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Yasmyn Australis

Bha'lir Australis

Drunk and Disorderly
Buy'ce gal, buy'ce tal! WIP!


NAME: Yasmyn Australis​
FACTION: The Mandalorian Empire/Clan Australis​
RANK: Captain​
AGE: Twenty-six​
SEX: Female, bisexual​
HEIGHT: 5’10”​
WEIGHT: 130 lbs​
EYES: Grey with a touch of blue around the edges of her irises​
HAIR: Amber-blonde​
SKIN: Pale to tan depending on her time in the sun​

+ Multi-skilled in combat. Like most Mandalorians, once Bha’lir steps off her ship, she’s a competent warrior and an excellent shot.

+ Despite her attempt at an intimidating exterior, she’s approachable and enjoys pranks and shenanigans.

- Bha’lir doesn’t enjoy being on land too much, and when she’s on Mandalore or Sundari, she’s likely piloting a ship, on her war droid or up high somewhere.

- Will go down with the ship. More than once, when her fleet was in jeopardy, she refused to evacuate and had to be knocked out and forcibly removed in order to survive.

- Like the General of their her clan, Bha’lir enjoys drinking and spice to excess. She never imbibes on operations or leading her squadrons or fleet, which makes her extremely cranky if you’re on her crew.

Bha’lir Australis was born into a space-faring Mandalorian family and learned how to pilot a Verda Kot before she learned how to walk. Once her feet hit the ground, she demanded they be lifted up again and as a child spent more time riding on a Basilisk War Droid, a speeder or anything else that would get her up in the air.

She is the daughter of SaraBeth Australis, [member="Caz Australis"]'s sister.

Her goal is to build up Clan Australis’s space superiority one fighter at a time.


Personal ship: The Tiger's Tail, a Galidraan Class Assault Cruiser

She also commands the following ships built by the Aegis Corporation, owned by [member="Muad Dib"]
Nest-Class Carrier Cruiser
Fighters: TBD
Diamond Class Cruiser MK II
Blastoise Armored Escort Cruiser

MandalArms AT-99 Forge Titan - for when she's fighting on the ground