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Approved Vehicle XT-58 'Cataphract' Class Repulsor MBT

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Irveric Tavlar

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  • Manufacturer: Technoid Manufactorum
  • Affiliation: Sith Empire
  • Model: XT-58 Model Execution A (XT-58 Exe-A)
  • Modularity: High, turret, hull and pintle mounts all able to be swapped and modified to suit specialist needs allowing for multiple variants.
  • Production: Minor (Faction wide)
  • Material:
    Composite armor consisting of layers of Quadanium Steel, Titanium and Ceramic plating.
    Durasteel reinforced Alusteel chassis and frame.
    Reinforced Glasteel viewports
    ERA panels pressed unto main hull to protect against solid shell shots and explosive charges.
  • Classification: Repulsor Tank
  • Role: MBT (Main Battle Tank)
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Average
  • Armaments: High
    Single turret-Mounted modified DBY-827 Turbo-Laser
    Co-axial Rapid repeater Blaster Cannon
    Optional: Commander and gunner hatch pintle mounts.
    Rocket pod mounts on either slope of main turret (able to accommodate 15 self-reloading guided 'HEAT' Tanksmasher rockets on either side)
  • Defenses: Average
    Integrated deflector shield overlayed over composite armor and ERA plating.
  • Maneuverability Rating: High
  • Speed Rating: Average

    • Armaments: Extreme
    • Defenses: High
    • Manueverability: None
    • Speed: None
  • Propulsion: Repulsor-lift
  • Minimum Crew: 2 [Driver, Gunner.]
  • Optimal Crew: 3 [Driver, Gunner, Commander.]
  • Passenger Capacity: 0
  • Cargo Capacity: Low
  • Low profile allows for depleted enemy visibility in contrast to other vehicles fulfilling the same role.
  • Sloped armor design increases chance of shot deflection from lower caliber laser shots and conventional solid shot.
  • Deployable landing gear to allow for a more accurate, stabilized firing position allowing the power supply to flow to more to weapon systems and put less stress on the repulsor drives when idling.
  • Ability to divert electric shock through the shielding to force any boarding infantry off the hull.
  • Deployable trads
  • High firepower capacity, especially when in landing gear deployed in a stationary position.
  • Ability for full crew to man the vehicle from the main hull crew compartment, increasing crew survivability by enclosing them in the thickest armor nor exposing any single operator to the raised position of the turret.
  • Composite, layered armor allows for more effective defense against shaped and hollow charges. (Rocket launchers, HEAT weapons.)
  • Lack of any crewmen present in turret allows for a larger power supply feeding to the turret-mounted turbolaser.
  • Power stress of the high velocity turbolaser decreases shield effectiveness when the vehicle is on the move.
  • Lack of any hull mounted anti-infantry weapons without mounting and modifications.
  • Crew compartment conditions cramped, large areas taken up by repulsor drive, fuel stores and power supply with little space for crew maneuverability. Only 2/3 crew (driver, commander) have easy access to escape hatches in the event that the vehicle is knocked out, maneuvering within the interior effectively requires supplement training.
  • Best deployed with supporting air-power and infantry.
  • Stress on the power supply can lead to overheating and breakdowns if managed incorrectly. Role fulfilled by Tank's commander, leading to a two man crew to be highly ineffective.
The 'Cataphract' class tank is an armored fighting vehicle engineered to be employed in the role of a main battle tank. Thus it must achieve a balance between three factors. Armor, armament and maneuverability. In all three areas it succeeds adeptly, allowing for a low profile and maneuverable, sleekly armored vehicle which has the ability to dish out an array of effective firepower. It's mainsail feature is the turbo-laser mounted to its turret. Typically a weapon system reserved for larger spacecraft its been modified and adapted to fit the turret of the Cataphract, even if at the expense of internal stowage space and surface area.

Regardless the weapon is a versatile and effective one with several different firing settings to adapt to fighting shielded, armored and infantry elements, allowing it to be a take-all-comers option for military detachments. Though its a relatively mobile vehicle with the ability to support advancing infantry its true firepower potential is wholly harnessed when it is in a stationary and preferably concealed position where it can divert a lion's share of its power to the main cannon, allowing for a devastating effect but doing so requires suitable support as it leaves the vehicle highly vulnerable to enemy fire. The culmination however is an MBT in its purest form, forsaking any auxiliary features and abilities for armor, armaments and maneuverability.

  • Added Technoid Manufactorum as a manufacturer.
  • Added 'landing gear down' profile for resistances/balance.
  • Minor format chances.
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Runi Verin

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Irveric Tavlar Irveric Tavlar
A neat little tank, but there's a couple of blips on this one that need to be addressed before we can approve.
Image Source: [Artist's signature in Image]
I'm afraid we need a link the source here. A link to where you found it will suffice if you cannot find the original source.
Defenses: Average - Above Average
'Above Average' isn't a valid rating I'm afraid. This is either Average or High and for the purposes of balancing, we prefer one rating only.
Cargo Capacity: Two tonnes of internal stowage.
This also needs a valid rating.

I'll review again for balance once these have been provided.

Runi Verin

Two pounds shy of a bomb.
Moved to Pre-Factory as per author's request. Please remember to make a note at the bottom of your submission summarizing the changes you have made and tag a member of the Factory Staff once you're ready for active judgement.
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