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Working on a Spice Moon


Nar Shaddaa
It was called a brotherhood - a fraternity of men and a sorority of women that were knit together like family. Amaul had a predilection for family and he let it be known that those who he called brother or sister were under his protection and his watchful gaze. Although a masculine form of the name, there was no short of ladies in the employ, but those were less caught up in his internal affairs. His place of business was a combination of metal and fabric, with heavy laden drapes covering the walls in various spots, while a grated ceiling let in light from the streets above in these undercity catacombs. The air was thick with the smells of various legal spices to make for a welcome scent, and yet it also fogged the air and left that tinge of mystery and haunting notions permeate the place.

In the main parlor a large wooden desk rested before the throne-like chair where Amaul resided during times of discussing deals and making profitable decisions. The dark hued structure was laden with scented candles and a few vials of incense leaving smoke to rise in wispy lines up towards the grates above. Currently a metallic case rested open faced upon the desk with a black fabric rack elevated on hinged metal joints. Ten vials lined in a row encased a golden hued liquid with black caps fastening each in their station. Dark digits swept across each vial, turning them to the left and to the right before plucking one from it's resting spot and giving the vial a shake. A close scrutiny rested on the vial as the contents shifted and ebbed with the previous shaking afforded it.

Blitz rested comfortably on his perch, while going over the ten vials he had laid before him. The vials were his own, and they were considerable payment for services rendered. The issue wasn't their contents - the issue was performance. In this particular case it was a Rodian who had not lived up to his specific part of the bargain struck. Despite the scaled features and elongated portions of the man, it was clear the Rodian was nervous. Most were when in the presence of the very mellow, yet erratic Blitz. Green digits wrung in a clearly anxious behavior as he watched with big beady eyes how Amaul inspected the payment he was about to give to this Rodian. Shakily he rose a finger and pointed towards the vial in Amaul's hand.

"Is that the stuff?" He managed to squeak out. Not shaking from the nervousness alone, but from with a serious case of withdrawl. The cure for the shakes and the feverish attitude was the fix he could get from just a third of one of those vials. He had been offered ten, which could last him a month's time, maybe longer if he didn't get carried away. Vohl had a hard time doing that though, and he had an even tougher time trying to come to terms with how to get Amaul's required job accomplished. His attention though was on the cure to his ailment and he watched it like a hungry kath-hound.

"One hundred percent my man. This right here is the ticket to clarity that I promised." Blitz's signature deep tones came out in a mellow and cool fashion as he shook the vial again to gaze at it's golden shades. Another thin stream of smoke ebbed from between his lips where a custom deathstick hung from his lips. "And I always deliver on my promises." A small smirk rose on his features as he set the vial just out of arm's reach from the Rodian. His fingers still pressed to the vial. "The question is, do you? Do you keep your promises, Vohl?" He asked in an interrogating fashion while he took another drag from the stick. The Rodian's eyes stuck fast to that vial as his suction cup like digits began to move closer and closer to the vial, as if victory was just in sight. Inches before he reached it, he knew he couldn't go further unless he stood up.

"Y..Yes sir. Vohl always keeps his promises." The somewhat happy tone of the Rodian came out as he began to get more and more excited. That excitement turned to dread as Amaul snatched the vial away in an instant and sat back, inspecting the vial once more, well out of Vohl's grasp. A gasp let out as he nearly fell against the desk, sitting on the edge of his seat. "I did..I swear I did!" He said in desperation, nearly begging Blitz to believe his report.

"Brother Ofta." Amaul turned his attentions to one of his faithful lieutenants; a Zabrak with a healthy scowl written across his horned and tattooed face.

"Yes Big Brother Blitz." The reply came in complete obedience to the owner of this den. Ofta was a large and muscular Zabrak that was currently clothed in various shades of black and grey with the muscular forearms barren to show off his strength and the various symbols drawn over the expanse of his arms.

"Do you think that Vohl kept his promises as he says? Or did we read differently in the latest feed about the events of the other night?" Blitz asked in a curious and sly tone. It was certainly rhetorical, but Ofta knew better than to keep silent, he was there to cooaberate and do other things for the leader of this brotherhood, this family.

"We read differently Big Brother Blitz." And upon speaking Ofta slipped a piece of rolled up flimsi from his back pocket and placed it on the desk before Vohl. The motion capturing video displayed on the top showed the Rodian ducking out of the alley before ensuring that the victim was actually dead. He'd left unfinished business, and though it had looked like a mortal wound, there were rescue attempts made listed in the article that put the victim in critical but stable condition at a local hospital.

"You're right Brother Ofta, I do recall reading that this scum sucking piece of Bantha poo-doo before me renigged on our agreement." His tone became malicious at that last, while cursing out the Rodian before him. The vial he had been holding had been replaced with a large durasteel bat that was gripped in the leather gloves that he wore. Standing up, and pressing the end of the bat directly underneath the Rodian's chin. "I said dead, sleemo. Not bleeding, not in crit. Dead means dead, whether it's brain blown or decapitated. Last I checked breathing through tubes is not dead!" Blitz snarled at the terrified Rodian who was paralyzed with fear. Amaul's tech shades lit up with a brilliant red theme in the animated loop of digital fire.

Instantly pleas of forgiveness, mercy and pardons came out of the Rodian's elongated lips. He was an annoying and fearful employee, and Amaul was going to teach him a lesson. The babbing was swiftly cut-off when the bat made contact with the Rodian's skull and slammed him onto the ground near Ofta's feet. In the background the high pitched squeels of a beek-monkey echoed in the den as it leapt from perch to perch finally coming to rest on Amaul's shoulder. A single nod to Ofta gave leave to hull the body of the Rodian outside for disposal.

"That's what dead looks like." Amaul commented wiping some blood off the bat before he moved to sit back on his throne, and invert the bat to use as a makeshift cane. "Send in my four thirty if he's here yet." Blitz said as he began to close up the case of spice that he had laid out simply to taunt and toy with the Rodian who he had just disposed of. He hoped this next appointment would be more on track with his liking. The Black Sun's newly acquired wrecking ball had come into town, and he had arranged a meet and greet.

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