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We Are But Common Folk


Fire Queen
United Siskeen Coalition. That was a new one for Kay to have found on the holonet. Since the seperation of her exiled husband and herself, she had spent a lot of her time in her office and busying herself with whatever work she could find. Yes, she still delegated to her Ministers and staff, bit she took on more projects as well.

There was much to do these days. Rumours were spreading about many of the major political powers out there and most of it was that they were failing. Hopefully her own government won't follow suit or become targeted merely for the fact of being there.

That was where building strong alliances fit in with her plans.

Without further ado, Kay wrote up a quick message to the Viceroy of the USC and sent it out:

~Greetings Vicery,

I hope that this message finds you well. I am Lady Kay, High Queen of the Commenor Systems Alliance. I am cordially inviting you and members of your staff for a meeting at my Palace in Chasin City on Commenor. You're feee to bring whatever guards you wish, however I ask that all weapons be safely secured. We are not a warring nation, however the Palace is my home and I don't want to be made to feel unsafe within it's walls.

I believe that we both can benefit from this meeting. So please let me know if you are at all interested.

Lady Kay
High Queen of the Commenor Systems Alliance~
Viceroy of Siskeen
He stood in the Governor's Palace on Olanet looking over the balcony that spanned the entire third floor of the building. The evening sun winked as it filtered through the trees on it's descent heralding the coming night. A cool breeze swept across the balcony ruffling his hair slightly as he heard the grumble coming behind him. Concealing his smirk he turned to see the other man straddling a chair backwards as he read the recent communique from the High Queen of the Commenor Systems then gave his thoughts to Derek.

"But why do I have to go? You're the Viceroy. Leave me out of it. This smells like tea time, and I don't drink tea. The nobles of Atrisia are all about tea. Turn it a quarter clockwise before picking it up and you said you find their clothes appealing, quarter counter clockwise and you just said you find their mom appealing. I'd rather just drink some liquor then show them what I mean."

Muad Dib, Mad Master, Mando, Darksider, Alor of Clan Farr, head of House Dib, warrior, insane .... The man had so many monikers it was ridiculous. But he had another.


The two were like night and day, and yet they always had one another's back. Derek sought balance and control while Muad sought passion and living in the moment. They were completely different. Yet they were blood and men of responsibility. Derek shook his head and offered his retort.

"This has nothing to do with the Confederacy or me being Viceroy. This is about Siskeen and our system, our home, our people. As Governor I am going. I want you to join me. You are Commander of our forces if need arises. You own Aegis and can speak to potential contracts that could help our people and her people. You are my brother, my most trusted advisor."

Muad grumbled again and headed inside, shouting over his shoulder.

"Fine, but ever call me those things again and I'll toss you over that balcony, big brother or not."

Turning away from where Muad had departed, Derek barely managed to keep back a chortle of laughter. Muad was something else, but there would be no one else he'd want to stand beside ... In any scenario.

Heading in he went to the office and sat behind the desk. Looking at the original message for several minutes he finally leaned forward and began to write a return message.

Greetings [member="Lady Kay"],
Your correspondence finds me in good health and I thank you for your kind words. Your proposition to a meeting is well received and appreciated. I do find that a sit down between our peoples' representatives can prove beneficial to our individual worlds and potentially a friendship that can offer each a modicum of security in certain aspects of our governments.

I will endeavor to leave two days after this message and will arrive in CSA space promptly. In accordance to your wishes I will limit my retinue to myself and two others. To continue in the spirit of your request our capital ship will remain on the outskirts of your system and we will take a shuttle to the surface. May you find yourself in health and prosperity.
‎Derek Dib
‎Governor of the United Siskeen Coalition
‎Viceroy of Siskeen

Sending the message he went to his room to ready for the next day. Two days later the brothers were enroute to the Commenor System to meet with a Queen.


Fire Queen
Two days.

