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Werr Drive Yards

  • Image Source: Self Made (will add in when done)
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Corporation Name: Werr Drive Yards
  • Headquarters: Taris
  • Locations: Main: Orbital yards Flax, Repair yards Taris, Secondary yard Enenpa moon 3
  • Operations: Ship building, vehicle building
  • Parent Corporation: N/A
  • Subsidiaries: Werr Shipping & Security
Werr Drive Yards Was founded in 185bby by Alrin Werr as he and the two allied families raced to make an independent economy from King Alaric. It didn't take long to garner a contract for making Munificent ships, followed by Recusant's then as the clone wars drew closer, Providences. WDY along with Du'thra Engineering & Tel'alith Labs pooling resources they built an orbital ring around Flax to house their operations. The companies mostly import scrap to use instead of destroying their home of Flax. With the end of the Clone Wars WDY reactivated the ships they built using the Tel'alith Labs installed secondary transceiver & brought them back to Taris for repainting and retrofit. These ships make the vast majority of Werr Shipping & Securities ships.

Werr Drive Yards values its independence but also takes contracts carefully to mitigate overall risk. Relying on the two allied families companies allows them all to fly under the radar of the power players. WDY accepts private ship building contracts & sometimes plays a secondary role to Du'thra Engineering when they majority design a ship & use WDY space & resources to manufacture them. This collaboration brought about the construction of Orbital Yards over Enenpa's 3rd Moon, also known as the Du'thra Orbital Yards.

Over the centuries they have done upgrades for better water landings, modularity for construction. The ships like Recusant had some of its weak spots armored, and all have increased its cargo holds for shipping. Their ships were transformed into an efficient pick and choose system that allowed then to assemble custom ships based off the ones in their catalogue cheaper and if not that then faster than else wise.

Aurine Werr was Appointed as CEO after her fathers disappearance nearly four years ago. She served as the CFO and often went on company business with the WS&S on their Munificent's sometimes on another ship. She had been in contact over The Veil network only a few hours before her fathers ships disappearance. She now leads the company's while also running a background search for her dad. If the board didn't appoint her, the Werr family owning a 63% majority would have been sufficient to win any shareholder vote.
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