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The Hound

Vahl Calls For Her Hound
So I think there was a similar thread a while ago, but it might have gotten eaten during the wipe, but I felt like this would be an interesting thing to talk about.

How has your character changed over his or her (or its) time on the board? Some of us have characters we've played from the very begining of the board, while some of us have only been on here a few months. Though its hard to pinpoint and track years on here without an actual time line, I think it would be interesting to talk about how you wanted your character to go, and how it ended up going or is going. I guess I'll start (obviously)

So Turin Val Kur...When I first came on the board I was dead set on not making a FU character, as I usually find them being played as high and mighty, or the archetypal reluctant hero on the Jedi side, or the ruthless "I can do and kill anything" Sith Lord apprentices. I also love watching dogfights, and love participating in them on games like Battlefront 2, Battlefield and Planetside. I loved the idea of a space Navy and pilots, so Turin was made. I saw his playby and said to myself "This here is the perfect, full of himself Ace pilot for the Republic. Chasing ladies all night and drinking till its time to deploy." picture....And so Turin was made. However...Things kinda started to change early on when he settled down with @[member="Sophia Walsh"], which was weird, because I even made him have a bad rep with flirting and bedding women of all types. But that was fun, it gave him a fun dynamic, and with her being his first love...he was attached to say the least. Of course at this time, the only war going on was really between the Sith and the Mandos, and so Turin, though he was a "good" pilot there hadn't been any major conflicts that Turin had been a part of...

Then came Clockwork. And everything took a turn. From the get go I made him sensitive to the Force, kinda like a Sixth-sense when he was piloting, but then it was suggested I make him into a Jedi...But how? Well, the answer was unexpected. Death. Not of him, but of millions all around him almost at once. Shocked him to his core. So badly that he had to take a forced leave of absence, even during this desperate time. He recieved training so that he could tune out the death some and not be in pain...and it kinda just went like that. He was the guy who would have nightmares of different events that were happening on the board, even though he might not be part of what was happening. I think that changed him, at the time, made him more fragile, but made him..sober up. Made him realize that the world wasn't just women (or Sophia in his case now), booze, and flying. He had people to protect as a Naval officer and it just made him all around a more serious character.

Then unexpectadly, Sophia was captured by the Sith, and with that led to the downfall of his career, he became a wanted man, and an embarassment to the Jedi. Anyone who wanted to put a leash on the Jedi, well he was a perfect example of WHY they should be. He was out on the run for a while, nearly died being chased by the then RSFU...But he somehow made his way to the Conclave and now the Fel empire, back to the original reason I made him. Since Omni he has seen his share of death, more than a lot of characters I have to be honest. He's fought Sith, Bounty Hunters, and Military officers and he's killed his fare share of NPCs now. And poodoo, I failed at making a Non-FU...
): How about you?

Sarge Potteiger

Half-Glimpsed Dreamings
Oh boy, this again!

Alright so, Sarge started out over at the Craftshop as kind of a gag character. Me, my GF and Karin decided we'd take ourselves and throw ourselves into Star Wars as characters. Just kind of those 'what if' things. Anyway, Sarge here (me) joins up with the Rebellion and gets some training from some Zeltron SpecOps soldier. Also did I mention he woke up on Mon Calamari with no memory of how he got there? Moving on.

While he had a background in tactics, strategy and weapons, he didn't really know anything about blasters and the like - that lead to his preference for slugthrowers. However, considering he was like, 19, he was woefully inexperienced and despite his natural aptitude for war, it was hard for him to finish a mission without being injured or unconscious.

He was sarcastic, although capable of great rage and cruelty - in so far as getting information was concerned - and despite this hint of a darker side, he maintained an almost whimsical air of humor which was combined with a self-awareness grounded in reality. He was in love with his commanding officer (who totally wanted him but was married), and that lead to some strife.

However, he began to change following a mission to Dathomir with a then Ithorian Je'gan Ola'ren (too many apostrophes, no idea how to spell it.) At that board, the Witches of Dathomir (just Nightsisters, really) were evil supermodel porn stars with entirely undeserved egos brought about by a cult of personality around their leader. She empowered them to think they were the greatest things ever.

This cause them to do some pretty bad things ICly. For example, Sarge was there to run security for Je'gan getting the last of the Allyans off planet. However, Sarge showed up at the village in time to witness the last Allyan adult literally having her face melted by a Nightbrother. Something clicked then; I'm not sure what.

