mae"] @[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
@[member="Tegaea Alcori"], @[member="Amorella Mae"]

Siobhan walked into the ball room arm in arm with Tegaea, eyeing the crowd. It was well known that Siobhan disliked galas even more than her wife, moreover she had retained her disdain for aristocrats and was the exact opposite of diplomatic.

But Tegaea had been...very persuasive. Besides, assassins might strike and then Siobhan had to be there. She wore a beautiful, elegant blue dress that complimented Tegaea's black nicely, but went down to her ankles and had long sleeves that covered her arms. Siobhan had only recently undergone surgery to get repaired after the battle with Velok and though bacta could heal much, there were still several scars that eluded its healing touch and she was not comfortable with showing them yet. There was a slight limp to Siobhan's walk as she strode in.

"I swear it, you really are trying to femme me up. One day you'll force lipstick on me," she whispered into Tegaea's ear as they stepped in. Despite the ribbing she was happy to spend time together...she had been pulled out of field work.
Tegaea looked perfectly innocent. Or would have done if she hadn't been failing to control a smirk.

Despite the injuries her wife had suffered, Tegaea still saw only beauty, and gladly walked with Siobhan. Especially since her wife had promised to give up using her head as a battering ram. For now.

@[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
@[member="Tegaea Alcori"]

Siobhan had promised she would stay away from field work...unless it was important. The exact definition of important varied, but she was quite serious in wanting to make an effort to stay out, after seeing how devastated Tegaea had been at the sight of her broken body.

She just...had difficulty figuring out what to do with her time. She had a unit to run and the part where she got to yell at recruits and whip them into shape was fun, along with testing out new weapons, but beyond that it was bureaucratic tedium, paperwork, logistics that made her head hurt. Moreover, it also made her worry, for things looked...grim on many fronts.

Still here she was and she would enjoy the night. With a lazy gesture she levitated two glases of no doubt expensive wine from a tray an elegantly dressed servant was holding, taking one for herself and handing another to Tegaea. "Hey, HK is over there. Someone should give Cira a call. He's still waiting for that dance!" she pointed the droid out in the crowd, chuckling.

"Or Maelion. They can debate processing organics." The contrast between Maelion and HK could not be bigger. Both were deadly, lethal killing machines, but there the similarities ended. If Maelion had a soulmate it was probably Moira the organic in name only, though Siobhan imagined the sex would be rather awkward!


Velaeri Mortaine
"Oh Kefka, it's such a shame you dislike wine so." Glass in hand, the Kuati Princess gently swilled the bulb and watched as the pale contents churned about, "Are you sure you don't want a taste? It's not far from your Honoghran tea. In fact I bet it's less potent."

She tasted it and nodded, "Much less."

"It's not pure, not raw," the Noghri answered, eyeing the glass as though she were drinking toxic sludge, "chemicals. Bah. It alter your mind, make you foolish like baby lamba. You run and frolick and soon kah-" he gestured by chopping one clawed hand onto the flat of the other, "you are like noodle."

"A noodle?" she asked him curiously, clearly amused.

"Het. Dead noodle."

"My goodness," Amore looked warily at the glass in her hand, "that's terrible. You're absolutely right Kefka, you shouldn't have a drop of this. Your body is a temple. How silly of me, attempting to poison the one thing that will keep me alive. I promise I'll stay Al Dente."

The Noghri gave her a strange look.

"Look there," Amore motioned to the droid surrounded by tittering party-goers, "Now there's a grand conversation just waiting to be had. Let's introduce ourselves," and she took the warrior by the arm to walk off towards @[member="HK-36"]

"Hello, hello," she gracefully interjected herself as the laughter surrounding the droid died down, "pardon the interruption but I couldn't help but notice that you seemed to be the one to talk to." A droid with a sense of humor, this is perfect. Amore's smile pressed her cheeks into her eyes so that they twinkled merrily.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Amorella Mae"]
"Hello, hello,"
Amorella joined the group, greeted by nods and smiles from the people who were surrounding the droid
In turn, HK gave her a nod, greeting her himself
"Lady Heiress of Kuat, a pleasure indeed to see you."
The droid then glanced to her Noghri protector
"And Lord Kefka of Honoghr."

