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Wanted | Rebel Scum

Lord of Eternal Conflict
Name of Bounty | Active affiliates of Rebel/Resistance movements attempting to undermine the authority and reign of the Sith Empire.
Name of Contractor | General Kor Vexen of the Imperial Legion, The Sith Empire
Bounty Price | Compensation will vary for the task performed
  • Information resulting in the capture of an operative or official within the Rebel/Resistance group ~50,000 Credits
  • Death of an operative/ranking individual ~75,000 Credits
  • Live Capture of a high ranking individual [PC] ~100,000 Credits
  • Identification of Base of Operations ~500,000 Credits
Condition | Dead or Alive, preferably alive so that they may be interrogated and summarily executed to be made an example of.
Exclusivity | [Open Contract] - This contract is available to all who wish to profit from doing what they do best.
Additional Info |
I call upon those willing to stain their hands with blood for the sake of profit. Those who are willing to hunt for the Empire and strike fear into the hearts of those who dare stand against us will be well supplied and compensated. Temporary access to the Sith Armory for general equipment and supplies will be granted in order to assist in your endeavors. Those who are repeat hires that work for the Empire on a consistent basis, are subject to additional compensation.