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Why? [Zaria]

| >After the invasion< |

"Who are you?"

It was a Jedi who asked it. He had remained there after the invasion with a group of other Jedi, though Lilith was unable to understand the reason. She didn't know how the battle had ended. She didn't know who won. She didn't know if anybody died. She knew nothing. Though she assumed the battle is over and she had been right. She had moved carefully, avoiding larger areas where the battle may have taken place, but she still got caught. Maybe the Republic had won the invasion?

"I... I... don't know. I was... here... and... something happened. I'm scared..." Lilith acted. She tried to hide her Force-sensitivity, but she didn't know if she was successful. Her voice was innocent and she wanted to seem like a little girl who had seen war for the first time.

"We must take you to our base!" the Jedi continued. The fellow Knights and Masters nodded and so they grabbed her and started moving towards their base. It could've been on either Korriban or on a Jedi planet, so Lilith couldn't be sure. She was also unable to call for help.

Time passed...

... and Lilith found herself in a jail. She was considered as a war criminal, a person who had committed crimes against the Republic and thus, to the Chancellor, Jedi Grandmaster and the Senate themselves. The room was dark and Lilith couldn't find any ways to get out of there.

She tried using the Force to do something, but her powers were either blocked or she was so confused and nervous, that she didn't know how to do anything.



The Scythe of Death
@[member="Darth Malificete"]

I stood over the bodies of two dead Jedi, the satisfaction of killing them robbed from me, with my hands bound behind me with stun cuffs. I had fought hard and with passion but in the end, the odds were against me and I was captured by the Jedi. The fools had deemed me their prisoner, a sign of their weakness. If the roles had been reversed I would have shown them no mercy nor take them as my captives but instead add their bodies to the other dead Jedi; their cold corpses keeping their comrades company. But fate had voted against me and rather than cut my life string, it mocked me by allowing these pathetic followers of a water downed religion take me prisoner.

"We will take this girl to the transport ship then move her to the holding cells back at camp"

"Very well, Master Jedi. But she is dangerous, Master Jedi, and I do not think the soldiers could match her combat prowess if she was to break her restraints."

"Do not worry, Captain. She is restrained by stun cuffs and any attempts to use the Force will send small shocks through her body."

"I am well aware of how stun cuffs work but I will not take any chances that will put my soldier's lives in jeopardy. Besides, Master Jedi, she killed two of your brethren and in spite of her capture she shows no signs of remorse."

From behind me this Captain and Jedi began to debate further with one another on what the proper course of action of transporting me should be. Though they could not see it, a cold and sinister smile was on my lips. As I went to turn my head around so I could get a look at these two fools squabbling over me, I heard footsteps approaching, heavy footfalls crunching on the red sands of Korriban.

"Captain! Captain! I wouldn't...."

I felt a powerful shock at the lower base of my neck from behind and everything went black.

Elapsed Time

I woke up on the floor of some energized cell, my head throbbing and my wrists screaming in protest at their mistreatment, staring up at the cell's ceiling. I shook my head slightly trying to focus but only succeeded in making matters worse for my head. Fighting against all manners of pain, I managed to sit up and felt a wave of nausea pass over me. While my stomach dealt with this issue, my mind on the other hand was seeking revenge.

After several attempts, the nausea long passed, I managed to stand up on wobbly legs. My eyes scanned the room, where other cells like mine where occupied with other Sith, and tried to formulate a plan to get out of this predicament. They may view me as an animal but I would not give them the satisfaction of caging me like one.

"The amount of Sith we have managed to trap amuses me... I think we will win this war soon."

Jedi were talking again. It was rather disturbing to hear their weak thoughts. Now the Sith Knight who had acted the role of a weak and innocent girl, sat in the corner of a cell, trying to figure out what to do. After a few moments of thinking, she understood she was not completely conscious. She felt dizzy and weak... she was actually so weak, that her motions were really slow, her reaction speed was terrible and she couldn't stand up for longer than about ten seconds. She was disgusting.

But there were other Sith.

Maybe she had enough energy to mentally contact the closest people to her?

"Hi!" Her voice sounded tired and weak even mentally. "Can... can you hear me?" She was talking to the person who was in the cell next to hers. The person happened to be Zaria "Could... could you... help me?"