The droid's gaze, accompanied with the cool red glow of his photoreceptors moved to Amorella
"I have met plenty of your ancestors, young miss, there is one that especially set in my memory banks, Margaux, a young heir of one of the families belonging to The Ten. That was during the Old Republic, I was on a tour with the Jedi knights as security detail. She enjoyed listening to my tales from my days as aide to Mandalore the Ultimate during his Crusades."
He glanced to the side slightly, doing a quick scan of the crowd
"Such a nice young lady, the first time I held somebody's hand, and the first time I was hugged, I heard she took up some engineering after I left the planet, she always stopped by my workshop when she was around the Temples I worked in. I was invited to her wedding later, arranged marriage, of course, she was not the happiest being on the day of it."
He looked down at the glass of wine he was holding, as a waitress with a plate passed by he reached over and put the glass on the plate
"When she passed away I helped to carry her casket into the pyre. The downside of being ageless is that you are forced to watch your friends and companions pass away while you remain there, but yet somehow."
He nodded to Amorella
"They come back within their descendants."

He then looked to Kefka
"I am rather certain I met some of your ancestors when I pushed them off of a cliff during a raid on Sith structure on Honoghr back then."
He looked aside awkwardly
"They seemed nice."


Velaeri Mortaine
Amorella didn't have the heart to tell the droid he wasn't looking at a Margaux descendant, but she smiled warmly at his recollection nevertheless.

"That is truly fascinating! How wonderful for you to be part of the history of my people. I envy that. What few Elders remain talk so fondly of the days before the Blight. Though theirs are only just spoken tradition. They haven't the first hand experience you share. And you've been to Honoghr-"

Kefka visibly scowled at the droid's quip of a time spent on his home planet. Amore gently patted at his arm.

"-you must be very well traveled, Sir. I'm only just beginning my trek across the stars. Though, I've visited Corellia many times, in fact I believe some of my artwork is on display around the city. But I'll soon be on my way to visit a relative. Tell me, have you ever been as far as Exocron?"



The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Amorella Mae"]
"Exocron, one of the hidden planets?"
HK slightly tilted his head at Amorella
"Yes, I have been there, and I remember the time when it was discovered, hidden in the shadow of the protostar it lies in."
He did a mystical hand-wavy thing
"Turns out that once it was discovered there is nothing too remarkable on it, temperate garden world. There was a technocrat regime on it, restricted space-travel from his people."
HK nodded slightly
"Almost had a stroke when a droid landed on the planet. It can make a rather nice vacation spot nowadays, rather calm planet."

HK looked away slightly
"However, there are worlds hidden yet in the Galaxy who are worth chasing."


Velaeri Mortaine
"I had no idea it was once a hidden planet," the confession came shortly after the droid fell into musing, "I really must brush up on my history of fringe planets. I know so little of them ... but it can be so hard to find resources."

Amore frowned slightly before her face lit in amusement, "You wouldn't happen to need an extended vacation would you? Go traveling with a young Princess," she smirked, "I've got the best resource standing before me: timeless experience."



The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@[member="Amorella Mae"]
HK sounded out, looking at Amore
"When a time comes in this Galaxy that a droid needs vacation and rest, I will let you know, Princess."
He reached to pat her shoulders
"And listen to a piece of wisdom from years of experience- traveling is only worth it when you have a home to come back to."
He looked around slightly
"I had once home with the Republic, but they expelled me, they were too proud to agree a droid could become equal to an organic. Then I have had home with other droids, but that is lost among time and space now. Omega is my home now."
He gestured to others gathered in the hall, drinking, celebrating
"And I will not lose this home so easily."