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Approved Starship Vulcan Mobile Fortress

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  • Manufacturer: Vulcan Starforge
  • Affiliation: Vulcan Industries and Subsidiaries, The Sith Empire.
  • Model: n/a
  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Durasteel
  • Classification:: Mobile Fortress
  • Role: Mobile Fortress
  • Size: Extreme
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Minimum Crew: 750
  • Optimal Crew: 1250
  • Propulsion: Tracks
  • Speed:Slow
  • Maneuverability: Low
  • Armaments: High
  • Defenses: High
  • Squadron Count: Very Low: 4
  • Passenger Capacity: Maximum of 1000 but usually much less
  • Cargo Capacity: Very Large
  • Blaster Turrets
  • Ion Cannons
  • Emp Cannons
  • Hangars for limited star fighter support
  • Internal barracks
  • Vehicle bay for smaller vehicles
  • Tracking and targeting systems
  • Ray and Particle Deflector Shields
  • Com systems
  • Capable of holding large amounts of ground troops and limited air support
  • Large amount of firepower on board
  • Large Defensive properties
  • Mobile Comman Center
  • Slow
  • Hard to move across galaxy
  • Emp and Ion Cannons that make it through the ray shield are very hard to defend against

Vulcan Starforge wanted to hit the ground running with their first vehicular offering. This Behemoth of a vehicle is designed to let you take the battle to your opponents, giving you the same luxuries afforded by the fleets in the sky with their fancy star destroyers and cruisers, on the ground. Featuring targeting systems, com systems and fire power for days. This mobile fortress is designed to help you take control of the battle field quickly and overwhelmingly.


Just under the upper hand.
[member="Darth Morgoth"]

I'd like to see a hard weakness on this. EMP, Ion, flying kittens or anything else that makes sense. For the size and indomitable way its portrayed I'm also thinking a lower squadron count would make more sense. If it's hard to transport 8 on one field of battle seems high to me. Let me know if you have questions or when you've added edits and we'll go from there. Thanks.
[member="Gib"] I thought the squadron count was how many squadrons of starfights like the template says, So I was using 8 squadrons as its limited air support, very rarely will you see more that 3-4 of these on the biggest battle fields... Also I did add weaknesses


Just under the upper hand.
[member="Darth Morgoth"]

Oh, I see what happened. No, for this template squadron count is how many of these will be deployed together in one place. The only way the sub would have fighter escorts listed would be if it had it's own hanger.

So for this Squadron = How many of *this* vehicle will be together in one location.

Just go ahead amd edit that and hit me back.


Just under the upper hand.
[member="Darth Morgoth"]

I'm calling this good. Please don't abuse it or it will get retroactively denied.

Pending Secondary [member="Zef Halo"]
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