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Valora's Chosen


Valora's Chosen Great Company
Intent: To codify an Angelii unit that has been used in several battles and commanded by Kaida Taldir. Minus the Grand Seraph Aeda Shaytari, all PC Angelii are part of it. The Angelii were approved at Quality B and this company functions as an elite, but small sub-unit.
Affiliation: (In order) Star Queen, Eldorai Matriarchy, Tygaran Alliance
Availability: Unique
Quality: A for the Angelii. Vehicle crews are only C quality.
Type: Elite shock infantry
Strength: 100 Angelii infantry. 10 of them are Knights, the others seasoned Apprentices. The unit has ten Yazgid IFVs available, which are crewed by normal NFU soldiers (four per transport). Thus if you count the vehicle crews, the total unit strength is 140.


Duty, Sacrifice, Fidelity, Sisterhood, Faith and Valour. These are the principles the Heavenly and Wrathful Angels of the Great Goddess Ashira, more commonly known as the Angelii for the sake of simplicity, swear by. They are not merely soldiers, but the avenging angels of the Supreme Goddess. In that regard, they are a cross between Warrior Priestess, Templar and Imperial Knight. They do whatever is necessary to protect the life of the Star Queen, who is Ashira's viceroy in this world, and defend the Eldorai Matriarchy. Their Force talents, or Sciia as the Eldorai call it, are a gift from the Goddess and they call upon their elemental powers to smite her enemies. On any battlefield, they're the first in and the last out.

Those who fall in battle are honoured as martyrs, for they've made the supreme sacrifice and will ascend to become angels. At least that is the theory! Every Angelii unit is expected to embody these virtues and be the first line of defence of the Matriarchy. The Valora's Chosen Great Company of the Angels of Wrath Legion is particularly adamant about being the most elite Angelii unit, though others would dispute that!

Like most Angelii units, the Valora's Chosen boast an ancient, illustrious lineage, even though the modern-day unit probably has very little in common with its ancestors. However, they still remember their long-dead battle sisters and carry the old battle flags. To be precise, they claim descent from an Angelii Great Company that earned itself a place of honour in the annals of the order when they fought a numerically superior Kar'zun army at the pass of Thermiscyra. The Angelii were vastly outnumbered and outgunned, but fought to the last drop of blood until they'd been annihilated.

Only two Angelii survived the battle and lived to tell the tale to their brethren. Every Angelii who perished in battle was posthumously awarded the Star of Ashira and declared a martyr. The legendary Talon Jain Zar was credited with destroying half a dozen Kar'zun with her terramancy and Sarix before succumbing to her injuries. She was honoured as a Defender of the Faith. Captain Alenia Yelvaris was canonised as a Living Saint and held up as an example of self-sacrificing patriotism.

Eldorai historians have used the Battle of Thermiscyra as an example of the power of a patriotic army defending its homeland. The performance of the defenders is also used as an example of the advantages of training, equipment, and the good use of terrain as force multipliers. When Ariane the Great led the Eldorai army against the hated foe, 'remember Thermiscyra' became a rallying cry.

However, modern, revisionist historians have cast doubt on the significance of the battle. While the Kar'zun suffered heavy casualties, they were not particularly impeded. Sharia Vamaris caused a storm of controversy when she called the battle a senseless sacrifice and attacked High Captain Yelvaris for needlessly squandering the lives of her battle sisters because of Queen Ariane the Great's infamous 'not a step back' order. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between. Angelii command continues to stick with the traditional interpretation. Privately, the current commander agrees with the critics, but it would not be politic to say that!

Whatever the case may be, the Valora's Chosen were reconstituted after the battle and distinguished themselves during the final subjugation of the Kar'zun, when the stone people were brought to heel. They became an occupation force, fought renegades, pirates and, more often than not, other Eldorai since the Space Elves loved intrigue so much and Angelii often acted like the praetorian guards.

