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Vornskr as a pet

Aedan Miles

Pirate King
Hey so I am doing a personal training thread at the moment and in it I am taking a trip to Myrkr to do training there for my character I have the idea of taking a young Vornskr and doing what is needed to make it so that I could keep it as a pet/guard animal I was told to post it here to see if there were any major issues with it if so I will drop it but this is something that I would actually like to do and has canon examples of it with Talon Karrde and his two vornskr Sturm and Drang. So I guess let me know what opinions are.
the bedbound bard
I've done it before (although not on this board) - you would need to train it to hell and back so it doesn't try to kill you, mind, but it is possible. I'd have no qualms.
The Admiralty
Codex Judge
Hey. That was my idea!

No but seriously, I am currently working on a self-training thread. And I am going to encounter a pup Vornskr, which would make training it a little bit easier.

Do not take this as a 'BAD, YOU CANNOT ALSO HAVE A VORNSKR GUARD.. DOG THINGIE'. I just felt like sharin' :)