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Approved Starship X4-O1 Orbital Stations

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Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud


Intent: Create a Central Dockyard and Repair Dock that is also a Orbital Elevator
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Canon Link:
Restricted Missions: Artificial Intelligence
Primary Source:


Manufacturer: United Trade Conglomerate
Model: X4-O1
Affiliation: United Trade Conglomerate

Production: Semi-Unique
Material: Durasteel hull, Quadanium Plates, Zeltec Ultra-Anium Armor, DZ Conduits electrical panels, Advanced AI Core, Solarium Glass, Liquid Crystal Displays


Classification: Orbital Elevator and Dockyard
Length: 10,000 Meters
Width: 10,000 Meters
Height: 10,000 Meters
Armament: Disarmed

Defenses: Disarmed
Hangar: Extreme
  • Large Ship Docking Clamps
  • Medium Ship Docking Rings
  • Small Craft Hanger Bays
Maneuverability Rating: None
Speed Rating: None
Hyperdrive Class: None


  • Standard Deflector Shields
  • Subspace Transceiver
  • Thousands of Living Quarters
  • TwoLarge Marketplaces
  • One Molecular Furnace
  • Hypermatter Reactor
  • Orbital Elevator
  • Advanced Solar Collectors
  • Large Shipyard
  • Molecular Furnace

Two in One: Station is both a Port for the military and merchants, but is also a shipyard of multiple companies.
Orbital Elevator: Provided quick and easy transportation of resources to and from space and surface.

Immovable Object: Once Constructed, these stations are immovable, meaning they will be stationary until destroyed or broken down.
Behemoth: Low Offensive for a Large Station


The X4-O1 Orbital Elevator Project was started five years ago with the discovery of Conglomerate Prime, a planet that had an abundance of ancient technology and new material. With it came the Discovery of the Historian and the metal called Zeltec Ultra-Anium. The Historian was an Artificial Intelligence that was created before the time of the Ancient Republic. Studying it and unveiling the ideas and properties of creating a super intelligent AI helped with the construction of such a project. This implementation along with the finding of Zeltec Ultra-Anium, a super light strong metal, helped with breaking the constraints on the ideas of orbital elevators being difficult and expensive. It was the UTC who began the Blueprint engineering of a larger and more aggressive stance of making a port in space to make space travel more cheaper on planets that had them.

This station’s blueprints do allow an assortment of options within them. The Shipyard that it carries on one of its arms is an open source, able to sell space to any company that wishes to use it. It mostly used for Repairs and Drydock Work, but does hold the ability to construct ships from scratch. The space for its construction is large enough to repair or construct a Battlecruiser sized ship, though its more used to maintain large amounts of smaller ships for private customers.

The Living quarters and two large Bazaars allow the stations to act as a trade hub for goods as well as material to freely go between traders, spacers, and the government of the planet it’s housed over. They are located closer to the Elevator for easy access to transportation to the surface if need be, as well as to the arms for the ports themselves. Both the quarters and bazaars are located to the middle of that stations and allow the larger array of protection.

The arms are the two large port bays that separate the military naval port and the Merchant port bay. Both are separated from the central transport elevator bay by strong corridors that keep the port bays from flying off to space. These are the most secure corridors in the galaxy as it forces all goods, both military and merchant to be brought through a single way before being traded or let on the open market and let on the planet. It was also designed like this to allow for Military goods not to get lost as everything that left a ship was recorded, weighed, and input into the system. It was not foolproof, but it allowed less problems for the UTC not to get blamed for station errors.

That was were the AI came in, programmed and coded with the free will of most sentient beings. The station AI still held the core rules that prevented it from going rampant or killing other sentient beings. Its core design was to maintain the ability to keep the station in orbit as well as the safety and security for the station. Often times the AI will ask for something in return to prevent it from getting bored. The UTC does suggest that such items be provided as they do hold a level of emotion and can sometime act as children. Providing it with something to keep itself busy will allow the station to run smoothly. A warning is provided that AI’s do possess the ability of compassion and as such, keeping its core away from outsiders will secure their safety from outside forces.

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
[member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"]

Hi there.

This is a pretty big station and it's super well armed. In my opinion that classifies it as a Military station, not a civilian one. The Size limits for a military station are well under 10km as can be found here in the size limit table;

Please either disarm this station to turn it into a civilian station, or bump down it's size significantly

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
[member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"]

Since that was the only objectionable thing here this is now aproooooooooooooooooooooved.
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