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Vilaz Munin

Name: Vilaz Munin
Nickname or Alias: None, Currently.
Titles: Aliit Alor of Clan Munin, Mand'alor (former title), Akaan of the Cuir Rekr (former title)

Species: Human
Subrace: Concordian
Age: Adult, 40s
Gender: Male.
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 240 lbs
Physique: Athletic; Muscular.
Eye Pigmentation: Sapphire Blue
Hair Colour: Light chocolate brown
Skin Complexion: Caucasian, light tanned

Occupation: Mandalorian Warrior, Clan Chief, Mercenary, Bounty Hunter
Primary Allegiance(s): Clan Munin, Mandalore and the Mandalorians (when they get their chit together)
Contractual Allegiance(s): The Sith Empire
Current Status: Active; Transient Deployment.
Homeworld: Concord Dawn
Known Residence: Soon™
Languages Known: Galactic Basic, Mando'a, Concordian
Languages Spoken: Galactic Basic, Mando'a, Concordian

Force Sensitive: Negative
Midichlorian Count: I hope little to none
Known Alignment: Family, clan, crusade, and glory

Marriage Status: Married
Spouse: [member="Briika Tor-Munin"]
Children: Kayra Munin (biological), [member="Lok Munin"] (adopted), Mesh'la Dral (stepdaughter)
Parent(s): Deceased
Siblings: Unknown


Face Claim: Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus)
Voice Sample: Finding One™
Theme Song: Soon™

Known Skills:
  • Advanced Close-Quarters Combat, Marksman, Survival, Leadership, and basilisk piloting
Distinguishing Features:
  • Faded scars, burns, and other wounds etched around his body due to battles.
  • Mytosaur tattoo painted on his back with several other Mandalorian tattoos decorated on his arms.
  • Veteran warrior for his whole entire life.
  • Excellent strategist.
  • Very honed and muscular. His body has been conditioned to be extremely durable and strong.
  • Excellent in firearms and melee weapons except lightsabers
  • Isn't the best at dogfighting.
  • Has a lot of pride in him.
  • Hates the Jedi and will attack one in sights.
  • Is mediocre in diplomatic relations.
  • Has no sympathy for his enemies in battle.
  • Not a Force User.
  • Has little knowledge in medicine. He has a wife for that.
  • Extremely protective of his family.
  • Is indiscriminate of who he raids and kills.
Behavioral Assessment:

Vilaz Munin is a violent man and full of malice towards his enemies and those that he encounters on the field of battle. While he does care and value the lives of his warriors and clansmen (making sure their lives are not in vain) he does not share these regards of anyone outside the ranks of his clan or culture. Whether one is a hostile or an innocent bystander that is in his way, they will receive nothing but his fury and wrath. A machine of war he is and hones it to every extent as he can, as the man has an obsession of war and crusading like the Mandalorians of Old.

Though while he is what most call a rabid beast, there is some humanity within him that is seen only by the members of his family and the close friends that are numbered in few. What he values most is his wife and their child that they share. While he does love his daughter, Kayra, he can be tough on her as he expects her to be a greater warrior than him and to rule the Clan when the time comes. The Munin also shares this with the rest of his Clansmen as he too expects grand warriors to continue the legacy of the Clan and carry out the true and old traditions of the Mandalorians. Something that is their mission as the culture they are united under has seen somewhat of a decline.

The Munin also opposes Mandalorians that utilize the Force as he sees it as a plague that corrupts the children of Mandalore, thus compromising themselves and the rest of their brothers and sisters. Speaking of the Force, he absolutely despises the Jedi and wishes nothing but hell to rain upon said Order.

While Vilaz has little friends, he does have some allies by his side and he treats respectfully and honorably. Never will he break his word but if one wrongs him or does something that he takes as a personal offense, he will make that person or party pay until they are dead or at a point where something is much worse than death. The Warlord is also very dominant and does not submit unless it is the Mand'alor (and not some false one). He is radical in thought, but he has the will to commit to those actions and face whatever consequence(s) that follows.



Shoutout to [member="Khonsu Amon"] for the bio sheet