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Approved Tech Xenro's Right Arm

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Nox Aeternum.

  • Intent: To define the parameters of Darth Xenro's right arm.
  • Image Source: N/A (It is a skeletal arm, and has no particular flashy qualities.)
  • Canon Link: Sith Alchemy
    [*]Primary Source: N/A

  • Manufacturer: Xenro
  • Affiliation: Xenro
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: No.

  • Production: Unique

Alchemically altered composition allows the arm to block lightsabers in an unconventional manner. This can confuse or surprise an enemy if they do not expect it.

Due to the invested fell energies, the arm is also a conduit for dark powers. This aids in the casting of powerful Sith Sorcery, as well as helping Xenro to channel the dark side more efficiently.

  • Alchemically Altered: ​Stripped of flesh, sinew, and muscle, the Sith's right appendage functions as a blasphemous mirror of the living. The Force flows freely through it and it can be manipulated in much the same way as would a normal arm; the significant difference between them is that the bone is resistant to lightsabers, and can be utilized as a channel for dark powers.
  • ​Durable: ​The arm is incredibly difficult to break by conventional means. It is not impossible, but it would require a monolithic effort. (A vibroblade concentrated on it continuously for ten minutes could cut it.)
  • Force Light: ​As with most machinations of the Sith, the arm is vulnerable to exposure to Force Light. Continued direct exposure can cause the appendage to lose structural integrity, break down at the cellular level, and even return to dust.
  • Hideous: ​Normal people are not accustomed to the sight of a skeletal arm, and so, Xenro must cover it or otherwise obfuscate it from view or risk drawing unwanted attention to himself. In many cases, this is not ideal.
  • ​Not strong: ​Though it can take a beating, Xenro has only natural levels of strength. He cannot lift extremely heavy objects with the arm.


Xenro gave himself to the darkness by the time he was in his twenties, after a youth spent as a Jedi Initiate and then Padawan. His studies in the Force bordered on obsessive, but the Librarians admired his tenacity and fostered his thirst for knowledge by allowing him access to the more informative, albeit restricted tomes. As he grew in both age and cunning, he eventually worked his way into the favor of the Keepers of Forbidden Knowledge, gaining access to lesser SIth knowledge.

​Once he stumbled onto the darkest of paths, he found himself deeply immersed and with no way out. Instead of fear or loathing, he had a dread fascination that continued to consume him. He did everything he could to pursue forbidden and forgotten knowledge alike, eventually stumbling on the works of nameless ancient Dark Jedi and Lords of the Sith. They detailed the arts of Alchemy and Sorcery, and the importance of life and death and a definitive balance between them. Unlike most Sith Lords, Xenro became aware of an apparent folly in the aspirants who craved power above all else.

"​A means to an end, rather than the end itself."

Those words haunted the fledgling Sith until finally he was confronted by his former Master, under the delusion that their relationship was still intact. Xenro attempted to persuade her of the importance of his findings at first, certain that he could sway the woman who he once considered to be fairly wise and amicable. When she decried his obsession and told him of the dangers of his chosen path, he knew that she needed to be silenced. Her death opened his eyes.

It was his bare hands, not a lightsaber, that squeezed the life from her cold body. Direct, personal, uninhibited by the teachings of the Jedi. There were emotions he could not completely understand, and they surged through his body- ancient, powerful, and filled with mourning. Sith Sorcery was a power that warped the very face of reality, and the art of Alchemy a perversion of all things it twisted. He threw himself into the studies with his newfound understanding.

What he found was that the careful balance was offset. Life continued to thrive in the face of death, and each life taken was replaced by two more. His obsession with knowledge became an obsession with death.

Xenro began to study ways to strip himself further of humanity, and of the semblance of life. If he could strip away the need to breathe, the need for his heart to beat, even the need to eat or drink- he could transcend the chains of life, and become something else. Not simply Sith- but something the galaxy desperately needed.

His arm was one of the first things he decided to change.
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