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So The Call and the Dark Forge Thread have been wiped clean. But it's alright. Lets for now assume that Call has ended and the following has occurred:

-You have all joined the Lords of Shadows
-You have taken the Blood Oath [Which is literally pouring some of your blood into the dark forge, as a result all our souls are bound and we can track each other whenever- i.e. its a Blood-Trail Curse]
-Have all agreed to keep the location of Aza'Zoth a secret. From anyone.

As for the Dark Forge, Jon says its ok to just use it. So I am. I have to re-post Aza'Zoth and Eye of Flames Nebula planet submissions, but its alright because I wanted to create a more in-depth guide to the many areas of Aza'Zoth and now I have my chance.

I would just like to know if you are all still aboard for the Tormentor Ship Project.

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