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VenDark Kelmak

Become the Crisis
NAME: Vendark Kelmak
RANK: Apprentice
AGE: 18
HEIGHT: "5 .3"
WEIGHT: 91kg
EYES: Crimson
HAIR: Black with a white streak in one part
SKIN: Pale


- He is able to communicate with dangerous creatures using the force to help him in battle or for a quick retreat
-He can pilot various ground vehicles
-Cybernatic mask across face designed to increase awarness of surroundings
-His Agility is poor when trying to retreat from a enemy on foot
-He knows very few force attacks and can't block lightsaber swings good

-Cybernatic mask as mentioned before
-A Single lightsaber on his right thigh
-Sometimes wields a doublebladed Lightsaber
-Their is a comm on his wrist allowing his to communicate with his allies
His ship is a Dropship the color of rust. The Wings have flaps on them allowing for increased speed when the folds are up,
their are two chainguns on the middle of each wing. At the back is a platform that can lift downward to exit, their is a compartment at the large tail for a speeder to go in and out.
The Engine of the ship is a basic Tie Fighter engine outfitted with varius parts to croprate with the dropship.
Inisde of the ship is a compartment holding a double bladed lightsaber.
The Tip of the ship is outfitted with two laser blasters loaded under the hull.

Vendark grew up studing technology and playing in the swamps of dagobah in his parents ship yard on dagobah, a odd place to grow up in. Once when he encountered a Bull Rancor ( sorry but i think some live on Dagobah) he suprised himself when he used the force to trick it into becoming friendly only to him.
On his 14th birthday a ship landed and it was owned by a sith knight, he found that Vendark was force sensitive and took him with him to learn the dark arts of the force, that was the last he saw of his parents