That time came and went so quickly. The Royal Palace was prepared for the arrival of [member="Derek Dib"] and his small entourage. Thankfully it was a small one, which meant that she could have the meeting in her office. That was far more comfortable than some meeting room.

Kay had her office prepared. Sapir tea was brewing, but there was also Commenori brandy on hand, as well as water and savoury treats. A proper meal was being prepared in the kitchens for later on.

In the meantime, she waited at her Palace's landing pad for the shuttle to arrive. Uniformed guards stood nearby. For now she kept the rest of her staff out of this meeting. They could come later should this portion prove to be successful. Her Force Signature was shrunk down to that of a small tree nut, for it was still one of her closely guarded secrets.

Being a Force User and a ruler of what could be described as an Empire, wasn't something that created trust among strangers. Usually it brewed anger and resentment.

Everyone remembers Palpatine and what he had done....
Viceroy of Siskeen
The trip had been uneventful. Muad was still playing the guilt card for having to go to a meeting between governments, so the entire trip he had played a game of "I spy". Slowly shaking his head, Derek unbuckled from his seat as the shuttle extended their landing gear and settled onto the palace landing pad they had been cleared for.

Passing Lucian, Derek felt his lips quirk in a smile as his Captain of the guard glanced down at the pistol in his shoulder holster. Whether he meant to shoot Muad, or themselves, either way it was amusing. As the landing ramp lowered, Derek heard Muad talk to Lucian.

"I was wondering if you were going to pull the emergency hatch halfway here. Explosive decompression can't possibly be better them my game. Just wait til we head back. I'm going to play the "Why" game."

Lucian groaned and Muad laughed. Shaking his head, Derek straightened his jacket and stepped down the ramp to the pad and turned to where the [member="Lady Kay"] stood, several guards nearby. Approaching slowly he allowed the guards to scan him from a distance, as surely they would if their roles were reversed and Lady Kay was visiting Siskeen.

Pausing a few meters away from the Queen he bowed deeply for a moment before straightening. The slight tint of crimson eyes complemented the red stained tie on charcoal grey shirt. Lightly he ran his hand down the front of the obsidian suit jacket.

"It is a pleasure Queen Kay. I am Governor Derek Dib of the United Siskeen Coalition. This is my brother Muad Dib, and the Captain of my Guard, Lucian."

Behind Derek the captain have a deep bow, yet stayed near the ship. He refused to surrender his weapons so Derek had told him he would be staying with the ship. Lucian wasn't thrilled at the prospect, but would follow his orders.

Muad on the other hand had moved to Derek's side, thumbs hooked into his empty belt, and glowing blue eyes staring openly at the guards, a slight smirk on his face. While he was not wearing any weapons, the predatory gleam written upon Muad's face spoke that perhaps, he didn't need one. While Derek had worn a suit, Muad had gone with more typical attire for himself. Dark brown trousers and a long sleeved tan tunic. The sleeves were rolled up his forearms to reveal the blue sith runes that ran from his left elbow to the knuckles of his hand.


Fire Queen
Kay straightened herself up the shuttle landed, the wind created by the updraft causing strands of her hair to move in front of her face and cause the layers of fabric that made up her blue gown to billow around her. As the ramp lowered, she tucked her hair behind her ears.

[member="Derek Dib"] was the first to step out. She noted his suit and....were his eyes red? After he bowed and introduced himself and those that travelled with him, Kay stepped towards them, closing the gap between them and bowing her head. "Welcome to Commenor." She held out her hand for Derek to take. "Lovely to meet you, Governor." She then started to hold out her hand for Muad to take, but stopped partway. It wasn't the look in his eyes or the smirk on his face while he looked to her guards that gave her pause. On the contrary, it was the Sith runes carved onto his skin. Her jaw clenched while a chill ran down her spine, while her free hand went up to rub the back of her neck and along her clavicle.

Did time slow down? In her mind it had.

