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Wild Aces High (Raid on Lohopa - Open - Ground Action)

Seris Vant

The Unsung Hero
Ahh Lohopa, a little dirtball ripe with metals and plunder. And that coupled with its weak defense and his overwhelming firepower, well, how could he not take a crack at it. It was his line of work after all. The Defiant and several other ships dropped out of hyperspace as close as they could get to the planet. They would quickly be freaking out that a Star destroyer and a task force of smaller ships would be blockading their planet. "All ships, fan out to your positions, let nothing by". Rayl's blockade would keep all those valuable freighters grounded, or captured if they tried to escape. The real goal was the spaceport though, and he had more than his own forces to take it over. A few additions had decided to take part in his raid, some good will of their allies surely. Or maybe they were bored, he didn't care. Rayl opened the channel to the ground forces that were awaiting to drop. "Alright everyone, are you prepared to take the field. We've a few hours before any relief can come to their aid. Enough time to take out security and steal every ship of value. Fight hard, I'll see you on the surface"!

Rayl rose from his command chair, having one of his officers take over command for him in absence. The walking and turbolifts took some time to reach the hanger, but they'd be waiting on him regardless.


Disney Princess
OPSAAT CIC-Vega3 Compound, Corellia

The door swished open and Commander Karen Roberts entered the CIC. A singular female Lieutenant gave a crisp salute and motioned her attention to the monitors,

"Commander. We had a breach in the Hyperspace Defense Protocol Beacon. Sector 8551. Lahopa. Running a zero IFF. No tags confirmed yet. Estimated wave size depicts a large detachment of solar vessels. Sector Fleet has already been mobilized. Planetary Situation Report Incoming."

"Good. Patch me into the Captain."

"Running patch now. Com is open."

"Captain Ova Donna of the Hydian Sector Fleet. This is OPSAAT Command Corellia. What's your ETA to target?"

~ "Good evening OPSAAT Command. We are currently enroute to Lahopa to witness the situation for ourselves. Planetary sit-rep already confirms hostilities. Looks like a well-equipped group of Privateers ma'am. Anything else you'd like me to know?" ~

"Negative. We'll be sending reinforcements to you to provide for numerical superiority and entrapment tactics. You are to link up with Captain Qel-Samime's Flotilla and smash those hostiles."

~ "I know my orders ma'am. But what little surprises can I expect from OPSAAT this time around?" ~

"We have special teams moving to Lahopa now that can change the ground game. Nothing more is required except for your cooperation."

~ "Jedi Special Forces eh? Fine. Fine. We'll take care of the stars. You can clean up the mess." ~

"We'll have them outmatched when we arrive. Pursue the pirates and make them flee. I'll have Qel-Samime's Flotilla interdict them when they attempt to run to neutral space. No one escapes."

~ "Ruthless as ever OPSAAT. If they don't run, we'll pincer them. Crafty. Naval Mission confirmed. Ova Donna over and out." ~

Karen took a seat in the chair and watched the monitors. In only a few hours these pirates would be nothing more than dust and ash. The female Lieutenant stood tall and firm,

"Ma'am. Shadowguard Forces are confirmed enroute to Lahopa."

"Good. If the villains don't manage to flee then they will get a mean surprise from our Force-Sensitive Commandos. Get me Republic Intelligence. I want to send a message to their Southern Command Division."

"Yes ma'am."

Karen eyed the shifting screens with displeasure,

"You have only a few hours left pirates. After that... You're mine."

Aela Kellov

One mean S.O.B.
A single Halo Assault Ship landed among the rest of the pirates vessels. Stepping out from it was one fully armored bounty hunter with a custom made Madalorian set. Her helmet was on to better her sight with the built-in scanners and sensors, which made it all the better for her own methods to use during the raid. She'd come because word had spread through the Black Suns of this raid and, being that she wanted easy money, she was all too eager to accept.

After overhearing @Rayl Wilded give his words to his men she simply said "Might be over by the time you get here." to herself as she primed her weapons.

With everything set she used her jet-pack and flew up into the air to better see the battlefield around her. She swooped down and used her flamethrower on a number of those from Lohopa that tried to fight back. Some burned while others were cut off from the pirates, given them a chance to take an advantage over them. As some of the pirates cheered for her support Aela Kellov signaled to them before flying off to do more help that she could to make the raid easier. She just hoped it would be done before the "cavalry" arrived.

@Karen Roberts
Dark Sovereign of Strength
@[member="Aela Kellov "](Do you happen to have a sub on your CUSTOM armor?)

Turning in my forms for a new job, I was going to be a guard for a company "Luggens and Son's" where they delivered medical supplies to other planets that were in the Omega territory. They were a small time company and clearly needed better ships. I mean the old YT-1300 probably was not going to cut the way that ships now a days were made. Faster, stronger, tougher, and all around better, than the older ones that were around when the famous Luke skywalker was alive. Carrying my Gladiator rifle on my back with a sling, twin pistols on my thighs with a very nice set of new holsters, and clipped on a forwards sling was an old E-5 blaster rifle that was really just a long pistol. Still, Even with all of this, I only wore my 3 piece suit that was made for simple jobs like this. Dreading the next time I would have to get into a ship, I hoped that something would happen to limit the transit system of ships coming in and out.

