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Well, this was bound to happen eventually


Man No More
Well folks, I'm retiring (NOT THE CHAR, WE STILL NEED A CLONE ARMY OF ME…imeanwat) from my position as RSFU commander to accept a new position a secretary of the military. This is to take some pressure off some of our seriously stressed SC and to give people someone to complain to when the military does something wrong besides the SC. So yeah.
Silver Guardian
Darn it! You could always make a trooper too Cody if you do :)

I like the idea though, someone should promote you to general though instead for the exact same result ;)
@[member="Cody Jorin"]


Man No More
@[member="Kei Amadis"] Maybe someday, but we aren't at war yet, but when we are, I'll be blasters drawn.

@[member="Kolyat Victus"] As do I senator.
Well, a new Supreme Chancellor could create the position of Chief Commander of the Armed Forces. Or, you could stay as Secretary of the Army/Navy/whatever.
Secretary of Defense works as well. Or something. It just seems as if you want your character to take on more of a General-like aspect of things than do gruntwork.