As the Eldorai Matriarchy changed and began to open itself to the outside world during the reign of Silaqui III. and, after she was murdered by traitorous Angelii, her sister Tirathana VII, the Valora's Chosen changed as well. The Company was reformed and modernised after Kaida Taldir, who'd ironically lived as a exile for a while after being accused of treason, took command. Equipped with modern weapons produced by Firemane and the Abregado-Rae Guild of Hammers and trained to combine with the traditional tactics and arsenal of their forebears, the Chosen fought on battlefields as far-flung as Gehenna, Sullust, Arkas, Saleucami and Tygara.

They battled pirates and slavers, Bando Gora Reavers, the giant Klaxxi spiders and their own people when Kaeshana descended into chaos during the tumultous days of the Great Exodus. Their greatest battle in modern days was the Tygaran Alliance's assault on the Underealm, when they were tasked with breaching the Xioquo's fortresses and fighting their warbeasts. Some of this unit's Angelii were part of Lady Kerrigan's task force when she confronted Mystra, the Xioquo's self-proclaimed demigoddess.

After having played their part in the campaign to unite Tygara and make it safe, things have calmned down for the Valora's Chosen, though it is doubtful that things will stay that way forever. As the Silver Sanctum Coalition dissolved, the Eldorai began to look more to their own defences, feeling wary of the Order of the Silver Jedi. Thusly, constant vigilance, drill and discipline are highly valued, as they are in all Angelii units. Until the defeat of the Xioquo, the Chosen were based in a fort on the precarious frontier. These days, the unit rotates between being deployed in the Underealm as part of the occupation force and being stationed in New Santaissa, the Eldorai's capital. The Exodus, the Xioquo war and skirmishes with pirates had led to high casualties and forced the unit to spend time replenishing its ranks. Morale was boosted by the Xioquo's defeat, but the Exodus has left scars, especially since the civil war had pitted Angelii against Angelii.

Today, the Chosen are a prestige company of sorts, belonging to the Angels of Wrath Legion. This has caused some jealousy among other Angelii units. In many ways, it is a traditional Angelii unit though, being composed exclusively of female Eldorai. Recently, a push was made to allow Xioquo and Qadiri to join the unit as auxiliaries. This has caused opposition from conservative elements, as well as those concerned that racial integration might disrupt unit cohesion, especially since the drows were enemies until recently. However, it is likely that the first Tygaran natives will one day join the Angelii. It is only a question how much feet-dragging will take place. For the time being, the Chosen have assumed a mentoring, 'big sister' role for the patronisingly named Xioquo Native Auxiliary Service Corps, also known as Liavondra's Spear, after the light side Xioquo noblewoman who was put on the throne after Mystra's defeat.

As the Great Company's name indicates, their patron deity is Valora, the Eldorai Goddess of War and Honour. Of course, they honour Ashira above all others since she's the supreme deity, but they're particularly deferential to the Battle Goddess. Thus every battle the Chosen fight is dedicated to her and the Priestess seeks out her favour. It maintains regulation strength of ninety-six warriors plus four specialists.

The Angelii are entirely Force-users, or as the Eldorai call them, Sciians. After the Exodus, they were forced to resort to conscription to replenish their ranks, though regulations have relaxed recently. Force Sense is a power all Chosen share. Force Speed, Telekinesis, Lightning, Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Terramancy and Enhance Attribute manifest amongst the battle-sisters with varying ability. Eldorai Force-users have a strong affinity for elemental powers and generally the battle-sisters choose one out of the four to focus on.

A Valoran or Ashiran Priestess acts as Battlefield Chaplain. She is a warrior-priestess who ministers to the spiritual well-being of her battle sisters, instils in them the values and beliefs of the Angelii and the same time ensures purity of doctrine. The Chaplain is expected to be a charismatic individual, able to inspire her battle-sisters and drive them to hold the line and fight even when their faith in the cause wavers. In the past, the Chaplain had far-reaching powers, which included overriding an officer's orders, flogging or even executing an Angelii. However, this was abolished to prevent abuse of power.

