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Request Wanted: Papi

Alyosha Drutin

Light Side Sith
Alright, now that that’s over, I’m gonna go to sleep soon, and when I wake up, Alyosha Drutin better have a dad. Or several.

I kind of imagined his old man would be an actually cool/successful/disciplined guy who just had a wild youth, met a nice dancer on Corellia one time, and never even knew Alyosha existed. But I’m open to embarrassing space trash paternity as well.

Note: You will not be Val Drutin Val Drutin ‘s dad. Val’s dad is a Hapan pirate whom I will sub as an NPC someday… because none of you are insane enough to be Val’s dad. Don’t try to prove me wrong, you know it’s true.

God, I’m tired… but the music is so good...