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Welcome to the New Age

Arakyd Industrial Complex

Tough times were being had by all.

There were very few who did not know his name - that of the late Warmaster. As the story went, he was a Mand'alor to some and a heretic to others. Yet, instead of tearing his people apart over the title, he relinquished it in the name of peace. Then, for the remainder of his days, he served as the second Warmaster: a hero to the people. He carried the title well, and in his death cemented a positive sentiment. Isley was a man who sacrificed himself so that his clan could live. Isley was a man who did what he could to better the Mandalorian people. Yet, Isley was also a man who left a lot behind. And that is what brought the Ma'alkerrite to Vorzyd.

In the months following his passing, the corporation he lifted from the dirt had fallen on difficult times. His will demanded that his heiress, [member="Deneve Verd"], inherit the mantle of CEO, but there was not an immediate transition. How could there be? It didn't matter if one was a savvy businesswoman or a warrioress - to fill the void left by one's sire alone was a daunting task. To do so whilst mourning? Nigh impossible. Thus, for many months had Arakyd Industries operated without a public face to rally behind. Thus had the corporation's noteriety wane ever so slightly. Thus had things been...until the heiress emerged.

Seemingly overnight she took charge.

Seemingly overnight, the possibility for new clientes became a reality.

For Malok, there was a degree of personal disgust within himself. As he stepped within the corporate elevator which bore him skyward, the Behemoth debated whether his presence today was ethical. ApeX was now among the first companies to reach out to Arakyd in the wake of Isley's of the first to set an appointment when the news of Deneve's ascension went public. Thus...Malok felt dirty. Was he capitalising on the presumed inexperience of the heiress? Was he capitalising on the state of the company? He sure as chit thought he was...and that didn't sit right with him.

But what wouldn't sit right all the more was hungry men.

The elevator doors slid open.

"Ms. Verd will see you now."

[member="Deneve Verd"]
Her time for mourning had come and gone. Now was the time for ascension, the time to take up the mantel of both CEO and Alor.
It was time to be the woman she was born and raised to be.

It was strange being in her late father's position of power within the company and Verd Clan. It was strange having the typical corporate types scurrying about like chickens whom had lost their heads when ever she asked for something.

This would take some getting used to. One thing was for sure though, if anyone thought they would get something over on her then they in fact were in for a very rude awakening. Deneve Verd grew up watching her father act the part of CEO of his company, she grew up learning the ins and outs of the business. These people might not remember it but she knew what to expect from who and how to get things done. She had learned from the best after all.

Seated within a chair in the middle of her office , the woman would occupy herself reading over various reports and scanning various catalogued data. It was only when her secretary announced that her appointment had arrived. Standing slowly, she would reach down and smooth the fabric of her pencil skirt she had donned for the corporate occasion and make her way towards the lobby.

The sight that met her was one she had grown to expect when working with her father. Striding forward with the confidence of one comfortable with their position of power, she would stop but a few feet from her appointment and extend her hand.

"Greetings Commander Malok, I trust your journey was well?"

Immediately following a few moments' wait was the arrival of [member="Deneve Verd"].

And, at a glance, it seemed as though the Ma'alkerrite's conscious could relax. The woman before him did not seem to be wet-behind-the-ears by any stretch of the imagination...or at least, she did not present herself as a novice. Her attire matched that of the corporate world: pressed, proper, perfect. What's more, the manner in which she greeted Malok fit all the same. Now, most would have been intimidated by the sight of a Behemoth like the ApeX Commander; but there was no hesitation with her greeting. In one, fluid movement she extended her hand whilst her professional tone greeted him.

That caused the Behemoth to smile.

He reached out and essentially devoured her hand within his mammoth grasp. However, his touch was light - a fact he had practiced over the course of many wounded recipients - and a brief shake was rendered. He then released her hand and stood tall, regarding the woman with a light nod. "My journey was excellent, Ms. Verd." he began. "I sincerely thank you for meeting with me." With that said, he awaited her lead; for it would be rude to simply walk into one's office.
A non committal sound was made at the male's response to her question as she pivoted and lead the way towards her office. True to her nature as her father's heir she had done some digging into her appointment ahead of time and had procured a seat capable of offering him a comfortable sit. Moving into the room with fluid grace, she would move to lower herself into her chair her eyes locked onto his form for but a few moments before she began speaking.

"I'll get right to the point. There is no need to tally over pleasantries. You sought me out with a goal in mind. Let's hear from your mouth what it is that Arakyd Industies can do for you." Blunt and straight to the point was one thing that she had going for her when it came down to business.

She is her father's child.

It didn't take a lot of research to know that the sire of [member="Deneve Verd"], former CEO of Arakyd Industries, was a blunt man. Simply keying in the name of the corporation pulled up reviews by various Vorzyd business publications. He was blunt, supposedly arrogant, made deals with Light and Dark alike...and got chit done. Now, Malok had the distinct pleasure of following after his successors; and thus far it seemed as though the company had found themselves the right successor. As the Behemoth eased himself into the seat, which was thankfully tailored to his size, the woman opened the negotiations.

Blunt as could be.

"My goal is simple. As you are aware, ApeX has grown over the past several months. Our operations have expanded exponentially - and Security work has become a forte. It is my desire to extend this newfound strength to Arakyd Industries. Allow us to protect your vital holdings with our very lives."

Verds weren't the only ones who could get down to the point.

[member="Deneve Verd"]
The slight twitching of her lips was the only tell tale sign that she was pleased by his words. Leaning forward, she would open up a folder that had various papers settled within only to skim them before once more glancing at him and studying him silently. Pursing her lips, it was soon become that she found what ever it had been that she was searching for.

Leaning forward, she would then begin speaking to him.

"Thinking over your offer. I find it acceptable. As well as a salary, I am willing to throw in an employee discount for all of Arakyd Industies products."

The Ma'alkerrite blinked.

In truth, Malok was under the impression that he would have had to plead his case to the heiress. However, it seemed...easy. Assuming that the Behemoth's initial impression was correct, Malok surmised that the CEO had done research beforehand. Extensively. A barebones glance at one's portfolio rarely was the factor in offering a stable position...yet dedicated research was. Whatever the case may be, Malok clasped his hands together with a grin forming on his face.

"You have my sincerest thanks, Ms. Verd." he began, biting back his excitement. "I will need a list of your most vital locales so that I might assign teams immediately. We will work with your personnel of course and will defer to inhouse chains of command rather than imposing our presence over your subordinates."

[member="Deneve Verd"]


Tempestuous Pyre
Loud impatient knocking would soon be heard before the door was pushed open and a currier rushed into the room. Swift footfalls brought the seemingly scared man right up to both parties present. Shaking hands extended out to place a box and note upon the table [member="Deneve Verd"] and [member="Malok"] sat at.

Written in scrawling script and sealed with a house Verd seal was a letter from her younger Mór-ríoghain.

"It is with a heavy heart that I gift this to you sister of mine. I didn't realize the significance of the gift given to me. I leave the Dark Saber father left to me to you. I cannot do it justice but I know you can."

Once the package was delivered the man would give a apologetic bow then scurry from the room.
She would start to speak only to be interrupted by the currier. Glancing at the retreating form, she would reach out and pick up the note, scanning it quickly before returning her attention to the massive mountain of a man seated across from her. Another folder was picked up from the top of her desk; this one considerably thicker than the previous one.

"I have the perfect plot of land located on Geonosis if you are interested that is.." As she spoke her hand would absently brush over the surface of the box recently delivered into her care.


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