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Approved Tech VT-Particle SMG

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Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
  • Intent: To Sub a close range hard hitting weapon
  • Image Source: Halo
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Me, I'm great
  • Manufacturer: Vanir Technologies
  • Model: VT-Particle SMG
  • Affiliation: Open-Market
  • Modularity: Yes
  • Production: Limited
  • Material: Fiberplast, Carbon-Fiber
  • Classification: Particle Rifle
  • Size: Handheld
  • Length: 638 mm
  • Weight: 1.90 kg
  • Ammunition Type: Power Cell
  • Ammunition Capacity: 24
  • Effective Range: 100m
  • Rate of Fire: Single, Semi, Fully Auto
  • Comfort Grip
  • Adjustable Trigger
  • Extendable Stock
  • Holographic Sight
  • Safety
Comfort Grip - An extendable, adjusting grip on the front of the weapon for better accuracy.
Adjustable Trigger - Allows one to adjust how hard it is to pull the trigger.
Extendable Stock - A stock that can be adjusted to fire the weapon more comfortably.
Holographic Sight - A sight that allows for more accurate firing.
Safety - A mechanism to stop accidental firing.


  • Powerful: The Particle SMG, as it's name states is a Particle Rifle that has been squished down. The weapon is extremely powerful and holds all the same aspects of it's larger cousins. Unlike regular blaster bolts, the Particle SMG's bolts will explode upon impact, erupting in a large surge of energy that pack a powerful punch. This also makes them more difficult to block with a lightsaber.
Weaknesses :
  • Short Range: The Particle SMG suffers from the same problems that many SMG's do. It is smaller and therefore less accurate. Hitting something at 100m meters with this weapon is almost impossible, and after 100m the rounds dissipate.
Vanir Technologies has produced a number of weapons over the years.

These have ranged from blasters to disruptors and have generally served as long range or close quarters combat weapons. Pistols, rifles, and even Sniper weapons have all been developed by Vanir. The only thing the Corproation has been missing within it's suite of weaponry was a middle ground. The VT-Particle SMG was quite simply designed to be that middle ground.

The weapon was based off the Particle Rifle, a common enough piece of technology that usually finds itself geared as a Sniper or long range weapon.

Vanir adapted the Particle Rifle and simply squished down its components, creating a mechanism where by the function could be utilized at the size of an SMG without too much drawback. The particle bolts still hit quite hard and the weapon functions as its supposed to. Of course, due to its smaller size and more compact nature the Particle SMG is a whole heck of a lot less accurate than its cousins.

The Particle SMG is also capable of being easily dissembled, it's composite built nature allowing ti pass through most scanners undetected.
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