They got the lone survivor back to the shuttle, but the Sisters had followed them, so Je'gan and Sarge stayed behind to cover the extraction. They stayed on Dathomir, behind enemy lines, for something like three months. This is where he really started to learn his craft in the woods and harden himself up a bit.

Some time later, the planet of Alderaan was literally glassed from orbit by the Empire. He went, with the Rebels, to try and find any sort of survivors they could. They found them, hidden in the mountains, but they'd reverted to cannibalism and shot him four times in the chest when he resisted. His partner killed them.

Something snapped then, too. He had been there to help, and they'd wanted to kill and eat him. What kind of people did that? Sure the planet was gone, but they were going to try and rebuild it.

Then, later, he moved here. To explain the differing timelines, I fast forwarded him four hundred years. He had met @[member="Ayden Cater"] on Corellia during Omni's original invasion (Not Clockwork) and saved his life (he also banged his daughter, and blatantly told him as such although she's not canon for this Ayden) MOVING ON.

The idea was that during the Plague, Ayden would keep cloning himself following his families death and he'd keep Sarge on ice, only thawing him when he needed Sarge to kill someone or influence a planetary government. This was the era of the Syndicate - basically Cerberus and the Information Broker combined, in a way. This group would later fold into OmegaPyre, giving it the capital and member base it needed to really hit it's stride and grow into a galactic superpower.

We'll not discuss how @[member="Cira"] and Sarge got along on their first meeting.

So, now that all of his friends are dead and the galaxy is one he's unfamiliar with - more things start to snap. He starts hallucinating about people he used too, and seeing flashbacks which come at inopportune times. He nearly drank himself to death at one point. He was fairly certain the Vong had done something to him, but he wasn't sure what and he didn't really want to know.

He couldn't even trust if his memories were real.

So his mind started unraveling more. He poured himself into his work, turning Cira's office into the most tightly controlled environment the galaxy had probably ever seen. Ain't nothin' got in there without him knowing who they were, where they were from, what coffee they'd drank that morning, etc.

He even killed an assassin or two. Takes one to know one, right?

But he starts getting bored. Disenfranchised. He takes time wandering the Outer Rim on leave, meets some new people, goes about life. He comes back, decides OP isn't where he wants to be anymore, tenders his resignation - but not before going to Dagobah to try and end the Zombie menace.

He lands on the surface, hellbent on saving HK-36's overstretched and surrounded unit. He fails. He nearly dies in the process. He spends several more months trapped on the surface of yet another hostile world (bad luck, right?) Sometime while he's there, he begins to develop issues with his veins and eyes, although for the most part they clear themselves up.

So once he's off planet he decides he's going to Sekot, find out about the Vong. Haven't finished that thread yet although i know about where I want it to go.

But after that, he's even more disenfranchised. He doesn't want to be himself anymore. So he orders some Mandalorian armor made and begins life as a Mandalorian merc. Again, he travels the Outer Rim and various other places taking odd jobs. He takes on the name 'Preacher' to distance himself from the already mysterious persona of 'Sarge.'

And his mind keeps going further and further over the cliff. He buys a blockade runner, staffed entirely by droids. He has bouts of depression, avoids human contact and generally is just antisocial as all get out. Sure there's the stray woman here and there that he can forget himself in, but the high never lasts long.

Then he finds out he's Force Sensitive because reasons I won't explain here. Now he's even more angry and just pissed off at the galaxy. He was, for the longest time, Force Dead. That was who he was. That's what he identified with, and now it's gone. So now he just hates everyone.

But he doesn't want to use that hate for the wrong reasons, because despite his issues he's still inherently someone who wants to do right by those around him. So he joins the Jedi, and that's where he is now.

So that's what's different about Sarge.

He's crazy now.
I started writing Betna a while ago, I think two years maybe, back on Descension when it was on Yuku. I started to write him like I do here, very grim dark, loner, stoic, silent type with a sniper rifle and the high standards of training on how to use it. Well, things went sour there OOC'ly. He started out as an Imperial and was hired as an "adviser" and sent to cripple an enemy cruiser. Well, the thread died and I swapped sides, opting to hire on to the "good guys". I helped them out a bit, stole data from Mon Cal, and even helped to sack Taris, claiming the title of Mand'alor afterwards. Soon enough, the faction's core had issues with the way the site was run and bailed. I'd made friends with them OOC'ly and disliked how the board was run (like a high school clique) and left. Bounced about a wee bit doing the generic stuff then found Millenium.

