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Xao Cadre

Sawa Ike

The Dark Matriarch Darth Shōjō

  • Intent: [State why you are making this submission.]
  • Image Credit: How to properly source your images
  • Role: [What role does this group play in collaborative writing on this forum? Is it a mafia? A religious cult? A family?]​
  • Links: [Provide links to any relevant threads, characters, companies, locations, equipment, etc here.]
  • Group Name: [What this group is called. Examples include: Shapers of Kro'Var, The Smith Family, Murder Inc. Mafia, etc.]
  • Classification: [Choices include (but are not limited to) Family, Crime Organization, Religious Cult, Guild, Club, Covenant, etc.]
  • Headquarters: [Where is this group based out of? Please link either the planet or applicable location.]
  • Loyalties: [Does this group hold loyalties to any particular character, faction, government, company or establishment? Link all relevant characters or groups.]
  • Group Sigil: [If your group has a sigil or logo, provide a picture or briefly describe what it looks like.]
  • Description: [Please give a brief, general description of this group and the purpose it serves.]
  • Hierarchy: [Most groups have a system of command. Briefly describe how your group operates or list the levels of hierarchy.]
  • Membership: [What does it take to become a member of this group? Is there an initiation or a ritual? Missions they have to carry out? Tasks to perform to prove their skill/worthiness? For families, is it easy to marry into the family or are there certain attributes the family leader looks for/do you need approval?]
  • Dogma/Doctrines: [Describe the principles and tenets kept by this group in relation to rules/laws within it, religious beliefs, teachings and philosophies created by its leaders and kept by the people within it. This can include various aspects of a faith/religion, or rules to a club, laws of a mafia or guild, etc.]
  • Curios: [Do the members of your group have any special item, marking or trinket that designates their membership? Something that only those part of this group would have access to or possession of? Examples are tattoos, amulets, rings, books of faith, etc.]
  • Goals: [What are the goals of this group? Future plans for expansion? Collection of information? Providing education to those who seek it in certain skills?]
[ Make note of any notable PCs or NPCs that are part of this group and their role/title/position within it.]

[Please include at least one paragraph on the group's history. Describe who started it, how and why it was formed, any events tied into its creation and existence, etc.]