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Approved Lore Vergere's Holocron

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  • Holocron Name: Vergere's Holocron
  • Alignment: Deceptively neutral when not in use and during the first few initial lessons, only after its deepest data has been accessed does a noticeable Dark Side aura become apparent to the student, although the aura itself will not necessarily affect the individual accessing it in any meaningful way.
  • Origin: Vergere
  • Affiliation: Arrius Messala
  • Gatekeeper: The gatekeeper is an imprint of Vergere herself: a female Fosh with colorful, variating head plumage, which changes color according to shifts in her mood or as a form of deliberate visual communication. The hologram cannot produce her famously versatile tears, though it can teach the methods she used to cause the Force to modify and adapt them in various ways. A liar and a trickster, she will cheerfully inform any potential students who access the holocron that they should expect no truth from her. Instead, she encourages them to think for themselves and draw their own conclusions - to "choose, and act".
  • Description: Vergere's holocron is pyramidal in shape, as is common among Sith holocrons. When not in use, the crystal matrix within appears black and dull. Upon being accessed, the crystal exudes a faint reddish light, although on closer inspection this has little to do with the Dark Side and everything to do with the type of crystal used in its making, which possesses a natural red tint.
  • Accessibility: Vergere's holocron can be accessed at the touch of a Force User. No other ritual is required.
  • Security: The gatekeeper's reaction to individuals she deems unworthy is to simply refuse to teach them. She is not sadistic and will not attack such individuals; threatening or trying to bargain with her will result in her simply ignoring you.

  • Instruction in the Art of the Small, the ability to shrink one's presence in the Force to the point where it is virtually undetectable to Force Sense.
  • Instruction in the rare Sever Force ability, enabling the user to sever an individual's connection to the Force.
  • Instruction in altering the chemical makeup of Fosh bodily secretions (specifically tears) for other uses, such as creating a potent poison or an antidote to various diseases and poisons. NB! This may apply to other species who are capable of transmutation, but use wisely.
  • The whole of Vergere's philosophy of the Force, including her belief that the Force has no sides, and what the Jedi and Sith call the Light and the Dark are merely the manifestations of an individual's own inner light or darkness.
  • Vergere's argument that the Yuuzhan Vong are part of the Force, not outside it; they simply are connected on a plane which the denizens of our galaxy cannot perceive.

“Light and dark are no more than nomenclature: words that describe how little we understand. What you call the dark side is the raw, unrestrained Force itself: you call the dark side what you find when you give yourself over wholly to the Force. To be a Jedi is to control your passion, but Jedi control limits your power. Greatness requires the surrender of control. Passion that is guided, not walled away. Leave your limits behind. If your surrender leads to slaughter, that is not because the Force has darkness in it. It is because you do. The only dark side you need fear is the one in your own heart.” - Vergere, New Jedi Order: Traitor

Vergere was a Jedi Consular of the Jedi Order. Over the course of her training, she developed a reputation for rebellious tendencies and her unorthodox beliefs about the Force. According to Darth Lumiya, Vergere was supposed to have discovered Darth Sidious through her studies of alternative points of view, but after discovering his plans to take over the Republic, she attempted to kill him. New Jedi Order scholars, on the other hand, suggested that Vergere may have been a Sith agent and failed apprentice of Sidious.

Either way, Vergere accepted a Jedi Council mission to the planet Zonama Sekot in 30 BBY, where she found the Yuuzhan Vong. She then disappeared and would not resurface again for half a century. During this time, she lived with the Vong and learned about their culture, customs, and beliefs while also teaching them about the Republic and the Jedi. To hide her association with the Order, she destroyed her lightsaber.

When the Yuuzhan Vong began their invasion in 25 ABY, she participated in several missions as familiar of the Vong priestess Elan. It would seem she had fallen to the Dark Side and become a Sith over the course of the half century she spent with the Vong. She pushed the captured A'Sharad Hett, who was being subjected to the infamous Vong torture device, the Embrace of Pain, toward the Dark Side. A'Sharad, of course, would later become known as Darth Krayt. Vergere seems to have given up on him when he revealed his intent to reinstate the Sith Rule of One rather than the Rule of Two.

In all this, Vergere was far from being an unambiguously evil or malicious being. Her actions frequently revealed themselves to be well-intentioned. For instance, while involved in a mission where she and Elan pretended to defect and sought asylum in the New Republic, she encountered Han Solo. Han saw through their deception, and the ensuing conflict resulted in the death of Elan and Vergere's escape in a Millennium Falcon escape pod. Before she fled, Vergere tossed Han a vial of her tears, which would later be used to help cure Mara Jade Skywalker of the deadly coomb spore disease she had contracted.

Vergere's main goal following the death of her mistress was to persuade Jacen Solo to agree with her views of the Force. According to some accounts, she planned his fall with Lumiya; the two were said to have conspired together to create the New Sith Order (aka the One Sith), although they both appear to have disagreed with the ideology of the One Sith. Further complicating matters, there are various versions of this event, and all are tainted by bias. Lumiya claimed they met and discussed which Jedi to try and turn into Sith, eventually deciding on Jacen due to his not having any obvious hangups. Vergere's true motives are hidden; all that is known is that she did indeed meet with Lumiya and decide to re-train Jacen at this point.

Some historians describe this process, which involved her allowing the captured Jacen to be tortured extensively by the Vong, as a textbook example of a Sith trying to forcibly induce the fall of a new apprentice. But while this view is tempting, and Jacen Solo would indeed eventually become a Sith, Vergere's personal philosophy would not allow such a simplistic reading of her actions. Vergere did not believe in such a thing as "falling to the Dark Side". She believed the Force had no sides at all, an opinion reminiscent of proponents of both the Potentium and the Unifying Force. In her view, the Force was something too complex to be so easily reduced to Light vs. Dark and "good vs. evil" in the manner traditionally espoused by both the Jedi and the Sith. By its very nature, the Force could not be fully understood, and certainly not in terms of black and white duality. To that end, the bad and evil actions of Force Users was not due to corruption by the Dark Side, but the evil and darkness within them, causing them to use the Force in selfish and perverse ways. It was this idea, coupled with the horrors and despair Jacen endured during his captivity, which complicated the boy's belief system regarding the Force, sowing the first seeds of doubt and prompting him to question what he had been taught by the Jedi.

After escaping the Vong with Jacen, Vergere was arrested and held by New Republic authorities, who assumed she was a double agent. While awaiting trial she apparently convinced Luke Skywalker that the Vong were not outside the Force, but merely existed on a plane of the Force which they could not perceive. It was also during this time that she discovered the Alpha Red bioweapon, intended to be used to commit genocide against the Vong, and destroyed it using her tears. She died in 28 ABY after she deliberately crashed her ship into a Vong base, killing several Vong and leading to the death of Warmaster Tsavong Lah. This may be interpreted as an act of redemption, but her motives were likely more practical; the section of the ship she crashed into contained the Vong legion which was hunting Jacen, his sister Jaina, and Jaina's Twin Suns squadron.

Vergere's alignment throughout her life is certainly up for debate, and may be considered irrelevant in light of her beliefs about the Force. We do know that she was able to become a Force Ghost, an ability normally only possible for Light Siders, in order to appear to Jacen one last time after her death.

At what point in all of this she managed to create a holocron is anyone's guess.

The holocron in question eventually came into the possession of the Chaldean Potentium, who housed it in the archives of their academy. There it was rediscovered by Arrius Messala, at the time a young student. He studied the holocron, and its teachings are part of what prompted him to leave Chaldea and seek out the teachings of the Sith.
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