Kay cleared her throat as she regained her composure. "Won't you gentleman come inside? I have tea and brandy waiting, as well as a bit to eat if you're hungry. This way." She turned on her heel and began heading to the Palace foyer, keeping her pace slow until the two were more or less beside her. "So what is it like in your corner of the Galaxy? I don't get to venture out so often anymore." That was more of a safety thing brought about by her staff than anything else.

Muad Dib

Paragon of Virtue
His eyes flickered back to [member="Lady Kay"] as she returned Derek's bow and moved forward to shake hands with him. Trying not to roll his eyes over the propositioning requirements of the lofty stations he glanced once more to the guards who stood at the ready. Behind him he felt Lucian standing at the ready as well, straight as a rod. Turning his eyes back to the Queen as she began to reach out a hand to him, she paused minutely before hand went to her neck.

He let out a low chuckle. She had her eyes upon his runes. The slight flex of her jaw was the only crack in her composure, yet it was enough for Muad to catch. A low chuckle exited his mouth. Sith runes from a man with a reputation of being Mad. It wasn't difficult to see the problem his presence caused. And it wasn't the first time he had met such reservations. In fact when he had first become mando'ad he had joined with his vode to a meeting with the Silver Jedi as potential allies. He had left behind his Sith ties quite some time before that, before arriving in this dimension, yet every member of the order had met him with hate, anger, and a desire to take arms against him. Except for [member="Coci Heavenshield"] . And then, just as now, prejudices would be won over with time it would seem.

As the two men went to either side of the queen as she led the way into the palace foyer, her pace slowed until they caught up. Muad turned his head at the brushing of his brother's mind upon his. Glowing blue eyes met the slight tinted red of Derek's, the flashing warning making Muad grin even wider. Derek turned his head to speak to the queen.

"Thank you for your hospitality your highness. Tea sounds splendid. On our side of the Galaxy things are ... Strained. On one side we have the threat of war with the Galactic Empire, on the other a tentative alliance with the Outer Rim Coalition. And the internal politics of the Confederacy are stable, yet always changing."

Before Derek could continue Muad let out a loud laugh, amusement coloring his features. Derek cast Muad a side long glance yet Muad continued with shaking his head slightly before interjecting his own opinion into the conversation.

"My brother speaks to eloquently. Politics and responsibility has tempered his silver tongue. In fact what he says is true, but the reality is our corner is more complicated then how he puts it. The Confederacy is a nation of war. And they have many opportunities for it. The CIS has allies ... Though that seems to be in flux most days."

Derek looked at him again with a mixture of exasperation before speaking once more.

"My brother is a little less ... tactful with his words. Though the truth of his statements cannot be denied. Which is why we are here today, not on behalf of the Confederacy but for my system of Siskeen. While we are a part of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, we have full autonomy. As long as we follow the rule of no slavery, and pay taxes, what we do is our own business."

Muad shook his head slightly with mirth before looking at the queen.

"Siskeen stands by our word. But what of Commenor? How is it here in your piece of space? And how is the King?"

Derek almost hissed at the last statement. Muad however was curious. The story of the King had been told through the galaxy and he was curious to hear more of the CSA and the workings of this government. While Derek would have been more diplomatic, Muad let his curiosity lead his tongue.


Fire Queen
Kay tried to keep her focus to the present instead of her memories. She kept telling herself that the burning sensation of the runes being cut into her flesh again was only her imagination; old memories of her abduction and captivity haunting her.

The words of [member="Derek Dib"] helped her to regain her focus. And for that she was thankful. Although politics was crazy, it was a crazy that she knew how to handle. Shifting alliances, nations at the brink of war or involved in it themselves, that was pretty common these days.

Except for here.

And in that she had a sense of pride.

Kay looked to each brother as they spoke, leading them down the hallway to her office door, the uniformed guards trailing behind enough to give them some personal space. As her hand touched the door handle, Muad asked about Veiere. She paused for a moment before opening the door. Just how far did word spread about that? "Let's have some tea, shall we?"

