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LFG World Builders - Mnemosyne!

Rise Above

While World Building is by no means anything new to Chaos, I have created my first custom World some short time ago and have since been slowly trying to develop it. Mnemosyne is a peaceful world currently situated within Silver Space with plenty of opportunities for those who might be interested in investing some time into the place.

Submissions thus far are very few, yet the base planet sub offers a variety of geographic archetypes to play with depending on the country one might choose to invest in (if only one). The Planet also has two moons for which I plan to place a Shipyard and a Military Academy/Outpost upon. There are a newly subbed refugee centre and long term residence for victims of war, and the place is otherwise a blank canvass.

What I'm looking for are people who might be interested in getting involved! Whether artists or factory/codex gurus and those wanting to make a place for themselves, a quiet home or some sort of mark on the world. House Arenais is the Monarchy over Mnemosyne, yet the Government is a constitutional monarchy and therefore the Royal Family has little involvement in the World's leadership unless during times of great emergency such as an invasion etc.

The thing I love about this is that its pure creativity with no time constraints or stress. Mnemosyne is under the protection of the Silver Jedi Concord, so naturally, a Sith presence may be less welcome than those of the Jedi, however, the culture welcomes any and all types and I'd love to see a Darkside Nexus pop up somewhere ;)

If anyone's keen, gimme a shout!