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Approved Tech VT|ATC-Extreme Mobility Jetpack

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Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug

  • Intent: To sub a high mobility Jetpack
  • Image Source: Joe Peterson
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: ATC Chosen RM
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Micro-Thrusters
  • Maneuvering Wings
  • Gyroscope Monitor
  • High Maneuverability: This product is a new design in Jetpacks, a simple system that utilizes refined isotope-5 as well as several stabilizing and mobility advancements created by both Vanir and ATC. The Jetpack itself is highly maneuverable, featuring small micro-thrusters and maneuvering wings to increase the mobility of the user far beyond what other jetpacks offer. This goes for the devices function in both space and atmospheric flight, allowing the user to easily and simply move about in ways that make other jetpacks envious.
  • [-]Training: This device requires an extreme amount of training to properly use. The various thrusters and operational uses make it fairly difficult to just pick up and run around with. This effect is of course more so than the standard Jetpack, which already take quite a bit of training to use.
  • [-]Fuel Reaction: The Extreme Mobility Jetpack of course retains the weakness of Refined Isotope-5 and if styrofoam is somehow slipped into the fuel container of the pack there will likely be a very large explosion.
Continuing it's expansion of more standard yet thought out products, Vanir Technologies in conjunction with Arceneau Trade Company has developed what is known as the Extreme Mobility Jetpack.

The device itself is actually rather simplistic, utilizing most of the standard aspects of similar products on the market. The real key difference is in both it's thruster design as well as it's fuel type. Instead of utilizing more normal fuels such as tibanna or a powercell, the EMJ utilizes Refined Isotope five produced by Mara Tibx.

This gives the jetpack an advantage over it's distance cousin. The fuel allows the Jetpack to function for longer durations without landing while also giving the pack itself an edge of safety. The device is non-explosive, except if styrofoam is introduced into it's fuel container or lines. This of course means it is better for combat situations since your own device cannot be used to harm you.

As well as this, the EMJ also features an extreme amount of mobility.

Taking some of it's design aspects from the VT|ATC-Jump Kit, the Jetpack was designed to offer a wide arrange of smooth movement, giving the user an extreme amount of mobility in even the most tight fitting spaces.
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