Over the loud speaker in the place, a Female voice came on, "Attention all Out going ships, Times will be delayed due to some problems with other ships, please standby for more instructions." Now I had heard about some small ships being delayed because of a very large shipment coming in, but not ALL ships, and this is where it peeked my interest. I rolled my eyes as I had to pull out my Omega freelancer card thingy of a magig. Walking up to the desk I flashed it. "What is the problem with the ships being delayed?" And when the lady turned around to see me in a white and red mask that hid the top of my face entirely, She gave me a look before answering. "Um it seems like a Star Destroyer came out of hyperspace with a fleet of other ships. Might be the Sith, or Pirates, Eh, maybe even the Fleet of the Omega, but they have not made contact with us yet, so for right now, We don't know." Looking at this I nodded, "Mind if I'm allowed back there?" A shake of her head. And before she could say another word I had lept over the counter and onto the other side.

I walked over to the Com link and pointed to the man, "Get me patched to the ship up there." The man looked at me to say something but I pointed at him again, "Just do it, if we get in trouble, I'll take the blame." He rolled his eyes and started pecking at things, turning to me he nodded. "Hello Star Destroyer, You are not on our list of ships that are coming in or out, please give us your designation, ship name, and the reason you are here." Already I knew that poodoo was gonna hit the fan. Even with the small amount of troops that we had, and the few guards over all, If we tried to take over the star destroyer, It would be like walking off of a cliff.

@[member="Karen Roberts"], @[member="Rayl Wilded"]

Seris Vant

The Unsung Hero
@[member="Karen Roberts"] @Zach Danheir @Alea Kellov

Rayl's comm bead voxed to life. "Sar, some plebs askin' for identification of ar' ships. Should I tell 'im to shove off".

"Guess he doesn't know the first wave is already down then. Tell him why we're here then. Omegan's didn't figure someone could perform a raid so well eh". Rayl didn't know the man he was referring to was in fact a Mando, but it was an unimportant unknown. All would know what was going on quickly enough when his fighters and bombers took to the skies and his Star Destroyer started bombarding the planet. They'd bleed so badly Lohopa would be set back years, depriving the Omegan's of a great source of materials. Like torching a farmhouse and sowing the fields with salt.

"Ayy, shall do". This little pirate sent a message back. "Its a raid boy. We're gona take what we want and burn the rest". Short but sweet, all contact severed.

Rayl stepped foot on his transport, taking a last moment to make sure he'd brought all he needed. Confirming that he did he ordered the pilot to lift off. Several other transports followed them out of the hanger as did a fighter escort. Rayl would lead the raid from the forefront, as he often did. The Spaceport would fall quickly if luck was on their side. Then they could be out of harms way and have the cargo... well hauling the cargo hauling itself and the cargo's cargo well into safety. Then they could just blow up what they wanted from above and escape as well. Time would tell what the ground situation would unfold to be like.


Disney Princess

Karen leaned back in her chair and turned off the com. She had just finished speaking with Republic Intelligence over the channel. Republic space was extremely close to the border systems of Lahopa. She would make sure that when Protectorate ships arrived, the pirates had no where to run.


Blessed are the peacemakers
Tracyn, was not a people person. He knew that, other people knew that, his mother knew that, his father knew that, that one florist on Coruscant knew that, his wife sorta knew it, his best friend knew it, and the Sith woman he accidently kept sleeping with knew it too. The Republic was on good terms with the The OP, and he wanted to keep it that way. They were decent folk, the ones that he had met. He didn't like the CIS or the LOTF, but the OP was one he could identify with and more importantly, respect. Tracyn was riding on the side of a ground transport, along with several other OP soldiers towards a dropzone that had been ID'd as the one they going to use. Tracyn carried a rifle on his back, an OP SA-085 slugthrower that one of the troopers gave him. He was holding onto the transport with one hand, lightsaber in the other. Beskar'gam armor and all, with a kama around his waist. His eyes were narrowed, not hidden behind a helmet. He solemnly wore his helmet, simply because he didn't need it all the time.

Tracyn turned his head around, cracking his neck, before placing his lightsaber on his belt and activating the throat communicator on his neck."Jedi Knight Ordo, reporting in for the Republic. Waiting on ground for initial assault, standby."Tracyn said, sniffing as he took his hand off the communicator.

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@[member="Aela Kellov "]@[member="Rayl Wilded"]

It's skull-smashing time.
Dark Sovereign of Strength
(Sorry guys, on a slight LOA)

I waited for a few minutes, not hearing a word. I wondered if the man had contacted the Star destroyer. I pointed to him and was about to form the first syllables of words when a voice came over the communications link that I had with them. Blunt and to the point, the man stated that he was here for a raid. I looked at the woman behind me, I had only given her a look and instantly she got onto the com as well with her own line to speak to the highest part of the chain. Telling them a battle was about to start.

I replied back with earnest, knowing that we were outgunned, out manned, and didn't have a battle tactic, We would be squashed. Yet, I did not feel any fear or ill. Speaking with a few words, I decided to start off the battle with a few words. "Bring it Hut'uun" He will most likely, not know how to speak in Mando'a, but with me being an Initiate, and some knowledge of the adopted language, I called him a coward. With not being properly dressed for a full out battle, I thought about ether returning to my apartment and grabbing my Mando armor, and my Rifle. Though, mostly the Armor.

"Anyone got a speeder I can use?" I yelled out loud, The man that I had pointed to spoke up, "I have on-" Before he could finish I spoke to him as I walked over. "I'll need it, and when I leave, tell every avalible body to grab a weapon and fight. With just the ammount of soldiers that you may have, A few minute men may turn the tide, Use the cargo ships as drop ships, and last of all, call the god forsaken Omega Pyre on this one. We need people to attack that star destroyer. Those ships get their name for a reason."

I started to walk out of the room when the man pointed out to the small speeder that he had. I nodded and said my thanks and speed off to where I can get my armor, It may take time, but with how armored the pirates may be, I wanted to be ready for anything.

@[member="Tracyn Ordo"], @[member="Karen Roberts"], @[member="Rayl Wilded"],