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We Who Are About to Die Would Rather Kill You (CIS Mission)

Ginnie Dib

Rise and Rise Again
The Geonosians have always appreciated a good gladiatorial fight. The gladiators, on the other hand, not so much. In what can only be described as a ballsy move, gladiators initiated a riot and took control of the Po'tek Arena. To make matters worse, they've also taken the Archduke of Geonosis, Ringuth the Small, hostage. Resolve the situation as you see fit, but do take care to make sure Ringuth survives this escapade.

A petite pink blur flashed through the Geonosian hive lanes. She'd heard it when she was playing in Isley's office, a mission to go and save the Archduke of Geonosis who was surrounded by Gladiators running amok. Flitting from tunnel to tunnel, the tiny child upped the filter on her augmented audio circuitry to pick up footsteps and other such movements, hoping to sneak her way through the majority of the main hive to the Po'tek Arena. It didn't help that she'd already lost track of @[member="Darth Avara"], and short of whispering his name it hadn't occurred to her to check her HUD messages.

So far, she'd been well hidden, yet for how long? The little Mando unsheathed her Kal dagger, hearing what she thought was footsteps. Creeping along the wall, she sucked in her breath and waited for the footsteps to get closer. Flicking her HUD sensors to infra-red, she stuttered out a grunt. The footsteps were, in fact, there. But so was a flying Geonosian. Their heads flickered over to her, Ginnie sprang at the first man, slicing her dagger into his throat and throwing the knife into the flying Geonosian. He spastically flumped to the ground, grabbing his neck and Ginnie was on him.

It didn't take long to hide them and clean her dagger. Quietly, the girl continued to the centre of the gladiatorial ring.