So today the Chaplain is a politico-religious officer, but not a parallel source of authority. Nonetheless, relations between Seraph Taldir and Chaplains have often been strained for this or that reason. Their armour usually incorporates religious iconography and they bless the Angelii's weapons and armour before a battle. Religious indoctrination gives Angelii a morale boost, for the Church preaches that those who die in battle are martyrs and will enter Asur, a heavenly realm where they sit at the side of Ashira and are rewarded for their services. Religious fervour is a bit less prevalent than it used to be, which is to a large degree due to the shocking experience that was the Exodus. However, officially all Angelii are still believers. Even those who aren't still go to church!

Traditionally, the Angelii fight in small groups. Thus the soldiers are trained to fight in small tactical formations. Often alongside regular Eldorai troops, but also independently. This requires them to be self-reliant and disciplined. The basic tactical unit is the Squad, or Wing, as the Eldorai call it. It consists of six Angelii, one of whom is a Wing Leader, which is the Eldorai equivalent of a Corporal. Four squads form a Company of twenty-four, four of those form the Great Company. Tactically, the unit is often divided into four tactical attack groups, each specialising in in certain skills or elemental powers, along with conventional powers like telekinesis and Force shield.

These are named for the gems the Eldorai love so much: Ruby for the pyromancers, Diamond for the electromancers, Emerald for the terramancers and Sapphire for the cryomancers. This reflects the fact that Angelii specialise in elemental powers, namely fire, lightning, earth and ice. However, tactical organisation is fluid. These groups are not intended to fight separately, but in cooperation. Traditionally the battle sisters fight in a tight phalanx formation, using the Taegis shield in combination with melee weapons and a sidearm. If a battle is fought at range, they open it with a volley of elemental attacks. These can be roughly compared with those of the Shapers of Kro Var, though the proud Eldorai would probably deny such a similarity.

Pyromancers can unleash blasts of flame, electromancers storms of lightning, cryomancers can freeze enemies or their weapons, whilst the terramancers represent the big gun that can cause minor quakes, toss rocks or use magnetism to damage enemy weapons and armour. By using their Force abilities at a distance, they can act in a support role and smite enemies through feats of elemental manipulation by, but they can also be offensive shock troops, closing in on the enemy to strike with the Force and melee weapons. Elemental powers can also be used for defensive purposes. For instances, those with an affinity for the earth can block an enemy's advance with rocks or construct improvised walls, while pyromancers can block passages with fire. In terms of Force power, they range from Apprentice to experienced Knight.

It should be noted that while potent, their Force attacks are limited to a specific set of abilities. Bottom line, they're trained as frontline soldiers, so it is extremely unlikely that you'll find people who can conjure up illusions, camouflage themselves with Force Cloak or use similarly exotic powers in their ranks. It would go against Angelii doctrine, which emphasises working as a team and fighting the enemy in the opne. However, the soldiers receive thorough training to resist mental influences. It helps that the girlfriend of the unit's commander happens to be the powerful mentalist Lady Coryth Elaris. Angelii healers receive their training from the Church and are able to heal the injuries of their wounded comrades and patch them up.

Generally, the Angelii will advance in a shield wall. Once the enemy position is reached, a more open fighting order develops, with two Angelii fighting in pairs. The basis of the unit is the six warriors squad. Angelii are quite rare and even the Great Company is seldom deployed at full strength unless in critical situations or pivotal battles, so the ability of the squads to act independently is key. Should the Chosen be put on the defensive, they will form a shield wall. The first tanks form a phalanx of pikes and blades, while those behind support them with ranged attacks.

Teamwork, unity and comradeship are of vital importance to the Angelii. This is reflected by the traditional formation, the shield wall. The front rank uses their shields and melee weapons to protect themselves and their battle sister. The second rank uses ranged weapons and Force powers to hit the enemy. Either of them can take the front or rear rank and both switch a lot during combat. Angelii fight in pairs closeup.

