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Approved Tech Ygmicite

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To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before

  • Intent: To create an anti-ysalamir poison
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Primary Source: Swamp gas
  • Name: Ygmicite
  • Manufacturer: Outer Rim Coalition
  • Affiliation: ORC; closed-market otherwise
  • Production: Minor
  • Modularity: No
  • Legal Status: Restricted to military use
  • Ingredients: Nytinite, ysalamir hormones, firazene
  • Classification: Poison
  • Method of Consumption: Inhalation
  • Average Life: 2 hours
  • Nutritional Value/Allergies/Side Effects/ Purpose: On ysalamiri, ygmicite can kill in a matter of seconds, whereas other species will mostly fall asleep for periods up to two hours.
  • Kills ysalamiri in periods ranging from 10 to 30 seconds depending on the concentration
  • Puts other species to sleep for up to two hours
During the Mandalorian invasion of Utapau, the Brals being deployed caused problems to the ORC defenders, crippling their ability to use the Force in battle thanks to the ysalamirs being deployed on those vehicles. Captured ysalamirs were taken for biochemical analysis, with the different hormones they produced being analyzed for whether or not the hormones were ysalamir-specific, and it was found that one variety of hormones was, in fact, ysalamir-specific, and several substances were attempted to mix that hormone for the desired ysalamir-specific lethality. Nytinite and firazene, when combined to that ysalamir hormone, would act as a neurotoxin in a ysalamir, disabling its nervous system once the neurotoxin enters the ysalamir's bloodstream. In other species, the nytinite contained in ygmicite would likely cause one to go to sleep for periods up to two hours. But it was also found that gastric acids commonly found in a variety of species would be able to neutralize ygmicite, since the poison was found to have a very high pH, while also being a strong base, and hence all manners of acids can neutralize it, too.

  • Ysalamir-specific: Can kill an ysalamir while leaving other species alive
  • Can put other species to sleep
  • Overdose possible, can kill other species with high doses of ygmicite in their sleep
  • One method can resist it: since ygmicite it can be neutralized by common gastric acids, it has to be either inhaled or injected
  • Acids: since ygmicite is a strong base, acids can neutralize it
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I am going to approve this, given the canon technology behind it, however I will say that if this is used to blanket kill dozens/hundreds/thousands of Ysalamir as some kind of genocide and gets reported this will be pulled and denied.
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