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Faction What Was Hidden, May Now Be Found

The Old Recluse

Unknown, Sector 343

The ones that answered his call were wary, but that would be expected. After all, who would expect to find an old man offering them tea, on an uncharted jungle world, rife with all manner of predator and prey? Cautious though they were, they eased at a bit, even accepting a drink from their tea cups. Looking beyond his own sight, Roman could see that although darkness had touched them at one point or another, they weren't corrupted. Not like the presences from the capital ship, or even from one of the ones nearby. Despite what he considered himself on the surface, Roman still embraced the philosophies of his Order. The knowledge contained by this world was under his protection, and he knew that even if the planet itself did not care who attained it, the Galaxy would.

A light drizzle began to patter down on the group, the first of many drops landing on his forehead, and sliding down his face. "Oh, this won't do." He rose up from his seat, stretching his back a bit, before starting to walk through a subtle path in the treeline. "Your welcome to join me at my home if you'd like to chat more. I make a habit of trying to meet all guests to the planet before they die. Seems like you lot are in good hands, however." Something would sound off in the way he said 'good'. If they would choose to follow, they'd be led by him through the jungle, where the heat and humidity seemed to hug against them like a suit of clothes. It was hot, and very much a miserable feeling. But Roman continued on through it like he hadn't noticed. They'd soon find themselves going up a incline, as if they were climbing a hill. Though the thickness of the trees and their canopies made it hard to tell their elevation.

The sounds of running water would soon become prominent, and the moist earth of the ground would begin to give way to more course and packed gravel paths. Roman would pause, looking back at the group, before holding his hand out, causing the trees in front of them to part, revealing a mountain range they broke through the green of the jungle. In distance, it was easy to make out a multitude of ships of different sizes and classes, half broken and consumed by the flora of the world. The nearest one, however, was perhaps the most interesting. A few hundred meters away, in walking distance, sat the remains of a blockade runner, it's hull dented and bruised, though not yet in as bad a state as some of the other ships. It lie nestled against some kind of outpost, or facility, covered by vines yet not entirely in a state of disrepair. A stream of of water flowed from one of the engines of the ship, dropping off the cliff into a waterfall.

"Ah, here we are. I thought I'd gotten lost."

Attn: Vidalu Na'an Vidalu Na'an , Adelle Bastiel Adelle Bastiel , Sakri Sakri

Vidalu Na'an

Wanderer Lost, Wanderer Found
Na'an had followed the old man in half a daze. Ever since she and Adelle Bastiel had snuck away from the Emperor's ship to come to the planet's surface, she had been feeling...strange. Sharp, but not in a way that made her feel in control. Although that wasn't entirely true, was it? Whatever was going on with her had peaked as soon as she saw the planet, but nothing inside her had felt normal since they left Dantooine. Between Lady Silara, the Emperor, and the persistent sense of being surrounded and watched every moment on Kalidan, it had been growing by inches in her gut, punctuated by moments like...

Well. Not good moments. Not moments Na'an could think about easily. But those moments....well, they'd been intense like this. The only difference between then and now was that now...

Now felt good.

Everything about this hike, from the air on her sweat-soaked skin to the sound of the birds ahead to the feel of the earth under her toes, held the weird hyperreality of a pleasant dream. Her mouth tasted like tea. Her feet never seemed to slip or even stumble. Her legs hadn't felt so light in months. As she followed the old man's route, cresting the upward incline leading into some sort of ridge path, it seemed like in some moments only her hand in Doc's kept her on the ground at all. Whatever they were there for, it had to be something important. Even if he hadn't given them answers yet, whatever he was showing them had to be the start of that, had to hold some kind of answer--

Then the old man parted the trees to reveal the largest ship graveyard she'd ever seen.


The word slipped out of her mouth before she even thought it. She shook her head in disbelief, wiping away the spray from the waterfall so she could see clearly. For a second, she tried to count all the ships she could see, picking out each shape from where the jungle had started to grow over them. But the graveyard stretched out for miles; she had to give up as the range stretched away into the horizon.

And that wasn't even counting the ones she couldn't see. The ones the planet had already claimed.

"This planet...it doesn't even have a name," she said, suddenly dizzy. "It's hidden by a literal space anomaly. There's no reason for anyone to come here except by accident." She reached out for a nearby tree trunk to steady herself. "But there's centuries worth of ships here. And that transport...that's an Imperial model. It's not even a decade old."

She turned back to the old man, her good eye wide. "It's not you bringing people here, is it."

The Old Recluse
"If there was a being that possessed the power to tear ships from the stars and bring them here, I haven't met them in the decade or so I've spent on this world, and I'm not so sure that I'd like to." He continued to walk on, leading them towards the entrance to the facility. The path there was defined, eventually condensing into intentionally placed stones that formed a walkway that led towards it. Small lanterns embedded within them lit up as the group passed over them, providing a better view of the surroundings even as it began to grow late. If they were observant, the woman would notice mosiacs lining the wall of the mountain that they traveled next to, depicting various scenes. A few symbols were even recognizable, such as those often used by entities that were known as republics and empires... and even of light and darkness.

"Oh,and this world definitely has a name. I just haven't ever been able to pronounce it. It's in an old dialect I've never seen or heard before, and I'm quite the studied man." When they neared the entrance, Roman paused for a moment, glancing up at the transport overhead. "Is that who they were? Hmm. I never got the opportunity to ask, before they shot at me. I was brung here a little time before it crashed here. I'd already found this place, and had been studying it. Imagine my surprise when an armed guard and someone bearing a black lightsaber entered it, and threatened me?"