She opened the door and stepped inside, heading over to the side table where the tea, brandy, water and cups sat. Tea was her addiction. It gave her comfort when there was no comfort to be found. For the moment the two were ignored as she poured a cup for herself and took a greatful sip. As the warm liquid ran down her throat, her body relaxed more, the soothing affects already working.

Kay poured a tea for Derek and handed it to him. Unsure of what Muad wanted to drink, she instead chose to answer his questions. "Veiere is no longer King. He denounced his crown weeks before he did what he did. Now he's exiled and is who knows where. I don't expect that he'll ever return..." Much to her dismay. But the two have had to seperate for the good of their people. She couldn't hold him above the law. "Here on Commenor and in our space, things are continuing to go well. We are a sanctuary from war, and a large hub for trade. We have no enemies. At least none that we are aware of."
Viceroy of Siskeen
As [member="Lady Kay"] paused at the door Derek let out a sigh. His brother lacked tact. Not for the first time he questioned why he had brought him, but he knew the reasons. Following the queen into the office he made his way to one of the chairs in front of the desk, Muad wandering the office looking around. Turning to the queen he took the offered cup with a nod of his head.

"Thank you Lady Kay, please call me Derek. And take my sincere, heartfelt sympathies for your personal loss, and the affect it has upon your nation."

Waiting to sit until the queen did, Derek caught Muad moving to the table to pour a brandy from the corner of his eyes. Taking a small sip from the cup he closed his eyes for a moment to savor the taste before nodding once more.

"Exquisite. My compliments to wherever you get the tea. I may need to request a shipment with whatever deals we may make this day."

Muad tossed back the first glass of brandy, his back still turned to the queen and Derek, before pouring a second glass and moving to the other chair to have a seat. Slipping into his own chair, Derek arched an eyebrow.

"The old saying goes, if you want peace prepare for war. While that is a slippery slope, the wisdom inherent in the saying is no less valid. Just because you are not aware a threat exists, that does not mean it's shadow does not loom."

Taking another drink of the tea he glanced over to see Muad watching the queen silently. His brother lightly swirled the amber brandy slowly in one hand. Derek was never entirely sure what was going on behind those glowing eyes. Turning back to the queen he folded his left leg over the other knee and leaned back into the chair.

"War, darkness, loss ... These things come to all in time. Nothing is immune. Yet that is not the reason of our visit, now is it Lady Kay? Death and war are inevitable, part of the cycle of life that sentient beings have created. But I prefer to focus on life. For myself, for my people. Live in the present and plan for the future. You spoke of trade and peace. Tell me, queen, what do you want for your people? What do you want from us?"

Muad grunted slightly, agreeing with the straight forwardness yet diplomatic way Derek had posed the question.


Fire Queen
Kay nodded as [member="Derek Dib"] gave her his sympathy for what had happened to Veiere. In truth, she had suffered far more than her people. If she had it her way, she'd have him home with her. But instead she was forced to live without him, and wasn't even allowed to know where he was. All for the good of the people. But the law was the law. "Thank you..."

She glanced over to Maud as he started on the brandy, not surprised that it was his drink of choice. Yet she didn't know him to be correct in her assumptions. There was something off about him, but she wasn't quite sure of what that was. Regardless, she wasn't going to hold it against him.

Kay sat herself down on one of her comfy chairs instead of at her desk. She wanted to be on equal footing with these two. Her feet were tucked underneath and her cup was rested on her lap in between her hands. "It's Sapir tea from Bakura. We have a trade agreement with the First Order, so we get regular shipmemts. I can let you take some home with you if you'd like." Where they sat with the First Order, she didn't know.

Prepare for war. Oh yes, that is what they've done in some respects. Evacuation plans were already firmly cemented and well practiced; their military, weapons and fleets grew nearly every day, mostly to protect the trade shipments moving along their routes. But they had to be ready, just in case one of their allies or someone new had decided to attack them.

