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Welcome to Ession, Youngling...

[member="Natalia Kess"] would be arriving today. Another youngling to join the Order here on Ession. Awaiting her was the Bith Master Dune Rhur. A pleasant enough day for her landing on the main platform.

It was important that each new being here felt their importance. Especially students who were the future of the Dominion's Order of Jedi. He felt excited as he thought of all the possibilities for her. She truly could be anything.

Ession was a more pleasant place to be as compared to Eol Sha. Yet Dune thought it still lacked the soul of Dantooine or Ossus. The Living Force was lacking here. He reflected on this as he looked on the near distance.

Tall spires with factories and foundries. Droids and turbolifts and all sorts of automation. Beings to and from their shifts like clockwork. He realized that he'd grown so much from his roots on the domed cities of Clak'dor VII.
Natalia would sit in the shuttle that was bringing her to the planet, she would remain quiet, that was very hard for her to do. She would contemplate on the events of the last week, receiving the invitation to receive training from the Dominion Jedi order, her parents telling her to think on it. She was reluctant to do it for she would miss her family a lot and most of all her twin sister, she had been with her since birth, they were practically joined at the hip. Eventually the young girl would decide to do it. She would have packed minimal clothes along with her duel conjoining lightsabers and head out

As they landed on the platform she would slowly make her way out of the shuttle taking in the sights

[member="Dune Rhur"]
Dune waited for the shuttle to land and the young human to disembark before he cross the distance. He smiled at the little girl as she took in the sights of Ession's Jedi Temple. A being's first time at such a place could be overwhelming. Certainly an event you'd never forget.

"Welcome to Ession, [member="Natalia Kess"]," he greeted her warmly "I am Master Dune Rhur. I will guide you around the Temple this morning."

He gestured back towards the side entrance off the platform. Through which laid her future as a Jedi. Every arrival always marked a great occasion. Each one who came here had tremendous potential.

"Please follow me."
As Natalia saw the man standing there she would smile her single dimpled smile as she made her way towards him she would listen to his greeting and follow him off of the landing platform

[member="Dune Rhur"]
It was off through the Temple for the grand tour. First on the list of things to see was the main entry hall. A quick walk down a side passage brought them out into the grand space. It was an open place with plinths bearing busts of great Jedi past.

"Beneath each bust is bronzium plaque recounting the life of each Jedi and their service to the Order," Dune told her as they walked past.

"Maybe you should come and read them, Natalia," he told her with a conspiratorial whisper "When you have a little time."

It was important that every student know the story of the Jedi. You had to know where you came from to know where you were going.

[member="Natalia Kess"]

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