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We're Still Comin' For Booty


They had fund it. The mysterious Seed that his new allies had been searching for, the supposed cause of all of the dark side, evil energy that plagued the forest around them and had taken over the Ithorian's mind.

Truth be told, his species had not encountered such a strange flora in many, many hundreds of years. His ancestors may have seen such a strange thing before, but he had not been one with his own herd since he was still a Pupa, many years before. Yet somewhere deep inside he felt a familiarity with the Seed. One that he did not identify with; one that he felt incredibly uncomfortable with.

Was this the Fore?

The Ithorian's deep dialect rumbled from his throat as he looked upon it, before he looked to those around him; his new allies, complete strangers to him, and he realised that they could be the galaxy's only hope of preventing this seed from spreading throughout the galaxy.

"Destruction, upon this thing wrought, can we? Suffering the galaxy, it may bring, if left to continue, spreading."

@Ra'a'mah @Antherion [member="Cedric Grayson"] [member="Bhakt Wemk"] [member="Abraxas"] [member="Varus Shatterstar"]
​After the brief attack of the creatures and the addition of a few more to their party, the rest of the journey was quiet but a bit stressed. The conflicting ideologies buried under the combined objective of securing or cleansing this darkness.

They quickly reached the heart of the corruption and one of the newcomers reached out and ever so gently picked up whatever it was. [member="Cedric Grayson"] had called it a Dread Seed and apparently [member="Antherion"] thought so as well.

Almost before the seed was picked up, Ra had one of her knives out and ready to stop the man from leaving with the seed. Her movements were fast, natural and the sharp point of her blade inches from his side in seconds.

"Don't think about taking that and disappearing with it."

Her voice was firm and in command, a tone none of the others had heard from her before. Her eyes were a sparkling gold in the red light of the heart. Her face half in shadow, the other lighted from outside. It foreshadowed where her path might go and Ra was oblivious to the light touch of the dark on her.

[member="Vishkar"] [member="Bhakt Wemk"]
Cedric, seemingly, was unaffected by the Dread Seed's influence.

He held up a steadying hand toward the group, a metaphorical barrier between the lot of them and the seed itself. His voice was firm and brooked no argument. "I will not have you fighting over some accursed artifact. Stow your weapons Ra." His brow furrowed beneath his mask.

"The seed will remain here for now. We cannot remove it until its influence has been lost over the world, lest we cause even more damage to Irn as a whole. We'll leave it here for now, some of our more educated practitioners of the force will deaden its influence until it is minuet."

His gaze passed from one person to the next.

"Is that clear?"

[member="Bhakt Wemk"], [member="Vishkar"], @Ra'a'mah, [member="Antherion"], [member="Abraxas"]
ʜᴄ sᴠɴᴛ ᴅʀᴀᴄᴏɴᴇs
"Destruction? No, this thing is more than dangerous, it is a precious --" Vesper's reply to the Ithorian was cut off by a knife being oh-so rudely held near him. His face was unchanged, no shift due to an errant flash of anger, but his eyes darkened, the gold in them swirling with uncloaked malignance. Before he could open his mouth for his synthesizer to rasp out any sort of threat, however, it was cut off by the sound of cooler heads prevailing.

He let out a curt sigh that sounded like ball bearings being rattled about in a jar.

"I recommend we take this out of the cavern, at least. It spreads corruption through material media... the best option would be for us to contain it as long as we can, then bring it to the Acerbitas, where we can safely minimize whatever else it might begin to do in a controlled environ. Moreover, Jedi, this device will bring suffering, directly or not, as long as it remains."

The Darth regarded Cedric darkly, a small smile on his face. "Luckily, all of us know that suffering is immaterial next to the greater good, no?"

| [member="Cedric Grayson"] | [member="Vishkar"] | [member="Ra'a'mah"] |
When the protection provided by [member="Cedric Grayson"] went up around the seed, Ra felt its effects start to fade. As if coming out of a dream, Ra realized she had her knife in position to stab @Antherion. Cedric's commanding voice ordered her to put her knives away. While not trusting the Sith, she complied and it disappeared up the sleeve it came from.

Letting out a small growl, she turned on her heal, the gold light in her eyes fading to a muted brown. She all but stalked out of the heart of darkness.

Those around her would feel an aura of anger on her, though she kept it inside.

The words spoken between the sith holding the seed and the Archlord she did not hear.

She walked straight-backed into the clearing, just giving her companions hard looks. The kind that said, "stay away from me or I might bite."


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