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Voices that won't be silenced.

It had been too long. Soryn had messed up and he had messed up bad. Going this long since his last indulgent had brought the voices back. The blood practically screamed out at him begging.............begging to be freed from it's prison.

What was worse was that nightfall and not done much to thin out the crowd. Dozens of people were all around him moving to and from various shops and alleys. His hood blocked his face.......his mask covered his mouth distorting his features.........hiding dimly glowing eyes. Eyes searching.........patrolling.............looking for the one. The one that would bring the sweet release from his torment.

Soryn walked along his hands tucked into his robe white knuckle gripping the twin Karambit knives he had hidden away. The tools of his release. His eyes closed every few feet pure instinct speeding him along among the lambs. His temple throbbed in anticipation.

Then the chaos of the voices became less chaotic and more focused. Ahead they had chosen..........found a target. A few people ahead of him was the subject of his freedom.

Now came the laser focus settling into the stalk. The fluid movements.........the slight quickening of pace as everything else around him began to melt away.
Ra liked to shop and this evening was in the mix of the crowd of the bizarre. Peoples from many races and all walks of life shopped here. This was familiar territory for her and she was happy though only her eyes showed that.

She picked out some merchandise and was bartering with the vendor on the price she was going to pay. Something though distracted her. She couldn't place what it was, but finished closing the deal and picked up her goods.

Her hair was pulled back like always with its little spiked ball. Her knives were up her sleeves and down her boots. A blaster hooked to her side, though not her preferred weapon of choice. Wearing her cloak, red shirt and brown pants and boots, she looked around at the people near her.

Nothing appeared out of the ordinary with them and she moved on, searching for the source of her feeling.

[member="Soryn Solimar"]
[member="Soryn Solimar"]@Ra'a'mah

Business never stopped and never was it gonna be a bore to adal, she had just received a special job taking some highly illegal blasters, she came up to a shop and spoke a few, before she watched a guy come out and open the crate slightly and gave a nod

She ducked into the place as they talked for a little bit, mostly discussing price maybe a future after she gets done with a few jobs, soon she left credits on her and a smile. She thought to herself about looking around and browsing the shops maybe spend a little

And so she did, she didn't notice anything out of place with the crowd as she looked the place finding a produce person and looked around idly
Soryn continued to stalk his prey for a few blocks savoring the anticipation. Let it build up until his skull threaten to explode from the voices screaming in his mind. It was beginning to get a little darker. The darkness please him.

His prey suddenly ducked up to one of the more crowded stalls some shiny something or other catching their eye. Soryn smirked sliding into the crowd glancing around for a moment at the stall owners wares. His hands gripping the blades slowly began to move from their hiding place. A slowly practiced movement largely undetectable to all but the sharpest eyes.

People were talking back and forth looking at various items. Picking them up touching them lightheartedly showing one or two of them to the person beside them. All the while the hands of death slowly crept out until freed blades sliced into the sides of not one but two people. A victim for each blade. As the bodies began to fall Soryn simply slipped away. He only went a few feet though ducking into an alley to watch the fruit of his action grip the crowd of people.

[member="Ra'a'mah"] [member="Adal Armina"]
Allowing the Force to guide her, she was unable to prevent a man from stabbing the two people, but saw him come out of the shop and try to disappear into a nearby ally. Ra was torn between trying to the help the two people hurt or going after the man. The blood was already shed and there wasn't much she could do for them anyway.

Boldly, she took a step in the direction of the ally and saw the man had two bloody knives in his hands. She smirked slightly at this and deftly drew out one of her hidden arm knives.

The shop was now a huge cluster of confusion and people calling for help as they finally noticed the two people that had been cut down heartlessly by the man Ra was looking at.

[member="Soryn Solimar"] [member="Adal Armina"]
@Ra'a'mah [member="Soryn Solimar"]

One minute she was setting there browsing the items of the shop, next someone fell against her and there was blood, plenty of blood and she jumped back as she watched a man pass quickly

She quickly drew a blaster as she turned quickly and fired twice but missed, she started pushing through the crowd gun drawn as she watched him move into a alley

She slowly approached not knowing if he was gonna pounce out and strike at her
"It's gonna be all right, lad. You're gonna be fine. Stay with me."

Long John Trenway was holding a man next to a booth he had just been merely browsing though before he was brutally stabbed by a fiend. The pirate was skimming though the area as well, and was drawn to this spot in specific by screams and shouts, breaking the placidity of the somewhat calm marketplace . Now here he was, trying to help the poor lad in his arms, who couldn't have hardly been older than 19 or 20.

"I need ya to stay with me, lad. By thunder, you're gonna be fine."

The other man that was assaulted was already dead when the cyborg arrived. Long John feared the worst for the boy he was holding, and quickly saw that his efforts were in vain. The amount of blood that was pouring from the side of the lad's torso completely soaked through the white sheets that Trenway had ripped away from one of the booths, and the boy's face was already ashen, so pale that John could see his veins weakly trying to pump blood throughout his body. The young man struggled to speak, breaking out in a whisper, a rasp that was hard to hear over the cacophony of the shopping district.

