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Approved Tech Viper Slicing Unit

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To create a potent bit of slicing hardware for future submissions and role-playing.
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Primary Source:
Visanj T’shkali
Affiliation: Closed-Market (Heavily Restricted)
Model: Viper Slicing Unit
Modularity: Yes; can be integrated into various armors.
Production: Semi-Unique
  • A veritable slicer’s ‘multi-tool’, the Viper possesses a variety slicing tools and aids, enabling a variety of potential resources and avenues for slicing, including remote access.
  • Incredibly durable housing is hardened against EMP/Ion and radiation, can withstand weapons fire and lightsaber strikes, resistant to kinetic damage and elemental/environmental risks.
  • Lowered heat signature is virtually nil to scanners and sensors, while stealth-enhancing materials used within can help prevent detection of this technology.
  • Lots of Ways: Able to launch multiple simultaneous attacks, utilizing different techniques and methods, it can bypass numerous security protocols, or search through and decrypt massive databases at once, reducing time needed to obtain its objectives.
  • Wasn’t Me, Can’t Prove it: Can end an attack without leaving a trace and allowing for covert slicing and subtle functionality the entire duration of the attack, it is incredibly hard to detect and/or counter.
  • Look Ma, No Hands: Can remotely assume partial or even full control over one or more systems, wreaking havoc on enemy ships, vehicles, droids, communications, computers, etc. and even launch destructive attacks by prompting power surges, inserting false files, uploading malware or spyware, and more, depending on the user’s desires.
  • Thing Needs Gas, Marty: All the neat tools and circuitry in the world mean nothing with software to cause them to operate. The viper is merely hardware, and without sufficient programming, it is nothing more than a very, very expensive paperweight. Should software become corrupted or otherwise malfunction, the device will not operate until it is rebooted and restored to functional capacity.
  • Try Yelling at It: Offering no protection against sonic weaponry, such attacks could disrupt, disable, or damage this device likely quickly and seriously.
  • Don’t Force It: No protection against Force-based attacks or detection whatsoever.

What the Pythona Slicing Unit does aboard ships, the Viper does for personal use. Able to be used as a stand-alone tool or else integrated into cybernetics and armor, the Viper represents a tough, durable, and incredibly well-rounded all-in-one slicing unit, capable of tackling even the biggest challenges. Able to interface with targets remotely, using encrypted hyperwave communications or else directly, the Viper’s versatility is unparalleled.

Various anti-security slicing tools can be used to bypass and defeat anything from simple locks and systems to gaining access to systems and sub-routines aboard ships, droids, vehicles, buildings, and most anything that can be sliced. From defeating complex numerical codes to overriding security fields to remotely taking control of an enemy’s speeder or droid, there isn’t much in the ‘verse that the Viper isn’t prepared to handle. It’s lightweight, micronized technology, astoundingly low heat signature, and stealth-enhancing technologies allow for excellent portability and ease of use with very little fear of detection. Specially-made insulating zersium-agrinium mesh and reinforced duraplast casing makes the unit hardened against EMP/Ion and heat/radiation dispersal and shielding prevents overheating, electrical surges, and more. Laminanium allows for circuitry to continue to self-repair, helping to compensate for taxation levels during especially powerful attacks.

Speaking of especially powerful attacks, the Viper can do just that. Its ability to use multiple vectors, simultaneous attacks, and conduct different types of operations (e.g. information search and recovery, holographic ID processing for later forgeries, data mining, malicious software attacks, remote control and monitoring, and more) makes the Viper a terrific toolbox for any slicer. Plus the graphene micrel battery can be recharged quickly and holds its charge significantly longer than most other conventional batteries, and if used in powered armor, the Viper can use the armor’s main power system for even greater attack strength. Integrated advanced droid brain and crystal memory allows for massive data storage and retrieval, complex and potent computing strength, and even the possibility of a heuristic AI upload.

However, it’s not without its limitations. Portability and micronization used mean that, unless connected to a larger power supply, intensity of attacks possible is decreased slightly. For all its toughness, the unit is ill-prepared against sonic weaponry and entirely susceptible to both detection and damage through Force-based methods as well. Finally, it requires an advanced software package, including operating system/A.I. before it can operate.

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