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Approved Tech Vraukt's Sith Warrior Armour

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  • Intent: Create Vraukt's Armour
  • Image Source: Sith Acolyte Armour // Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Vraukt
  • Model: V0-1
  • Affiliation: Vraukt
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Phrik, Flex-Armour,
  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: 6.8kg
  • Quality: 8
  • Crushgaunts
  • Light-Shield
  • Limited Blaster Resistance
  • Crushgaunts: Additional strength to grasping and squeezing. Locking mechanism allowable by integrated servos.
  • Light-Shield: Same purpose as a lightsabre, except in shield format. Integrated into the gauntlets.
  • Limited Blaster Resistance: Flex-Armour is capable of providing light resistance to blasters, and thus was integrated to take position in the gaps between the phrik plates.


  • Nimble and Agile
Weaknesses :
  • Armour Joints
  • Susceptible to Slugthrowers
  • Just A Suit of Armour
Whereas in the modern day era of armour and technology, suits are integrated with HUD systems and are able to connect to the HoloNet to communicate with other allied forces. The style of Vraukt's armour is unlike this in the way that it reaches back to times long ago where armour was simply that - armour. Although the choice remains to sport extra equipment that could perform those functions, Vraukt's suit is merely treated metal rather than a combination of all the best and newest technologies.

The armour is adorned with ancient Sith runes, though despite their words and meanings, they were long since lost on the wearer, in this case being Vraukt and offer no true power other than aesthetic. However, the suit does sport light flex-armour, immersed on the suit as a secondary, light protection to fill the spaces between limbs and joints where the phrik plates do not cover. Despite those joints being protected against the occasional stray blaster bolt, a sniper bolt, concentrated blasts, or even a lightsaber would quite easily take off the limb without a pause.

With the Resurgent Empire growing in strength and numbers, the young Pureblood, Vraukt, had decided it was best to fashion his own suit of armour in the image of Vitiate's own Sith Warriors and Acolytes. His thought process of having no integrated systems was due to technology could be detected, and he was at least capable of concealing himself within the Force to provide some form of stealth. Still, the main purpose of the armour was to provide a creation that would allow him protection in close quarters combat, and the extension and flexibility that was needed to not only react, but potentially survive fatal attacks.
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