"My Kyle...Longo...please...tell mom...I...I loved..."

With a silent death rattle, the life in the lad quietly slipped away, but not before he put a bloodsoaked hand to the cyborg's face, gently running it down his cheek as a silent 'thank-you' for comforting him in the last moments of his life. The seasoned pirate had seen many people die over his career, so many that he lost count, but never so young a person before. His youth reminded him of the son he once lost to the stars years ago, and it brought a tear to the man's eye, cutting its way down the smear of blood that now adorned John's cheek. As a final action, he closed the young man's eyes. He looked almost peaceful now, as if he were just sleeping.

Why? Why do horrible things happen to the most innocent and helpless?

Long John always made sure that those who he killed and stole from always had it coming to them. Even then, he'd try to minimize the amount of slaughter, even allowing those who surrendered a chance to leave peacefully. But this? This was just plain murder. Anger started filling the cyborg's large body as he gently laid the body down on the floor and stood up. Already a few were in pursuit of the fiend, but Long John went into the alleyway anyways to ensure justice was swift and to finish the deed himself. Rage was burning in his chest, and the pirate let loose with a roar as he ran behind the other pursuers, unsheathing the vibroblade attachment on his cybernetic arm.

"I'll have yer head, devil, or my name isn't Long John Trenway!"

[member="Adal Armina"] @Ra'a'mah [member="Soryn Solimar"]
The blaster fire didn't even phase him in the slightest. Mostly because they were well off their mark. When he turned to admire his work he looked directly at [member="Ra'a'mah"] facing him.

His hands gripping his blades he just stared at the woman begging her to make a move. He smiled at her the orange tint to his eyes still present but slowly returning to their normal dark color. The voices dropping to a dull whisper his urges sated.

He reminded in place for a moment just long enough to hear the devil comment from a new arrival. Soryn slowly took a step back deeper into the alley. Then another step and another pulling the would be heroes deeper into the darkness. His hands white knuckling the blades in his hands.

He dared them to follow him. Dared them to tempt fate as the alley grew darker around him. A low growling rumble rising up from his stomach to echo through the alley.

[member="Adal Armina"] [member="John Trenway"]
[member="Soryn Solimar"] [member="John Trenway"] [member="Adal Armina"]

Very soon after the attack occurred, Ra saw two others chasing the assassin out of the shop. He looked directly at her and in that single glared, dared her to make a move. His glowing eyes, slowly faded to dark and he crept further into the shadow of the ally.

"He went that way."

Ra pointed in the direct​ion he had gone to the other two, she assumed they would assist in apprehending the man. After the statement, Ra holding one of her blades up her arm, raced into the dark ally after the murderer.
[member="John Trenway"] @Ra'a'mah [member="Soryn Solimar"]
awesome let's get him frakking sick bastard

She said as she followed behind her within the alley way, her blaster was raised as she watched it getting darker, she felt some concern about what was going on now, they only had one way of escape

However she shook her head it was three on one they had the advantage and they could get him she had hope for that
Soryn smiled as they continued to follow him deeper into the darkness. No one had apparently taught them the dangers of caging a wild animal. It was something that worked to his advantage.

He focused willing himself to blend into the darkness and become one with it. As his back foot caught part of the back wall of the alley Soryn crouched and curled like a viper ready to strike. Pausing for only a moment in his right hand his blade in a reverse grip in his left hand his blade in a normal grip. Soryn shot forward along the ground towards his prey.

His right blade still kept close to his body would slash out towards the inner thigh of [member="Adal Armina"] starting at her knee and moving upward as he flew forward. His left hand would at the last second making a hooking motion aimed at the back of the knee of [member="Ra'a'mah"] to ripe flesh as his momentum hopefully took him past his prey. He would finish the move up by leaping up towards a low hanging ladder on the outside of the building leading up to the roof. His goal to be looking down at them from the roof before they even knew what was going on.

[member="John Trenway"]
Knowing how to fight, Ra paused in her approach and grabbed the back of the shirt belonging to [member="Adal Armina"].

"No wait, there is one escape and that's here. There's also a ladder up there."

She pointed to that, but knew she wouldn't be able to reach it easily. Tipping her head to the side slightly, to hear better where [member="Soryn Solimar"] was, she saw him dashing out of the shadows at them.

Without thought, Ra shoved the young woman out of the way hopefully and turned to the side, keeping her cloak between his knife and her body. It had saved her before and she hoped it would do so again.

The attacker moved so fast and her cloak moved so slow, grabbing it, Ra put it in position just in time to prevent him from slicing into her knee. However, the blow was hard and she felt her knee give out as she stumbled a little to keep her balance. Her own reaction to him wasn't fast enough and her knife useless against him as he sped past her.

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