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Character Wyatt Morga, The Lost

A Light Shining in Darkness


  • Full Name: Wyatt Morga
  • Nickname: N/A
  • Alias:
    • The Lost
    • The Ten Million Credit Man
    • Terror of Tython
    • Ghost of Atollon
  • Titles: Jedi Master
  • Species: Morellian
  • Homeworld: Mandalore
  • Faction(s): The Jedi Order
  • Rank(s):
    • Jedi Master
    • Battlemaster
    • Grand Master
  • Master(s): None
  • Padawan(s):
  • Force Sensitive: Yes
  • Force Alignment: Lawful Good - Light Side


Gender: Male
Age: 366GSY
Height: 6 Feet 5 Inches
Weight: 235lbs
Complexion: Pale
Eye Color: Cyan
Hair Color: Auburn Brown
Face Claim: Hugh Dancy
Voice Sample: N/A

Appearance Details:

A man who takes pride in the way he blends in with a crowd. He seeks no attention, no passing glances, and nothing more than he requires at any given time. Infact, he's negligible and average in nearly everything; and that's the beauty of him, he is nothing more than he offers the world. At a passing glance, Wyatt is nothing more than those around him, of equal size and measure; and even of average complexion, yet he stands with a slight confidence in every movement and action that betrays his otherwise passive appearance. With a single step he can force attention on him with a commanding presence, and all the same appear as negligible as he did prior; offering everyone who witnesses him a slim glimpse at the entity that is this Jedi.

With broad shoulders and a narrow hip, he stands as a fit specimen that has spent his entire life focused on the training of physical and mental expression. Curly brown hair, ashy grey eyes and a smile that charms and placates those around him, he is a peacekeeper in more than just name, but in simple posture as well. There is nothing about him, nor his presence, that incites the slightest sense of negativity; only the intoxicating essence of pacifism in its most enlightened form.
As far as attire goes, he spends little to nothing on anything especially flamboyant in any sense. A simple outfit of comfortable and utilitarian material is enough for the aged Jedi, with it a cloak for comfort and warmth when required and a lightsaber on his side. He lacks the vanity for anything more, and yet the slight enjoyment of looking presentable keeps him from wallowing in anything less than something notable of Jedi to wear; simple attire for a simple man.

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