She sipped her tea as she thought about her answer, noticing that Muad was watching her, yet trying to pretend that she didn't. Kay wasn't afraid of the man, just unsure of him. Her anxiety was probably all for nothing. "Well as always, we suggest a non-aggression pact, although there aren't many that are comfortable with that. And of course a trade agreement. Our shipping lanes are quite safe and the amount of goods that we receive and send out is very vast. If you have some blockade against you by another, we can provide ways of helping you to work around it, and all through perfectly legal means."
Viceroy of Siskeen
Derek was somewhat surprised when the queen chose the comfort of a chair rather the the position behind the desk. It changed the setting and ambiance of the meeting. Most leaders would have chosen the position of authority. The simple act spoke to the woman's character. Either she was deviously trying to lull them into a false sense of security, or she truly was just trying to relax and be comfortable amidst potential allies.

[member="Lady Kay"] explained where the tea originated and how she got it which made him lean deeper into the cushions, his mind trying to wrap around what exactly the relationship was between the First Order and the Commenor Systems truly was. Yet he had no real Intel on the first order, just rumor and reports colored by personal opinion. Another thing to contemplate.

"I would appreciate that greatly Lady Kay."

He took another sip of the tea as he glanced over at his brother. Muad was quiet, listening to the exchange silently with those odd glowing eyes fixed on the queen. Turning his attention back to the woman he continued to listen to her explanation of what she was seeking. When she finished he took another sip, gathering his thoughts as he resettled into the chair.

"A non aggression pact would be acceptable. As well as a trade agreement. But, I was perhaps thinking of something more. But before I broach the subject, let us lay out cards on the table, so to speak."

He took another sip of the tea.

"The Confederacy is allied with the ORC. Unfortunately recent events have seen the fall of two great democracies, being the Free World Coalition and the Galactic Alliance. The only remaining ally the Confederacy has is the Silver Jedi. And the one active enemy the Confederacy currently has is the Galactic Empire. And while the Confederacy is vast, it has grown very self reliant despite not having open relations between the Independent systems."

"Now from what I've seen Commenor is near several other governments. The SJO, the GE, the ME, and the CIS. What are your relationships with these governments? What promises of safety and safe conduct do you have. If you are at liberty to comment on such things that is."


Fire Queen
Kay nodded, making a mental note to herself that [member="Derek Dib"] wanted some tea to take home with him. Of course she'd have other things for him as well. Most of her guests that were also Heads of State were often given a wooden chest containing unpolished chrysopaz gemstones, fine fabrics and Commenori brandy. Now she'll be sure that there is tea as well.

Speaking of tea, Kay took another sip of hers, listening as Derek informed her that he was looking for more than what she had started them off with. She raised a brow as he spoke of the CIS' dwindling allies. Her knowledge of the goings on outside of her system needed some improvement. But she wasn't about to start sending spies out everywhere. Instead ot was through these types of meetings that she gained some of her intelligence about other governments.

She glanced over to Muad, guessing that perhaps the man was studying her for the purpose of gauging whether or not she was being truthful. There was no easier book to read than Kay's face, so she made it a habit to never lie. That wasn't very common for a politician, but it got her this far. Hiding her Force Sensitivity was different. It wasn't as though people just outright asked her about it. So when it came to Derek asking her about the CSA's relationships with other governments, Kay didn't hesitate to answer. "Our closest ties are with the ME and the GE. Both have done well for us without asking for anything in turn outside of our trade agreements and pacts of non-aggression. As for the SJO, our relationship is a little rocky. There is some tension as we didn't agree to all of their demands during negotiations. It hasn't escalated to violence, mind you, but I wouldn't put it past them to attack us in the future. As for the CIS, ORC and GA, they have mostly just left us alone. We are not as big as they are, and we are not looking to fight, so we have nothing that they want or need." That was her guess anyways. Even in large interfaction meetings, her voice was hardly ever heard or even bothered with.