Did the same thing there, though by then I'd had to alter Betna from the grimdark loner to a more amiable leader type character, just to survive on Descension and any transitions OOC'ly. Posted there a bit, but RL stuff kicked my tail and I wasn't too active. Got everything sorted but by the time I got active again, the board was more or less dead, so I left.

Yet again, bounced around trying to find ways to write Betna the way he should be and I was eventually convinced by a buddy of mine to got to the Gungan Council. I set up shop there as a freelance merc with the Underworld and Betna started to make a name for himself. Took out contracts, hired on, built himself up, etc. etc. Made a bunch of friends along the way and even single handedly blew up the Jedi temple on Yinchorr. All sorts of fun.

I signed on with the Federation there afterwards, which was where Mandalore was. Helped them get active OOC'ly and ramped up Betna IC'ly. Ran a thread where he found his land held the largest beskar vein ever recorded. Bought up the land, founded a mining company with another PC to both mine the ore and manufacture it, and then raked in the credits. Used the money to purchase the controlling stock in MandalMotors on the Council and then expanded to buy out Mandal Hypernautics, turning Betna into one of the richest PCs on the board IC'ly. Betna pushed Mandalorian politics and production, increased OOC activity, and put Mandalore back on the map where it belonged. He even started to expand Federation territory by leading occupation threads and used his companies to expand, update, and improve the Mandalorian military and navy.

He's still there, I still RP him, though I'm not as active as I should be. OOC'ly, I'm still over there because I moderate for the Federation and I have many friends there. IC'ly, I've put a lot of time and effort there for him and I don't want him to lose it, honestly.

I brought Betna here because I disliked how things were run OOC'ly at the Council, primarily with the Witches of Dathomir, but that's a story for a different time. Suffice to say, it was nigh exactly like Descension.

Here, I'm returning to Betna's roots. Grimdark, loner, taciturn. Excellent Sniper and a master at specialized warfare/guerrilla tactics. So far, he's doing well. That is, aside from having a building fall on him. That sucked, but he's still upright so all's good. I have a few other characters on here that I've transferred from the Gungan council, but I'll probably post them here much later once I'm less busy XD
So this is back.

Onyx is the only character I ever played on the board. I tried to play others but it was too hard, especially since Onyx is a character I'm closely connected to. So yea. Onyx started, officially, a few years ago on another RP site, which no longer exists. His origin story has always been the same. He was always a rebellious teenager who kills his father and joins The Sith Order. On this board Onyx's story, when compared to his original state on the other site, has drastically changed.

Onyx was a loner for a good time he was here. Of course he had friends (Darren Shaw, Vault, and Spencer Jacobs to name a few) but he was all self taught. In my original story Onyx was always a apprentice. He never reached Knight rank. On the board he did after awhile. Another major thing that changed was his view of the Empire. Onyx is a character that is 50% based off me and my personality while the other 50% is based off Revan. So his views start off great and he thinks the Empire is the strongest force in the galaxy. But his views change and he begins to feel he doesn't belong there.

His views drastically change during Clockwork Rebellion. During the event he ended up rescuing a Jedi Padawan and he ended up hating the Empire. Another major change was Serana Onyx, who was created by a friend of mine. Serana and Onyx had their own little story and what not. She was never written into my original character.

Onyx died. And then came back. And died again. And came back in his current state. So yea. Onyx was killed by Kiyala Demont and Darren Shaw on Coruscant. In my original story Onyx was killed by the Emperor when he tried to overthrow him. Everything after this point never existed in my original story.

Onyx came back when Velok tasked him with destroying the Empire. From that point on, Onyx has been bent on destroying them which we can see in The Brothers of Chaos arc featuring Onyx and Darren Shaw.

Onyx died again, or was rather left for dead, when Darren Shaw uses Onyx's ship to crush him. The explosion that followed made everyone believe he was killed. However Onyx was rescued and was rebuilt as a cyborg.

So here we are. Onyx is a cyborg who has returned from hiding to continue his quest of destroying the Empire. You're welcome.