She was terrified. She had never been captured by Jedi before. She didn't know what kind of cells they used. She didn't see what the walls were made of. She was weak. Even if she had pushed or hit the walls, she wouldn't have understood what material the builders had used.

"I think the Sith are doing something. Let me check!"

One of the Jedi started moving around, looking into every cell. His steps were still too far away from Lilith, so she still had a chance.


The Scythe of Death
@[member="Darth Malificete"]

I watched with venom and pure hatred in my eyes at the Jedi assigned to guard me and the other Sith. The mere sight of them offended me on a scale that could not be properly measured for the contempt I held for them. They tried to live such perfect lives free of emotions and attachments, while sacrificing their lives for people who didn't trust them or like them. Fools, each and everyone of them! Yet, here I was locked away in a cell awaiting judgment. I had heard rumours, whispers even, about how their Jedi Council judged the Sith and regardless of what their verdict was on me; I was beyond redemption.

I clutched both my hands into fists as I realized I was allowing pity to infect me, while complaining about my situation rather than trying to improve on it. But what could I do? These cells were designed to negate the Force and though the Force wasn't the only weapon I possessed, how would I convince a Jedi to open my cell? Then I felt someone brush my mind and trying not to give anything away to our Jedi captors, I moved my eyes from one cell to another. Then I felt the brush again and as the words began to manifest in my mind, I realized the prisoner, no my fellow Sith, next to me was trying to make contact.

"Yes.....yes I can hear you," I replied through the mental link we were using. I could sense the Dark Side resonating throughout her made her very powerful. I took a few moments, closing my eyes, to inhale the Dark Side from her to fill myself up with the dark energy, while reading her Force signature for future references. My eyes snapped open when I heard her asking for help. Was this a test? Regardless, I would help her.

"I believe we can help one another rectify the situation we find ourselves in. But..." I cut off my thoughts to her when I noticed a Jedi making his rounds inspecting the cells. While I followed the Jedi, an idea was taking hold in my mind. "I'm going to try and get that Jedi to open my cell...." I cut the link between us just as the Jedi stopped in front of my neighbour's cell. I clutched my stomach and began moaning in pain so loud that the Jedi was forced to address my issue.

After the Jedi took up a position in front of my cell, I said, "Help me! My stomach is on fire....you have to help me! Jedi do not kill or allow their prisoners die!" I tried playing on his morality and watched him closely deciding if my ploy was working. I mentally smiled when I saw him power down the cell's energy field.

As he opened up his mouth to speak, I punched him so hard in his mouth that he fell flat on his backside. Using the Force, I ripped his lightsaber from his waist belt and ignited it quickly; slashing down severing his head from his shoulder. I turned to see the other Jedi going for his weapon and smiled. I slowly moved toward the cell next to mine while I watched the Jedi ignite his weapon and start walking toward me.

Reaching behind me with a free hand, I flipped the switch on the panel and listened as the cell behind me powered down, freeing the other Sith.

"Yes.....yes I can hear you."

So she was able to contact the Sith who stood in the cell next to hers. How fascinating. Now there was a chance, that she could get out of the Jedi prison-thing. Alive. "I believe we can help one another rectify the situation we find ourselves in. But..." The voice inside her head stopped for a moment or a few, but then continued. "I'm going to try and get that Jedi to open my cell...." Lilith decided not to say anything.

She smiled evilly.

"Help me! My stomach is on fire....you have to help me! Jedi do not kill or allow their prisoners die!"

That's what she heard from the cell next to her, now as a normal voice, not as a thought. So she actually has a plan... good, Lilith thought. Now Lilith had to start utilizing hers.

She heard the woman was fighting with Jedi, but a bit later she saw her coming towards her cell. She opened the door and Lilith rose up from the corner and slowly walked out of the cell. She tried to find her lightsaber from the back of her belt, but she didn't find it.

They had taken it away.

She had to duel a Jedi to get a lightsaber. And it was actually quite easy to do, because some Jedi were actually coming towards them.


A Jedi shouted so loudly, that Lilith had to cover her ears. Probably he had used Force Shout or something. But the Sith recovered quickly and focused on using Force Push on a guard who was running towards her. The Push was released and it quickly hit the man. That was easy... she thought.

She ran to the lightsaber the guard had dropped as fast as possible, but when she saw the man was raising, she just stopped and used Force Pull on it. Well, now she was really tired.

