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Approved Tech Vitor's First Lightsaber

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  • Intent: To create the first constructed by Vitor lightsaber.
  • Image Source: found it from google search here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Manufacturer: Vitor Avendahl
  • Model: N/A
  • Affiliation: Vitor Avendahl
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Duranium, Dallorian Alloy, Lignan crystal

  • Classification: Lightsaber
  • Size: One-handed
  • Length: 30cm hilt; 91cm blade
  • Weight: 0.7kg

  • Rends beskar/phrik/lightsaber resistant materials
  • Length and power settings changeable
  • Force-attuned

  • High Setting: When adjusted to its highest power setting, this lightsaber is very well capable of rending materials such as beskar, phrik and other lightsaber resistant materials (not cortosis)
  • Length and power settings: Capable of turning the power of the lightsaber to be used as a training saber which would only burn flesh mildly to cutting lightsaber resistant materials. Length can be changed between standard length to shorter length (kukri length) or longer length (zweihander)
  • Force-attuned: The lightsaber may only be activated by Vitor's touch or him using the Force to activate it.

  • Resistance Breaker: As earlier explained, this lightsaber is capable of tearing lightsaber resistant materials, except for cortosis, at its highest setting.
  • Length adjustment: Adjusting the length can be very surprising in combat

  • Water: Won't activate in water. Sorry.
  • Cortosis: Will deactive in contact with cortosis.


Vitor's first constructed lightsaber does not vary by much from standard lightsabers. It's advantage comes from its ability to go toe-to-toe with heavy armored foes. The idea behind it comes, of course, from one of the greatest Sith Lords in history - Exar Kun who was known to wield a lightsaber capable of rending even the most impervious materials.

Vitor and his master - Lord Fa - had ventured to Ilum with two purposes. One: to get a crystal for Vitor to build his first lightsaber and two: to eradicate the remaining resistance to Fa's rule of Humbarine. One of those resisting Fa's rule of Humbarine was a Jedi that the Thiriken slayed upon coming into contact with the rebels. The corpse fell on the ground and blood gushed into a nearby crystal effectively painting it a malicious sanguine color.

During the construction of the lightsaber, Vitor had Exar Kun's lightsaber in mind. Knowledge of it had been passed on to him by both his master Lord Fa and the Helix Syndicate. He had been on building a lightsaber that would allow him to go against the most impregnable walking fortresses out there.

Since his skills in constructing a lightsaber were meager there still remained weaknesses such as the lightsaber not functioning in water and being deactivated by cortosis. Other than that, it has the standard functions of deflecting blaster bolts, capturing slugs in its magnetic field and other standard lightsaber capabilities.
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