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Voss is Under Attack..... Again

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
Well there isn't much to it, the sith bypassed all defenses and are on the planet again. We must really find this teleportation technology and a way to defend from it. The goal is the same as always in these attacks, burn the temple, force pvp and basically ignore anything on the world.

Given we just changed leaders and there is no real faction staff selected nor has this even been brought up to ask if there is anything there on the planet. My recommendation for everyone is wait for Sorel to see this before posting. This is for everyone. I'll post it in the skype and the discord
But yeah, I'd wait for Sorel to verify. It baffles me how they think they could just waltz right to the heart of Silver space without us knowing or obliterating their fleet before they even reach Voss, but hey what do I know? :p

Also seems more than a little inconsiderate that they should launch an assault now when we've just switched leaders. <_<

I'll be there, naturally.
[member="Thurion Heavenshield"] I agree with you here. I like how the OP unilaterally set objectives without even speaking with the staff while still in transition. I know I wouldn't want to start my first full day as FO with this mess in my lap. Dickish thing to do tbh. It's also a funny thing that while other people call out the SJO for inaction, the SJO seems to be the only group of Jedi ever targeted outside of the old GR.

I was going to go make a post to set the scene and rattle off the defenses we have in place. Home fleet, planetary shields, AA surface emplacements, whole armies, the works. However, I'll give Sorel some time to look at this before I do anything. Count me in to lead the fleeting portion of this engagement if/when it picks up. We'll just post to them until they get bored and run off as usual.
To my way of thinking, it doesn't matter whether the attackers acknowledge them or not. Chances are good they'll be ignored yes, but we've presented their presence. The others are the ones ignoring them, not us having "never told them".
Coci will not be there she is about to have her child. But I will be there with an alt. ;)

And typical, right in the middle of holidays when everyone is busy too. <_<

Most likely defenses will be ignored but they will not be by us and so just continue to RP them and any results from the defenses.

Eg., Arisa's SJO fleet opens fire and destroys their entire fleet, (which it would considering the amount of of the fleet) ..
And we can RP the result of it. :p

Any pvp on ground can ask their opposition how they plan to get off Voss now. :p
Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
yep and burn the jedi library... our 10km y 10km library ship that flies around silver space scoffs at the attempt. We're just going to copy the files for a new one.

This will be interesting to see now

Jada Raxis

-Take me out, to the Black-
To everyone in this thread, I play Darth Raxis as well. I was not even aware of your defences and additionally the switch up of leaders.

Truth be told I just picked a Jedi Aligned planet and launched the thing.

Sorry if I stepped on any toes. I really meant for this to be a fun story driven thread. No one stands to gain on either side. If you'd like me to tone it down or edit etc, just inbox me.

Again wasn't meaning to be a dick, just to spur some light hearted duels and good RP.

[member="Matsu Ike"] [member="Coci Heavenshield"] [member="Jericho"] [member="Audren Sykes"] [member="Arisa Yune"] [member="Thurion Heavenshield"]

Jada Raxis

-Take me out, to the Black-
[member="Audren Sykes"]

No offense taken. I just want it to be fun, not a roflstomp lol bs scenario. I want people to enjoy a good duel or two and have some great background story and character development.

Like I said, if we need to talk, then PM folks and work it out. Hopefully everyone has enough taste to be civil.

In addition I'm all for defense. My hundred plus fleet is just fluff and I fully expected to crash about all of it. I may fleet with a few ships for fun, but nothing major. My story is of a different flavour.


Who's versing me?
[member="Jada Raxis"]

My issue I take is this has become a pattern from the dark side groups they never seem to play in good faith save a few steller players. The rest seem to try to undermine the very concept then complain when thigns don't go their way. As such if I join I will be using ALOT to attack the sith. Catherine keep in mind has a tendency to like developing planetary defenses. Also last skirmish the fleet was for fluff then I got chided for playing with that fluff. I cannot speak for the staff but I genuinely am skeptical since this keeps happening of the credibility of your side.

Isamu Baelor

Protector of The Iron Realm
Jada Raxis said:
I was not even aware of your defences and additionally the switch up of leaders.
I'll be frank:

Wilful ignorance is not an excuse to disrespect the defenses of a Major Faction's capitol planet.

Information pertaining to Voss' defenses could've easily been obtained through a PM to any of the Faction's Staff.

Not doing so is poor form.

Ultimately, this skirmish is a collaboration between writers. Showing respect will go a long way towards fostering a positive writing experience. Showing disrespect will only foster the opposite.
Coci Heavenshield said:
And typical, right in the middle of holidays when everyone is busy too.
I was just talking about this last night in discord. I'm busy with Easter and my sister's birthday this weekend. I guess Sith writers have nothing to do? lol

Last time, Valentine's Day, had a date (It was also my year anniversary with this character). Time before that, Winter holidays, was with the family. Looks like I can start marking off dates in the future.

Also, IC you get a baby shower!

*Casually one shots every rinky dink 2014 Sith ship with the Tenchu*
[member="Jada Raxis"] Oh I didn't even notice you in here. Very poor form. It would have been nice if you had spoken to the SJO staff before launching your skirmish. Contrary to popular belief, the SJO is always open to these kinds of threads. To my knowledge, there was only one where we outright ignored, because it was just blatant trolling.

If you wanted some small limited engagement, then I would recommend some planet outside our home system (which is as well defended as places like Sullust or Dosuun) and work with us crafting a story that would net you those more intimate personal encounters that you desired. We can hate each other IC, but there's no reason to be dicks to each other as writers.

As for fleeting, I will be bringing the full brunt of our home fleets against your ships. Tridarius confirmed that the Ascendency is not backing this raid as a major faction, so which faction or company are you using to be able to field your ships?

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