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Approved Tech VE/VT-006 Dynamic Communications Control Module Mk2

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CEO, Valnora Enterprise

VE/VT-006 | Dynamic Communication Control Module Mk2

  • Intent: To create a new piece of technology to be used in future submissions and added to the Valnora Enterprise catalog.
  • Image Source: HERE | Edits and Section headers created by myself.
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  • Allows for long range communication to be conducted in an timely manner
  • Comm Laser technology enables communication to persist even in the presence of frequency or other jamming techniques
  • This model is designed in a way that makes the communication suite more compact, and is specifically intended to be used in Capital grade ships
  • Expertly designed to ensure maximum functionality with minimum glitches
  • Simplistic user interface (UI) allows for an easy-to-learn system without a significant learning curve

  • Has potential to be locked or jammed by offensive jamming equipment
  • Has potential to be hacked by a professional slicer with enough time and skill
  • Not very functional on a ship outside of the capital ship variety and wouldn't be able to be employed by anything smaller
  • Comm Laser must be visible to bypass the effects of jamming as it works inherently upon line-of-sight methodology

Although the idea that serves as the basis for the development of this system is in no means a new one, Valnora Enterprise sought to cut expenditures by creating their own instead of making purchases off the Galactic Marketplace. Further, this allows for the assembly process of any of a number of the ships they manufacture to be expedited.

What the VE/VT-006 Dynamic Communication Control Module Mk2 brings is a consolidation of many previously separated systems centered around communication into a central structure, leaving it all at the fingertips of the operator. The simplistic design of the User Interface (UI) makes it so that the system is easy to learn and very accessible as well as functional. The system is intended to be installed by default on most Valnora Enterprise ships and vehicles, and among all custom orders.

This version of the technology is larger in size and offers a number of different terminals to be utilized by a team of specialist or a workforce.
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