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Approved Tech Vuldak

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Intent: To create an unorthodox weapon for an unorthodox character
Image Source:
Canon Link: Polydroxol
Restricted Missions: None
Primary Source: None

Manufacturer: [member=darth pikiran]
Model: Vuldak
Affiliation: [member=darkul Elahad]
Modularity: None
Production: Unique
Material: Alchemized Polydroxol Limb

Classification: Multiclassified
Size: Multisized
Length: Multilengthed (Maximum: 2.74 m || Minimum: 17.78 cm)
Weight: 11.21 kg

  • Sentience
  • Durability
  • Shapeshift
  • Sentience ~ Working with a mineral based sentient life form, it was an easy feat to focus on the spirit of the body, binding it down to the cells that would remain of the physical form
  • Durability ~ Made by a Master Alchemist, Vuldak is incredibly durable. To the extent that little can truly harm it
  • Shapeshift ~ Another effect imbued from its parental body, was the species trait of shapeshifting. However, unlike the actual race of liquid metal beings, it is not able to simply become any shape or size. It has been brainwashed into believing Darkul Elahad is its Master, and therefore will only become weaponry as he deems it. No becoming a flute, or bench
  • [ Weapons ] ~ Vuldak is a multipurpose, intelligent, weapons device. It is capable of becoming things such as a whip, blades, even things such as a trident
  • [ Untraceable ] ~ One cannot sense this through the Force
  • [ Force Nullify ] ~ When around Ysalam with their ability active, Void Stone (and products of it), or Ysalamir fields, this weapon becomes rigid and just a tool. It will lose every ability it has except for the durability
  • [ Lightning/Electricity ] ~ Vuldak has a lack of protection found amongst other alchemical projects, in the sense of the traditional storing of Sith Lightning until next contact. Plus the blade has no rubber, so there is no guard against it, should the blade be struck by electricity
  • [ No Nexus ] ~ Without an aura, as most alchemy items posses, there is no darkside nexus or other types of tappable resource
  • [ Sleeping ] - At times of necessity, whether from pain or simply to long without it, Vuldak can fall sleep. This means no shapeshifting, no planning assistance, nothing more than a solid shape unable to turn into anything else
  • [ Weight ] - The weight of this shapeshifter does not go down. It is a constant, regardless of the shape taken. Therefore in most cases, it is extremely heavy, taxing, and slowing, for the average being
  • [ Mind Control ] - Though the weapon does not have a mind per se, it is able to be influenced via mentalism. Mind tricks can and will work on it, turning it, potentially, against his owner - for a time. Later assertions made by Damien return it too previous allegiance, but before then anything can happen, unless specifically countered mid attack by Dark. So the choice has to be: let its mind be altered temporarily, or defend it and open himself to physical combat
  • [ Shift Time ] - Vuldak cannot instantly turn form. It is something that requires a few moments to complete. Regardless of shape turned from, too one turned to, it needs a bit to solidify into shape and such. This can theoretically be sped up by Dark, but again it opens him to attack to use the Force to make the alterations happen quicker
Damien Daemon, Pikiran, Fos Misao, ex-Sith Emperor of the fallen Sith Empire, an apex Alchemist amongst the masses. This was the man that Sanguinius Vampirika noble, Darkul Elahad, went to for a weapon. It was a request that too him bore simplicity.

A trident. One of large, yet lighter size. Not like his family had trouble with weighted weaponry, simply that he enjoyed the potential loaning of his weapons.

However, Damien heard the plea, and knew simply speaking that the man he spoke too, was no ordinary run of the mill warrior. What reasonable man would make a traditional blade, for an untraditional being? This led him to a long time mulling of the potential weapon he would be making for a possible future ally. Should it be simply a trident with twists? Maybe one that could be incredibly flexible? Or with a twist, like it being Force Imbued to pump out shadows like Zaiden's old Longsaber?

Several days into thinking things through, genuinely trying to make yet another Masterwork, and not just an alchemy tool, Damien came upon a man. This man... Boy, was he odd. It seemed through conversation that he had open understanding of women, men, other species... He was a Polydroxol. This was a being able to be anyone, and anything.

It hit him. Damiem knew what too do.

Through amputation of the arm of said man, who was even able to grow back the limb, Damien began his project. Alchemical alterations of Darkul Elahad's blood became the catalyst. Firstly it is altered to allow its maintained Shapeshifting. Of course Damien warned Dark, that it meant only so much as the amount of flesh could become. There was no turning this limb into a vehicle, or down to the size of a marble. It was a finite amount, and could not break the laws of physics.

Next Damien spent a time utilizing his Force Walking knowledge to bind the spiritual essence of the Polydroxol to the limn. This in itself did not kill the host of said appendage, nor did it make the poly now all of a sudden a brain dead being. Rather that he simply would maintain life in the weapon should he die. The result though was a potent sentience inside of the tool. This too was altered by Damien too be a powerful ally to Dark, it is drawn too being as useful as it can for the Vampirika.

In doing this, combined with making it undetectable in the Force, Damien removed most of the major benefits of the alchemical process. Firstly, it is unable to absorb electricty, but also loses out on the nexus like aura.

The final result is a tool that can be a shield, sword, lance, trident, whip, and more, while able to cognizantly make thoughts, yet losing out on other abilities.
I have spend a few days marinating on this, because I am not entirely too sure how balanced this concept is in general.

There have been a few sentient weapons passing through the Codex and the Factory, then there have been a few shape-shifting weapons, if I recall correctly. But all of the above had very tough, big weaknesses that made them either situational or limited in their usage.

I don't consider the current weaknesses doing much to balance it out.

A couple of thoughts I have right now: a) give me limitations on how fast the weapon can shift from one form to the other, b) note that the weapon is sentient and has a will of its own - so that it will work against its wielder if it chooses to, c) note that the weapon's weight remains the same regardless of its size and is heavy, so it would be increasingly difficult to use as a 'fast and light' weapon.

Maybe come up with some more edits and balances that will make this more acceptable.

Tag me once you feel like you are done and then I will take another look at it.

[member="Darth Pikiran"]


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[member="Tai Fa"]

Hows this?

Sorry for not clarifying to begin with aha. The weight is a solid no matter what form taken, hence the size showing it not being set, but the weight for sure being set. As is however, I clarified in weaknesses. I had already made mention of it being bound by mental alterations to Dark, so being able to turn against him didn't seem proper, but I also then added that it can be effected by mind trick and mentalism unless directly protected, which also then would open Dark too another kind of attack.

Plus I added an unconscious state. Too much pain, or at other times, the weapon will fall unconscious and become rigid in its form until revived.
[member="Darth Pikiran"]

Alright, I am still iffy about this, but if you soften the language of the durability section I will tentatively pass this. Remove the mention of it being pretty much indestructible and such, replace it with more vague language where it's just really durable and such. Vagueness is the way to go here.


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[member="Tai Fa"]
So... Make it less than what it should be? I could easily find a dozen subs that have that exact connotation. Its the ability that is found in items crafted by note worthy alchemists.

However, I will edit it out, and simply treat it as such. There is no rule against that.

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