One warrior usually carries a shield and melee weapon such as a Sarix, Spear of Rae or Sarzmigar, the other covers her with a ranged weapon and/or Force abilities. Sometimes both sisters will carry a shield. A wrist bolter and a Cylix bolt pistol, or a shatterpistol, are the usual backup sidearms, while the boltgun is the usual long-distance ranged weapon. Thanks to the partnership between Firemane and the Guild of Hammers, some Chosen have been equipped with advanced weapons such as Electro-Flails,Spears of Rae and magnetic repeaters and revolvers. If the situation warrants it, the sister of the squad's Host Leader (Eldorai equivalent of a Lieutenant) carries a heavy weapon such as a portable missile launcher, portable rotary shattercannon or shatterbolter.

In terms of transportation, the Chosen make use of speeder bikes and Firemane-designed Yazgid IFVs. This enables them to traverse terrain quickly and keep up with heavy armour if they have any available as support, since nothing is more embarrassing than the infantry slogging uselessly over the ground while their tanks are engaging the enemy far away. The Yazgids are solid fire support platforms, but obviously cannot stand up to battle tanks.

Discipline is very tight and deviation from the battle plan is looked upon very poorly. Angelii are expected to act as a team, not succumb to rash bravado and charge off on their lonesome. Officers are expected to lead from the front and serve as an inspiration to their battle sisters. This probably provides a morale boost, but can also lead to unnecessarily high officer casualties. Despite her heterodox, even heretical views, Seraph Taldir has good relations with a few Priestesses of Ardarvia, which probably says a lot about her standards of discipline. However, the harshest forms of corporal punishment were abolished because, in the words of the Star Queen, they're not just unnecessary, but inefficient and self-defeating.

The Valora's Chosen have a competitive rivalry with the Ashira's Blade Great Company. The exact reason has been lost to history. No one is quite sure why they dislike one another, just that both units hold a very old grudge and insist they're better Angelii. This can manifest in extreme competitiveness on the battlefield, but also produce awkward situations, especially since both belong to the Angels of Wrath Legion. In the past, both companies came to blows when the Matriarchy was wracked by civil wars. In more tranquil periods, their rivalry has also led to honour duels. These are still permitted amongst the Angelii since they have some rather archaic rules, though killing your battle sister is obviously prohibited! Unsurprisingly, Seraph Taldir and Captain Kaelesha Kyanis intensely dislike one another. However, relations improved somewhat after the battle of the Underealm.

Relations with the Kar'zun were very strained for a long time. The Chosen's history emphasised the battle of Thermiscyra and the role the company played in crushing the stone people's empire, while the Kar'zun remembered the near-genocidal campaign of the Eldorai all too well. Things took a slow turn for the better after Kar'zun unexpectedly came to the aid of the Eldorai when the Legion of the Damned tried to invade and destroy Kaeshana. Some time after that battle, Seraph Taldir presented Kar'zun Representative Nar’dvan with a ceremonially engraved Sarix after the Kar'zun were emancipated by order of the Queen.

On a more idiosyncratic note, the Chosen also have an archery course. It is alleged that their commander decided to set one up on a whim because she was annoyed when the human Galina Kerrigan-Alcori outperformed her battle sisters at hunting despite using only a bow and arrow. Galina, who's an honorary Wing Leader, occasionally teaches there.



The Valora's Chosen have full access to the Tygaran Alliance's arsenal of personal-scale weapons. Over the past decade, there has been a drive to upgrade their weapons and bring them up to modern standards. Both Firemane Industries and the Guild of Hammers are allied with the Eldorai, which has helped them in this regard. However, Angelii are shock infantry and thus the unit does not have any vehicles heavier than Infantry Fighting Vehicles/Armoured Personnel Carriers. It is unlikely that the Chosen would use the full arsenal in an engagement, so this is more of a general overview of their armoury.

Armour: and select Angelii only) and select Angelii only)

Weapons: (modern equivalent)

Vehicles:�(modern equivalent)

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