But she got the saber and activated it. Though she didn't know how to use them, she had to have a weapon.


The Scythe of Death
@[member="Darth Malificete"]

I felt the use of the Force and saw one of the Jedi guards go down. I turned my head briefly to catch a passing glance of the one that I had just freed throwing herself into the fray. With her occupying that Jedi, it gave me time to deal with the last guard. Our blades met high, making a sizzling X in the air. He tried to use his physical strength to dominate me and I allowed him to do so, luring him into a false sense of security. He pulled his blade back after pushing me to my knees and that was when I counterattacked.

I punched him in the stomach to cause him from bringing his blade down on my head. He staggered slightly but that was all the time I needed to end this fight. I jumped to my feet instantly. Handspringing backwards, my feet catching the Jedi under the chin with such force, it shattered some of his lower teeth. When I was up right again, I saw he had dropped his blade, his hands clutching at the bloody mess he called a mouth.

I used the Force to enhance my speed and charged toward him. He saw me coming and called his blade to his right bloody hand then slashed at me. I parried his attack as I slid past him on my knees, his blade sliding off mine, and then turned the blade around and drove it behind me, piercing the Jedi in the back feeling the hot plasma blade slip through flesh as I stopped behind him. I felt his death in the Force immediately.

From my knees, I saw the Jedi had gotten to his feet while the other female Sith was holding a blade of her own. I rose to my feet ready to assist this her if she required it of me.

"Give it to me!"

The Jedi started coming towards Lilith. She felt really tired, so her reaction speed was really low. The man could've easily taken the lightsaber back, but it seemed like he didn't want to do that. Maybe he wanted to see, how strong the woman is. Well, most likely she had to disappoint in her. She was both stupid and weak with not skills at all.

"Dream on!"

Dark matter, strange energy, started forming around Lilith. It was something more than just an illusion. It was pure Sorcery, not some Sith Magic people often talked about. The energy covered Lilith, so she had a chance to run away. But she didn't use it. She wanted to fight.

She felt the urge to kill.

So instead of running the other way, the Sorceress started moving towards the Jedi. Her body was covered with the dark energy. Holding it there was not very easy. Not was it only because Lilith was tired, but she had never used this power before. It was another thing she had come up with on the last minute.

"May the Darkness consume you!" she simply said. The Jedi seemed confused.


The Scythe of Death
Zaria stepped back, not out of fear but out of not being in the way of whatever was about to transpire, when she saw the Sith become engulfed in some sort of dark energy. Zaria could feel the fear and confusion radiating off the Jedi, a small smile playing across her face. The other Sith began to move toward the Jedi while Zaria used this time to free the other two Sith still in their Force negating energy cells. Reaching the first cell, Zaria saw that the older looking Sith was worse for wear and knew that her fate had already been sealed when she was captured. Her wounds she had suffered were winning the battle of life and death. There was nothing Zaria could do for the older Sith.

Arriving at the other cell, Zaria saw that this Sith was no more than a child, an Acolyte perhaps. The young girl pleaded with Zaria to free her but Zaria knew that their would be more fighting before they finally escaped this place, whatever this place is or wherever this place is. But she didn't want to leave this child behind either. Looking up she saw a grate that covered what appeared to be some sort of tunnel or shaft that lead to who knows where, but this would be the young Sith's only real choice of escape. Using the Force, Zaria ripped the grate free then pressed the deactivation button on the cell to free the girl. "I'm going to raise you into that tunnel....you need to remain quiet and careful as you move through it. Try to find your way to an exit. I can't risk brining you with us for fear that you will be more of a distraction to us than a reliable source of help."

Once the girl was up in the shaft moving about, Zaria turned to look at what was taking place behind her.

@[member="Darth Malificete"]
@[member="Zaria"] (sorry, short post)

"Please, spare my life!"

For the first time in her life, Lilith saw a Jedi pleading for his life to be spared. It was... surprising. Obviously Lilith couldn't kill anyone. It was the adrenaline which demanded her to destroy this Jedi. So instead of covering him with the dark matter, it faded into air. The Jedi breathed, thankful that this woman hadn't killed him. Then he ran away.

Lilith turned to the other woman, the one who had saved her.

"Hi!" she simply said.