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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot [Sith Army Training]

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (WTF)
Imperial Garrison Aurek, Felucia
0715, Morning
@[member="QsHsNation1"] & Anyone else who wants to join
The helmet of a soldier stared back at him. Glossy black lenses gazed back into forest-green eyes bearing the memories of countless combat engagements and campaigns across Sith space. The man that held the armored piece was Jaxon "Jay" Vorhees, Sergeant Major of the Imperial Stormtrooper corps. With a liquid motion, the Scout trooper adjusted his grip on the white-black frame and seated the iconic helmet on his cranium. He blinked three times, accessing the Heads-Up Displays, HoloNet, and direct information feeds sent from the battalion staff regarding the joint training exercises taking place this morning.

As a Sergeant Major, he was the highest ranking Non-commissioned officer present, giving him direct power over the entire battalion assembled. Mismatched sections were placed here and there, giving off the impression that this was a joint exercise. Jay himself was a scout trooper, bred to be the best in recon, long range marksmanship, and forward communications and coordination. Given his expertise in coordination, it was not in his nature to let things idly happen. This explained the reason he was positioned at the front-center area of 3rd Battalion, his company First Sergeants aligned his front along with their respective platoon sergeants and squad leaders. As standard procedure, all commissioned officers remained in the rear during Battalion mass, however, if the command "post" was given, then the officers traded places with the senior NCOs.

Jay cleared his throat before barking out orders. "Battal-ion! Atten-tion!" Dozens of white-clad boots snapped together in simultaneous motion upon the command. "Today we will be partaking in the scheduled joint-training operation to instruct you in the methods and doctrines of tropical combat!" His helmeted demeanor rotated slightly, his analytic eyes surveying the battalion, dozens upon dozens of helmeted faces stared back at him.

"On the command of 'Fall Out', fall out into your respective areas." He hesitated a moment to reconfirm the information streaming through his helmet. "Aurek Company, you will be undertaking a long range patrol, grab your gear and prepare to move out." Aurek Company's First Sergeant saluted, dropped it, and organized his men to undertake the assignment. "Besh Company, you'll be heading towards the range. We've got live targets for you kiddos and we hope you enjoy them, Fall Out." Besh Company's senior NCO repeated Aurek's leader and dismissed his troops. "Cresh Company, you'll be with me for some top-notch action and adventure. Fall Out!"

Oh this was going to be fun. Extremely fun.

OOC: This is just a simple training scenario for the Sith Military. All military members are able and encouraged to join. Please include which Company your character is in within your posts and we'll have this running smoothly in no time!

Horaan Estidal

Ghost Squad Leader, 158th Infantry Division
While standing amongst the mass amount of troops, Horaan felt a bit intimidated, but excited to finally begin his training. Horaan admired Jay's leadership capabilities. He stood anxiously waiting for his companies orders. "Cresh Company you'll be with me for some top-notch action and adventure. Fall out!" Horaan heard the orders and quickly picked up his light repeating blaster rifle. Horaan was Sith commando, leading Ghost Squad. He was enlisted by the one of the Sith Lords to inspect his skills in combat. Horaan hurried along with his company to wherever they were going awaiting further orders.. *yells out* "Lets get this show on road boys!" @[member="TJ-1467 Jay"]
@[member="Horaan Estidal"]

Jay and the rest of Cresh Company filed out onto the jungle road, each side shielded by a massive growth of vegetation with bird calls and wild animals roaring. It was Felucia, quite possibly one of the most dangerous planets in the entire galaxy. The world fielded hulking plants capable of swallowing entire AT-STs, wildlife that ate anything that moved, and toxins in the air in some locations. But lucky for Cresh Company, they had some of the best soldiers in the entire Brigade. The Company walked along the road in double file, each soldier trooping along with their eyes peeled on the outer areas of their formation.

Jay was seated near the front of the formation, an as enough spot to step into the middle of the road and give hand signals to guide the entire Company. Instead of utilizing hand signals, Jay merely called out over his shoulder. "Keep your eyes peeled, men! Anything that moves is probably carnivorous, which means it wants to eat you!"

OOC: Sorry for the late reply, I had tons of stuff to do.

Horaan Estidal

Ghost Squad Leader, 158th Infantry Division
It was quiet, too quiet...especially for felucia's jungles. Horaan was placed near the back of the line along with his squad. "Men, continue scanning the area, we dont want any-" out of nowhere a wild beast roars. Many of the new soldiers, including Horaan have only heard stories of these beast. The spider like legs and long necks were far beyond intimidating. Horaan calls up to the front "Jay! Whats the plan?!"

OCC: its cool, no worries :) Also, sorry if my storytelling isint up to par. It will come in time and experience lol.

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