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XR-13 Muscular Enhancement Injections

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Muscular Enhancement Injections
Intent: To strengthen muscle deterioration and provide enhancement while creating a counter to the XR-11
Development Thread: (Not mandatory on creation, but helps give insight to a submission and shows effort. If not included, depending on the submission, a development thread might be asked for before final judgement)
Manufacturer: Baktoid Industrial Systems
Model: XR-13
Modularity: different species
Production: Mass produced
Material: Rybcoarse
Bio organic material designed to be applied to the existing muscles structure and enhance strength and stamina. The end result of the muscles and by extension the heart and lungs, allowed one to run faster, have increased breathing capacity, increased stamina, increased strength usually three times the normal for themselves. A heavy draw back is over extension and self destruction behavior that was a by product of feeling stronger and could lead into dangerous destructive habits. This can wreck havoc on the body, as it pushes it far beyond what it was meant to do. Tests have found with moderate use, up to 2 times your normal strength is fine, but anything past that, strains the body something terrible. It has shown to put an enormous strain on your body, and long term results are still out. It helps replace the muscle loss from the XR-11, but due to the fact that the XR-11 slows one down so much, this maybe makes them as fast as a slow normal being if combined with that implant. Long term results of the combination are still out but projections say the implantee will die relatively young(30's-40's) due to the strain these implants put on one's body if actively used past suggested limits. Most combat use, will require user to violate these limits.
Denied due to attempts at powergaming and OPing. If you feel that this has been wrongfully judged you may second chance the submission, but I would suggest a complete overhaul - this is another attempt at recreating the Hulk, and while there are huge drawbacks I still feel as though the strengths outweigh the weaknesses.
Not open for further replies.