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  1. Kratacos

    Approved Tech  Vraukt's Lightclub

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Create a lightsabre that fits the large Pureblood. Image Source: Artstation | Stefan Petit Canon Link: Lightclub Restricted Missions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Vraukt Model: N/A Affiliation: Vraukt Modularity: Crystals...
  2. Kratacos

    Approved Tech  Vraukt's Sith Warrior Armour

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Create Vraukt's Armour Image Source: Sith Acolyte Armour // Star Wars: The Old Republic Canon Link: N/A Restricted Missions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Vraukt Model: V0-1 Affiliation: Vraukt Modularity: No Production...
  3. Kratacos

    Y'all Been Warned

    Athiss Lord Drakash, Vraukt's Master resided on Athiss. After the events of Vorzyd V that had forced the Pureblood and his kin to be forced to ground on the planet with Vitor Avendahl, the owner of Corondex Arms, Vraukt had carried himself with a sort of superiority that was atypical of the...
  4. Hadleigh Purkis

    Approved Starship  Revelation-class Transport

    OUT OF CHARACTER Intent: To submit a personal corvette for [member="Vraukt"] Image Source: Jupiter Ascending concept art Canon Link: N/A Development: Here Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards Model: Revelation-class Affiliation: Vraukt Production: Unique Material...
  5. Zef Halo

    Beneath the Surface

    Moudir stood upon the a ridge overlooking the ruins of what once used to be tombs and structures that glorified the strong as Gods. It was once a place where the strongest of his ancestors were laid to rest and immortalized. The scorching sun was closing down on the horizon signalling the...
  6. Zef Halo

    Have a Cigar

    UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED A conference room had been booked in a random hotel in an unspecified location. The meeting would hold only two people. Vitor Avendahl and a man named Vraukt. The topic ? Business. As usual. The acolyte sat on the comfortable chair and played a game on his datapad...
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