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Approved Location Ybraxos Financial Services Building

Glar Ulchtar


The exterior of the building (farthest on the left).
  • Structure Name: Ybraxos Financial Services Building (Formerly the Glolmark Gardens Bank)
  • Classification: Bank
  • Location: Telos
  • Affiliation: Ybraxos Financial Services (a former subsidiary of the Glolmark Corporation)
  • Accessibility: As a large building in the middle of a city, the building is not hard to find, but it is guarded by a platoon of G-1 Security Droids, security cameras, and DNA locks.
  • Description: The Ybraxos Financial Services Building provides a wide variety of financial services, but is first and foremost a bank. It is a large, neon-lit building in the purple district of Anslaque City. The building itself consists of a large tower which is four stories tall, supported with a wider, two story baseplate that features built in docks for docking large treasure ships. On top of the baseplate is a walkway which extends around the building. The tower portion can appear somewhat slanted at some angles, but the bank’s management denies any rumors of structural instability. On the top of the tower, there is a balcony, with a small landing pad for shuttles and other small vehicles.


The Main Lobby.
  • Main Lobby: This is the room where visitors enter. It is usually guarded by four G-1 Security Droids, but this number can vary. The room itself consists of a long, white walkway made of a metallic alloy, several rather uncomfortable looking seats for visitors, and a large, semicircular desk which usually has a receptionist sitting behind it. Some of the walls have mirrors on them, making the room appear much larger than it actually is. The room is generally described as looking dark and gloomy, with a sinister undertone. This room is on the First Floor, and contains a security camera mounted on the desk.

A hallway on the First Floor.
  • First Floor: In addition to the Lobby, the First Floor mostly consists of hallways, storage spaces, bathrooms, custodial closets, and vending machines. The security droids mostly stay away from this floor, as intruders mostly bypass it anyways.

The Clientele Information Room.
  • Clientele Information Room: This is where the bank stores all of the valuable information it has collected about its clients. It consists of a colossal number of file storage racks suspended from the ceiling, which can be retrieved using the narrow catwalks attached to the sides of the racks. This room is usually guarded by eight G-1 Security Droids, with four on the ground level and four on the catwalks. This room is large enough to take up most of the second floor.

The Droid Storage Room (empty).
  • Droid Storage Room: Taking up a large amount of space on the third floor is the Droid Storage Room. This is where the various droids which maintain the bank are stored when not in use. The walls are lined with electrical outlets for charging the droids, and the room also contains four large crates full of replacement droid parts. The room is darkly lit, so it can be difficult to tell whether or not the room is truly empty sometimes. This gives it a feeling of dread, even to the people working at the bank. This room contains a security camera mounted on a corner of the ceiling.

The Security Room.
  • Security Room: The Security Room is a small room on the third floor, not far from the Droid Storage Room. This room has four monitors mounted on the wall, which show activity recorded on the security cameras. The Security Room also contains a weapons locker containing three blaster rifles and a blaster pistol, in case the guard comes under attack. The door to this room is DNA locked, and guarded by two G-1 Security Droids.

An office on the Fourth Floor.
  • Fourth Floor: This floor mostly consists of offices where actual banking takes place. It also contains the most exploitable weakness in the bank’s security. One of the offices has a completely transparent window in place of a wall, which could be easily broken. Actually getting through the window could be more difficult though, as it is two floors above the walkway on top of the baseplate. Six G-1 Security Droids can be usually be found patrolling this floor.

The Manager’s Office.
  • Manager’s Office: The Manager’s Office is on the fifth floor, and is where the bank’s manager oversees the whole building. Being the manager’s office, it contains all of the manager’s personal items, work documents, and plenty of valuable information. It also contains a genetically modified tree, which has the ability to release poisonous gas into the office if it detects intruders. The entrance to this room is guarded by two G-1 Security Droids.

The Vault’s door.
  • The Vault: Being a vault, The Vault contains all of the valuable possessions, and would likely be the main target of a robbery. Due to these facts, the Vault is on the fifth floor, and is the single most heavily guarded room in the bank. A security camera is mounted on the door, and the door itself is DNA locked. The door is made out of solid Ultrachrome, making it nearly impossible to open by force. If that fails, the door is also guarded by four G-1 Security Droids, with five more inside the vault itself.

The Conference Room.
  • Conference Room: Located on the sixth floor, the Conference Room is where the Board Of Directors of the bank meet with high profile clients, government officials, and various others. The room contains a soundproof glass box, which contains the physical conference table and chairs. A security camera is mounted in one of the corners of the room, outside the glass box. A few video screens line the walls of the room, and the glass box’ interior can be accessed through the sliding doors on the sides of the box. It has been described as on of the most ominous looking rooms in the building, and has aesthetic similarities to old Imperial structures. The entrance to the Conference Room is guarded by two G-1 Security Droids.

The Landing Pad
  • Landing Pad: The Landing Pad is large enough to accommodate small shuttlecraft or speeders, and can be accessed from a balcony off of the sixth floor. It is guarded by seven G-1 Security Droids, who prevent any unauthorized landings from occurring. The landing pad is somewhat dangerous to walk around on, as there is nothing to prevent a person from falling off of the pad.
  • High
    • Security Cameras X4
    • G-1 Security Droids X40
    • DNA Locked Doors X2

The Ybraxos Financial Services Building was originally built by the highly corrupt Glolmark Corporation in 786 ABY. At the time, most of the Planet Telos was ruled by the corporation, and the building was built as a way to keep the corporation financially in power over the people of Anslaque City. The building was initially called the Glolmark Gardens Bank.

By 820 ABY, the corporation was beginning to collapse, and the branch of the corporation stationed in Anslaque City decided to cut their losses and form a splinter company called Ybraxos Financial Services, centered around the Glolmark Gardens Bank. To distance themselves from the Glolmark Corporation, Ybraxos Financial Services renamed the building after the company.

Just because the bank had “new” owners and a new name did not mean their ethics and methods changed much in practice. Ybraxos Financial Services still only gave out exploitive loans with misleading terms to people desperate enough to accept them, used the infamous G-1 Security Droids as a private army to attack anyone who could not pay them back, and took advantage of legal loopholes to stay in power. The bank is still widely loathed by the population of Anslaque City, and the population of Telos to a lesser extent. It serves as an unpleasant reminder of the Glolmark Corporation’s rule over the planet, and continues their work in a twisted legacy of greed.