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Approved Starship Wanga-Class Cruiser

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I'm Sexy and I Know It
Intent: To provide a tough, reliable, powerful, and affordable cruiser-class warship to interested factions, corporations, groups, and wealthy individuals.
Development Thread: I can complete one if desired.
Manufacturer: Tenloss Corporation
Affiliation: Tenloss Corporation, Hutt Cartel, open market
Modularity: Limited Modularity. Add ons and upgrades are possible, but the ship isn't designed for it (Widespread customization or upgrades would be difficult and could take long periods of time. I suggest those wanting to upgrade in a large scale complete a development thread, but staff has the final say. I can only suggest).
Production: Capable of Mass Production, but currently offered in limited production.
Material: Alusteel, Durasteel, Duraplast, and other common ship construction materials.
Description: After seeing the various factions within the galaxy begin to ramp up production, Popo, the CEO of the Tenloss Corporation, decided it was time to compete. As the various companies vying for sales were trying to push high-tech, top of the line products at high costs, Popo opted to take a different path.

Using available weapons and technology along with practical shipbuilding techniques, Tenloss Corporation produced the Wanga-class Cruiser. The cruiser is Tenloss' answer to the galaxy-wide arms race. Relatively cheap to produce when compared to other ships of its size and class, the Wanga features easily obtainable weapons and armor, cutting maintenance and repair costs by half. The Cruiser utilizes easy to use technology by relying primarily on kinetic weapons and simple computer processors. The reliance on mass drivers and rockets allows the cruiser to operate with a smaller power source and, by removing the need for hangars aside from a loading bay, the cruiser carries more weapons on its hull than typical warships of equivalent size and length. Tenloss' choice of reactor also shows the ship's reliance on easy to maintain and repair technology. Utilizing a Solar Ionization Reactor, the Wanga can rely on a constant power source with little danger of catastrophic detonation upon damage like other, more powerful, reactors. With more spare power available from the reactor by using more energy efficient weapons, the cruiser can field powerful ray shields and heavy armor to protect against attack. The spare power also allows the ship to power the eight tractor beams set on the dorsal and ventral sides of the ship. Though cramped, the ship's living space also holds space for roughly one hundred to one hundred fifty shipboard marines to repel boarders or to board enemy ships brought close enough to easily board from the Wanga itself.

Unfortunately, this all comes at a cost. While the ship can sufficiently power the weapons and ray shields sufficiently, the overall mass of the ship and the strain on the engines means that the ship cannot quickly accelerate or decelerate. Poor handling also means that the ship is hard to maneuver in combat and that once the ship is committed, it is difficult to break off from the engagement. Also, while leaving room for more guns and firepower, the small loading bay lacks sufficient space for any kind of fighter complement, aside from a shuttle or two for loading, unloading, and transfer of personnel. This feature allows the ship more direct engagement ability, but reduces the vessel's overall versatility. Finally, while the guns do reduce the overall power required, the redundant systems on board the vessel only allow the ship to focus primary power to either the ray shields or the tractor beams, meaning that one or the other is operating at minimal to zero efficiency.

  • More guns for its size and class, giving it more firepower and a devastating offensive punch.
  • Heavy armor and the installed ray shielding lets the ship take more punishment than other ships of its class.
  • Weapons use less power allowing the reactor to focus on the ray shields or tractor beams, giving the shields more defensive ability than comparative ships of this class or the ability to grapple it's opponents.
  • The ship is cheaper to manufacture, maintain, and repair when compared to other ships of this class.
  • The ability to “grapple” opposing ships lets the Wanga drag the opposition in close for a brutal slugfest.
  • The ship is slower and less maneuverable when compared to other ships of its size and class.
  • The cruiser is difficult to effectively change course or disengage from combat once committed.
  • No hangar space for anything more than a shuttle or two.
  • Lack of versatility in combat engagements
  • Inability to effectively power both shields and tractor beams simultaneously.
Classification: Warship
Role: Light Capital Ship
Height: 400m
Width: 400m
Length: 650m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Solar Ionization Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: 3
Minimum Crew: 950
Optimal Crew: 4000

74 Mass Drivers (37 double barreled turrets. 18 port, 18 starboard, 1 bow)
20 Heavy Mass Drivers (10 double barreled turrets. 5 port, 5 starboard)
12 Proton Rocket Launchers (Fixed, forward facing tubes. 10 Rockets per tube)
10 Mass Driver Flak Turrets (5 Dorsal, 5 Ventral)
8 Tractor Beams (4 dorsal, 4 ventral)
Hangar: 1 small shuttle hangar (Carries 1 medium sized shuttle or 2 small shuttles)
Non-Combative Attachments:

Combat Ray Shielding
Medical Bay
Basic Sensor Suite
Marine Barracks
Basic Targeting Computer

Passenger Capacity: 150 (Marines)
Cargo Capacity: 5000 tons
Consumables: 10 months
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: 7


Warden of the Ice
  • Okay, you have 120 capital grade weapon points. Heavies count for two just like dual, dual heavies 4. Cruisers can have 100 as a heavy guns ship and two tractors, but you only have 10/20 flack so I'll let having 8 slide.
  • "While the ship can sufficiently power the weapons and ray shields indefinitely," The way this is written it can be taken that the shields will never fail, even under fire. I understand that you mean they can simply run all the time (which is fine, standard even) but I'd like an edit nonetheless.
  • Another thing is that you constantly write about how all the interior space is given over to weapons and ship systems, hence the tiny hanger, but you've got large barracks, med bay, and armory. Seems contradictory, especially since I don't see any place in the description about boarding or landing troops.
  • Your speed is abysmally slow, Light destroyers will be able to outrun you. And this is your choice, but I'd lower it to seven if not six.
  • Set your consumables to 10 months or provide a reason for the variation.
  • And last, purely as a tech geek, I feel I should point out that all your weapons require ammunition and that these ships will likely require resupply between most engagements. (Not likely to impact on any rp though). Not asking for an edit on this point.
I like it, very solid first build.


I'm Sexy and I Know It
I think I got everything. Swapped the troops for shipboard marines for anti-boarding actions. Hope that helps.


Warden of the Ice
"...space for roughly one hundred to one hundred fifty shipboard marines"
Passenger Capacity: 200 (Marines)
These disagree with each other now and you still need to drop guns. Heavies count as 2, dual heavies 4. Right now you have 110 weapon points. Drop 5 mass drivers and you'll be cool.


I'm Sexy and I Know It
Edited. Sorry about the number mix up. Was having an OOC conversation at the time I was editing and must have not noticed what I typed. As for the guns, you weren't clear that you wanted it changed from what I could see. I just thought you were making commentary until your last post. Edited all the same, though :)
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