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Approved Lore V'Trechen Holocron

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Sith from the Outer Rim


Intent: This is a holocron made by Mike V’Trechen to the rest of his family.

Image Credit: https://www.etsy.com/il-en/listing/644247111/sith-holocron-rgb edited by Ingrid L'lerim Ingrid L'lerim

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Holocron Name: The V’Trechen Holocron

Alignment: Darkside

Origin: It was made by Mike V’Trechen given to Credius Credius to give to Salis Salis if Mike has either died or been compromised.

Affiliation: Mike V'Trechen Mike V'Trechen , Credius Credius , and Salis Salis .

Gatekeeper: This will be a hologram of Mike V’Trechen.The holocron will contain the history and knowledge of Mike V’Trechen.

Description: This is to guide and teach people Mike V’Trechen’s life and philosophies.


Accessibility: There is a special ritual. They need to prick their finger on top of the holocron while chanting the Sith Code in Sith. (This is taken from Sith Code Wookiepedia.)

“Nwûl tash.
Dzwol shâsotkun.
Shâsotjontû châtsatul nu tyûk.
Tyûkjontû châtsatul nu midwan.
Midwanjontû châtsatul nu asha.
Ashajontû kotswinot itsu nuyak.
Wonoksh Qyâsik nun.”

Security: The Holocron has poison around the packaging. On the off chance that the person who is contacting it isn't married into the V'Trechen family or a relative of them, they might be harmed by the poison.


This will have all of Mike V’Trechen’s thoughts, life, and philosophies from his parent’s murder to Salis and beyond. It will also contain his philosophies about fear and hatred that there are times that you can use it, but it should never be used. Fear and hatred can happen to you and your life through a loss and bad circumstances, but do not let these define who you truly are and control the galaxy. You need to learn these mistakes and use your force and lightsaber abilities to care about what is the most important to you.


Mike got an invitation to go to a meeting with his faction’s enemies. He did not know if he will live, die, or remember who he was. Mike decided to create a holocron that will know his life and his philosophies for his wife and his children. He knew that it was important to do this to save his family. Mike decided that he should give it to Credius for safekeeping and to give to his wife until the time was right.
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I'll be looking this over for you. Just a few things.

1.) Affiliation: Please be sure to follow the template. You're supposed to link relevant characters - Which does include yourself.
Affiliation: Mike V’Trechen, Credius, and Salis.
Affiliation: [ Who currently owns the holocron. Link any relevant characters, faction pages or groups. ]
2.) Accessibility: This is fine - But you have a section of the Sith Code copied from the Wookie with no credit. This falls afoul of the plagiarism rule. You need to mark, credit, and link it.
Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Small excerpts may be included from other sources in a sub, but they must include a credit, link, and be clearly marked.
3.) Security: You need to tone down the language here. No one can force anyone to take damage.
Security: The holocron has poison around the casing. If the one who is touching it is not married into the V’Trechen family or a descendant of them, they will be automatically poisoned in one touch.
Instead, try:

The holocron has poison around the casing. If the one who is touching it is not married into the V’Trechen family or a descendant of them, they may be poisoned.
Tag me when you're ready for me to take another look.
Mike V'Trechen Mike V'Trechen

We're getting closer to this being ready to go. Just need to clarify this a little more.

Accessibility: You have the section of the Sith Code linked now but you still need to mark and credit it. Please place a note above or or below the excerpt stating where you got it from/what it is (Ex. This is the Sith Code - Taken from the Wookie) and add the link to the "Links" section up to marked "The Sith Code".

I know it's a pain but anytime we copy something word for word that doesn't belong to us we have to mark, credit, and link it.

Once that's done I can pass this through.
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