"I'd told them there was no need to fight, but when one them noticed my own lightsaber-" He took it out, activating the blade and revealing a teal colored blade, "-I'll just say that sharing a kettle of tea wasn't going to be an option. They didn't look like any known Sith Order I'd come across in my time as a Knight or Master, and they spoke of an empire I'd never heard of. And I thought that would be the last I heard or saw of anyone like them... until you and your group appeared." He turned towards them, holding his lightsaber up to his face.

"I like to think I've not been on this world so long that I'm no longer a good judge of character, so please, don't prove me wrong." He flicked off his lightsaber. "This world was once home to an ancient Order of Jedi, one that stretches back far into the philosphy's history, that studied and followed the Living Force. They believed strongly in the idea that the Force an organism on a conceptual level, and all beings in the Galaxy were apart of it. They were more scholarly than their counterparts, having few if any combat related techniques, from what I've found. But they were insightful and wise. And so attuned to the Force that it began to effect their surroundings."

"The anomaly, for example, isn't a natural one. It originates with this planet."

ATTN: Vidalu Na'an Vidalu Na'an Adelle Bastiel Adelle Bastiel Sakri Sakri

Adelle Bastiel

The green planet felt alive in a way that Adelle hadn't felt since her time with the order on Felucia. Kalidan practically felt like a tomb comparatively. She let her hands trail over the verdant jungle growth as they walked through, down the hillside into the ship graveyard. The path eased into a walkway paved with stones smoothed by years of erosion, little lights glowing among them. The sky had soft and vibrant hues as the sun set, marred only by the ghost of the Imperial capital ship in stable orbit. Always shadowing them.

She shook thoughts of Kalidan, the emperor, and Silara from her head, brushing her fingers over the large mosaic they now walked past. Some of the patterns she recognized from her Order's old archives. How ancient this place must be, to house an artistic piece of history. A lightsaber snap-hissed. Adelle snapped her attention back to the man, a hand instinctively hovering over the empty place where her own hilt should be. But the man continued speaking of his experiences on this planet and extinguished the blade shortly. Her hand trembled in place and she had to bite her tongue. He should have sensed some of their unease in coming here, or sensed the darkness that shadowed the planet right now. Inhale. Adelle let the planet's energy flow through her and released her tension with her breath.

"What do you suppose happened to them?" she asked at length. "An order with no other records, so attuned as to nearly create a nexus, doesn't simply vanish into thin air."

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The Old Recluse
A knowing smile crossed his face as he looked towards Adelle Bastiel Adelle Bastiel . "That may be exactly why they vanished. There may have been hundreds of orders of the Force in the Galaxy, that may have been known by a dozen names since their existence. Often times, there is little done to distinguish between them, besides the light side and the dark side. To the common person, a Jedi is a Jedi, and a Sith is a Sith. Had I said I was a member of say...", he paused for a moment, thinking, "...the Order of the Silver Jedi. Would you be able to determine if I truly was? Most likely not."

He walked forwards, stepping along the edge of the cliff that dropped into a river below. "I've studied the archives of this order for nearly a decade. Some of it's recordings and text match that of others I've seen, even some from my own. It's likely that their stories were mixed into those of others, creating singular accounts of events that never happened. Like mythologies of the various religions of beings."

"And I believe this nexus, as you called it, exists because they disappeared. The Force is a powerful existence. It provides abilities that most would think impossible... including the ability to defy true death. There have been Jedi in history, who have mastered their understanding of the Force and become so attuned with it, that upon death, their bodies become one with it." He turned back to face them.

"Now imagine an entire group of beings, assembled on an already attuned world, dedicating decades if not centuries to achieving that goal. And succeeding. I'm no scholar or great teacher, I will admit, but I believe from my research that this Order managed to achieve that on a mass scale, and that the aftermath of it created the nexus."

ATTN: Vidalu Na'an Vidalu Na'an Sakri Sakri


Dark Jedi
Sakri was not an individual known for her expressiveness. Truthfully, she was not known very much at all, staying far away from most individuals whenever she could manage it. She kept to herself, she stayed quiet and chose her words carefully, and she followed the current where it took her. When the Speaker revealed the mountain range, and the hundreds of fallen ships it held, her eyes widened and her jaw dropped slightly. She had felt disturbances, an unnatural tinge to the nature of the jungle, but this.. this was not what she had expected to see.

How many had been pulled here before?

How many had fallen here?

Whatever words she might have had were ripped from her by this sight and its implications. The weight of the dead stayed her tongue as the Speaker continued on; but as he spoke, her eyes stayed surveying those ships in view, as if looking for some clue of its former inhabitants. As they walked further in, Sakri splayed the fingers of her hands by her sides, reaching out into the current..

So much death.

She could feel the strange way the tide shifted in this place, twisting and rolling in an unpredictable accord. She could feel the absences, the voids where so many had fallen, and the way the current moved around them. Something awesome and terrible had to have happened here to cause this.. and the Speaker's further dialogue seemed to confirm this. She listened to his tale, one of vanished orders and lost truths; the words he spoke called to her, and she nodded as she processed what was being said. He spoke of the ability to defy death, and the mass usage of said ability leading to this world's graveyard...

Finally, she broke her silence. "How?" He was right; she had heard legends of such abilities, but had always thought them impossible..

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